Kyoji Takajo/Birthday

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Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png You always keep up with birthdays, right? That's why I was kinda looking forward to today... I've been jumpy the past few days. Hey, don't laugh... Thank you for celebrating my birthday, Producer.

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png My birthday... Now that I think about it, I've never celebrated my birthday like this... Thanks, everyone.
Pierre-icon.png Yay, Kyoji~! Happy birthday! When you're happy, the best thing to do is smile! Kyoji, smile, smile! Say cheese~!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Happy birthday, Kyoji. It's mysterious how strong a person becomes when they reach their birthday.

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Thank goodness... Hm? Of course I'm relieved. I was sure you'd celebrate my birthday, but you know I was thinking what if you didn't... Wh-what are you laughing at... stupid.

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png I'm still not used to celebrating my birthday like this... God, this is making me blush... D-don't look at me so much... it's embarrassing...
Pierre-icon.png Embarrassed? But why? Birthdays aren't embarrassing! It's a super fun day! Is it different, Kyoji? You aren't happy today, Kyoji?
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Haha, Kyoji is just being bashful. He's happy all right, he just doesn't know how to express it. Happy birthday, Kyoji!

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png The thing you have in your hand is a birthday present, right? ...For me? I came to the office thinking to myself, "I won't get embarrassed this year", too... Let me get my revenge next year, okay.

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png A rice ball-shaped cake... Wow, Pierre and Minori-san, did you two make this on your own? By the way... This rice ball cake does taste like a cake, right? Please tell me it does...
Pierre-icon.png That cake, handmade! Only one in the world! That's why I don't know the flavor! But Minori said it's okay! So, it's okay!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Indeed it is. There's absolutely no dried bonito flakes mixed in with the cream, no siree! ...Hehe. I'm joking! It's a normal cake! Really, there's nothing to worry about. Now dig in!

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Thanks for celebrating my Birthday, Producer. I’m really grateful for this present!… Oh, hey I didn’t feel awkward saying that this time! Um....agh, pretend you didn’t hear that right there...!

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png A birthday at the zoo, I thought about it but didn’t expect it to be this much fun...Oh hey that animal over there reminds me of you, Minori san.
Pierre-icon.png And I found animal that reminds me of Kyoji! He is big and cool! And they’re selling plushies of it! Soo cute!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Alright, later let’s buy that as a present from us! Oh, the animal feeding corner is starting soon! Let’s go!

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Thanks, Producer...I thought I’d eventually get used to having my Birthday celebrated every year but...I guess that’s not the case.
Receiving this type of celebration from you does make me happy though.

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png I'm sorry, for making you guys join in on my interests. A place like a home appliance exhibition probably isn't fun for everybody…
Pierre-icon.png Nooooo! Home appliances, interesting! So many things I never seen! Huh? What is that? Over there? I… am curious! Kyoji, please teach me!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png You’re showing us what you love, so it’s not boring at all. But...could you tell us why we are here?