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Login Hey, aren’t I of any use to you? Oh... That sounded a lot sadder than I thought it would. I’m not, but... once in a while... please take me along with you.

Welc’m to-......... Sorry, I got my workplaces confused. Um... That was embarrassing, so... look away.

Event Login ...Here you go. Wait, do you have a bag? ...That’s not a convenience store stock phrase, just so you know. You’re going to drop it, so let me just... Actually, it’s fine. Anyway, do your best out there, I guess.

...Here you go. Wait, do you have a bag? ...That’s not a convenience store stock phrase, just so you know. You’re going to drop it, so let me just... Actually, it’s fine. Anyway, do your best out there until the very end, or something.

Lesson I’ll help. Let’s do it.

Live Formation We should probably do our best, or something. Let’s go give them the song they came for.

Audition Battle Formation I won’t lose. Burn this into your eyes: Kyoji Takajo’s True Power!

Featured Unit

You’re choosing me? You’re a strange one. No, I mean... I’m glad. I’ll try not to let you down.

Leader N~R+ Wouldn’t it be better to choose someone who might actually do this right? Sigh, if you really value me that much, I’ll try not to let you down too much.

N~R+ Trust MAX Being a leader’s tough work... But, I think I’m getting better at it over time. What do you think? Am I improving?

Leader SR~SR+ Me...? Leader? Alright, alright, I’ll do it. If I can’t do this, I’ll probably never improve. I’ll try to live up to your expectations.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX You’re the only one who was able to save me... Hm? I’m just self-deprecating like always? Haha... You’re right. Thank you. It’s because of you that I’m still able to press on today.

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer...? They’re, how would I say it, they see me for who I am. Or, rather, they see me as an equal. Er, that is to say... they’re just... that kind of person.

My Desk (0% Trust) Good morning, Producer. Well, let’s try to take it easy today.

My Desk (5% Trust) I somehow managed to make my bills this month... You can do anything if you try, that’s just how I roll.

My Desk (30% Trust) If I’m with you, I feel like I can do anything. ...Or I guess, I’m already doing it, really.

My Desk (MAX% Trust) I’ve been waiting. We can’t start anything without you, y’know.

Business (0% Trust) Eh, that was whatever, I guess. Let’s keep going, Producer.

Business You’re pretty good at giving instructions, Producer. I’m counting on you for feedback.

Business (MAX Trust) That wasn’t half bad. If you weren’t here, I would’ve never pulled it off.

Trust UP! Hey, am I doing this right? Being helpful to others... Is that what being an idol’s about?

I want to be helpful to others, but for my own sake, too. How... strange... I guess an idol’s job isn’t so bad, after all.

When I remember that you’re right there beside us onstage, it keeps me on my toes. That... wasn’t a complaint. It’s a good kind of anxiety, or something.

Trust MAX You don’t really fully get what I’m saying, do you...? When I’m with you, it feels like I’m on top of the world.

Refreshments I brought some refreshments. My producer’s pretty thoughtful... right?

Cheer I’m right behind you! Don’t give up until the very end!

Convo Chance! Producer, you have a second?

Break Time Going on break? I’ll come with. Wh-What? That’s okay, isn’t it?

Already time, huh? Well, I’m off. Thanks for listening to me talk.

mini Shout
mini Thanks
Audition Battle Preparation Hm. So you’re my opponent...? I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem here.

Audition Battle Watch closely! This is my true power!

The stage is mine. Step aside.

Program Audition Preparation I can’t afford to lose this. That’s why... there’s no way I’m giving this up to you.

Program Audition (Rival) The stage is mine. Step aside.

Program Audition (Self) Watch closely! This is my true power!

Audition Battle (Backup) I’m right behind you! Don’t give up until the very end!

Audition Battle (Win) What’d I say? Not a problem.

Audition Battle (Lose) Tsk, I was careless. I’ll show you next time!

Live Preparation I can do anything you need me to, Producer.

Live Continuation The customers aren’t very excited, huh...? I should do it again. Give me a redo.

I want to believe in myself for once. Please, let me do the next one.

Live Success! Everyone’s clamoring for an encore, huh... Well, nothing to be had... One more time, everyone! Let’s get it started!

Producer, did you see me? That’s the true power of Kyoji Takajo!

Time really flies when you’re having fun, huh? Let’s do another.

Birthday Effect (2016) I’m very perceptive of opportunities, you know. I sense a tailwind heading my way.

Birthday Comments

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Phantom Thieves[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album “P-please, just don’t do that to… K-Kaerre~” …I-I can’t exactly get serious about this even if you tell me to… It’s embarrassing… Well, anyway, I did what you asked. This… is enough, right?

“I am Albert Hawkwind. I work as a butler for the Hitzgerald family. All those who oppose Leonardo-sama will have to disappear. Prepare yourselves.”
Scout We’re playing phantom thieves and detectives… right now? That came outta nowhere… So what’ll I do… The detective that they take Kaerre from? …O-okay… got it.
I sure got exhausted from back then… Wait, this isn’t the time for me to be resting. I gotta find Kaerre. What’s it called again? Detective squad Beit…? Let’s go.
Change! “I commend you for being able to fight on equal status with me. However, a foe is a foe. For the sake of my master, I will simply eliminate you.”
My Desk (0% Trust) My reactions are too weak? Maybe I should put myself through special training for when people mess around with me.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Do you want to go to a haunted house together? I thought it’d be a good idea to practice my reactions… How about it?
Business (0% Trust) I can’t let my time to move in between jobs go to waste. Would you be fine with me practicing my lines?
Trust MAX If I keep challenging things I was bad at before… In the past, it was tough for me to do that. But now, you and my other friends are with me. I can keep working hard.
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Frogs Live[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album This frog hat… Pierre and Minori-san both recommended it to me, but I really do think it’s way too cute for me. Will putting this on… really make me understand the feelings of the prince who became a frog…?
So the key to breaking the curse was feelings of gratitude. The princess’ sincerity touched the hearts of the princes who used to be arrogant… I should think through the backbone, the musical portion.
Scout This general shop seriously just has all frog merchandise. Is there nothing else it’s based on, aside from frogs? Like, maybe some sorta hidden character…
When I put on hats and take them off, my hair gets all ruffled, right? Do you know a trick to prevent that from happening?
Change! This outfit looks princelike at first glance, but it’s amazing how it has froggish-ness to it. It’s interesting. I respect the people who make things like this.
My Desk (0% Trust) Mizushima gave me a fashion magazine. It was a sorta reminder, like, “Read it carefully!”
My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, do you have time right now? I want to consult you about fashion, but…
Business (0% Trust) When I look at clothes, I can’t help but check the tags on it. A lot of indications to wash them by hand show up.
Trust MAX Just like I thought, this hat’s way too cute for me. It’s embarrassing… Oh, I have a good idea. I’ll put it on you too. I’ll share my feelings with you.
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MFest 2020[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Both Pierre and Minori-san are good… But I won’t lose, either. I’ve gotten used to it now, so I’ll make this the best shot it can be here… Okay, now! Take that…! …Ah.
Festivals like this have audience members that don’t know about us, so I get nervous… but I’m fine. We’ll excite everyone here with Beit’s performance.
Scout It’s been a long time since I played badminton… Even though it looks easy, it’s actually pretty hard. If I remember right, you hold the racket like… this.
I’ve learned badminton for class before. I didn’t really think much about it before, but I guess the person you play against is important.
Change! Ever since this job was decided on, I’ve been focused on building my muscles with a regular training menu. I can’t show people a sloppy side of me.
My Desk (0% Trust) Minori-san and Pierre’s badminton match was so fast that I couldn’t even see the birdie…
My Desk (MAX Trust) I guess we’ll do badminton with the simple rules. The one where we can keep bouncing it up and see who doesn’t drop it.
Business (0% Trust) There’s still some time left before our next job… I guess I’ll go over the song lyrics.
Trust MAX Producer, do you want to check out the open shops later? I found something good, but I can’t eat it all alone, so…
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SR[edit | edit source | hide]

A Step To My Future[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Hey, Producer… Do you remember our first job? We handed out flowers and called out to potential fans for the live... It takes me back. I’ve grown a little since then, right?

These past two years… a lot of things have happened. Fun things and sad things both. The reason I can stand here… is thanks to Minori-san and Pierre... and you... Thank you!

Scout If I remember right, we held our first autograph meeting here... I couldn’t really look the guests in the eyes at that time, so it was a lot of work.

My signature might have changed in shape little by little, but... I’ll always prize my feelings from when I wrote them the first time.

Change! I’m ready… Both my outfit and my heart are prepared. These two years I’ve walked alongside you... were fun. I’ll continue to be in your care!

My Desk (0% Trust) Being in the agency relaxes me. It’s because everyone... and you’re here. It’s fun.

My Desk (MAX Trust) I’ve gotten better than before, right? I’ll keep on surprising you. Don’t look away, got it?

Business (0% Trust) If I hadn’t become an idol, I wonder what I’d be doing right now... Probably still in the convenience store.

Trust MAX There’s still a lot of scenes I want to see with you, and things I want to do with you. Please stay by our side from now on and forever... It’s a promise.

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A Return Gift in a Natural Way[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Since it says it’s limited edition, there’s no way I can’t eat it. I was wondering which one to choose, so I bought both. Since I’m with you, it’s the perfect opportunity, right?

“Happy White Day. You’re always supporting me. I offer you this bouquet… and my feelings to you.” …That’s sorta how I want this to go. How is it, Producer?
Scout When I was told about it being a date, I thought about this right off the bat. This isn’t too plain, is it? …It’s not? …Thank goodness.
…Hm, this is good… Producer, don’t stare at me that closely when I’m eating… It’s… sorta embarrassing, you know…
Change! I’m not just doing a cool pose. I have to make sure my feelings of gratitude come through with the gravure… I’ll be going now.
My Desk (0% Trust) About the phenomenon where you feel like eating cold sweets on cold dates…? I wonder why that happens. It’s mysterious.
My Desk (MAX Trust) You must be cold in those clothes. I’ll lend you my scarf… Pfft, you should worry about yourself before you worry about me.
Business (0% Trust) Hm… They’re selling crepes over there. Maybe I should go buy one for Pierre or something.
Trust MAX I found some desserts that I think you’d like… is just an excuse. I wanted to eat this with you, so I bought it. Okay, let’s eat.
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S.AGENT[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album This thing has a navigation-equipped map, along with a telephone calling feature. Also, there’s… Whoa! Some kinda sound started ringing… What is this? How do I stop it… Phew. That stressed me out.

“I was born in the shadows and grew up in the shadows. Right now, I myself am shadow.” Okay, I got a grasp of it. The director told me to not act pitiful or tragic. What’s most important is that I’m cool.
Scout Hey, Producer, have you tested these glasses yet? It’s amazing how it’s fully equipped with features. I’ll teach you how to use it, so try putting it on.
Did I get a little too excited? Sorry, watching these kinds of things just got me more enthusiastic than usual. Next one’ll be the last one. That okay with you?
Change! This outfit’s pretty legit. When the materials and functions are both good, I understand how serious the outfit makers get about it. I’ll put in my energy, too.
My Desk (0% Trust) Swords, guns, and magic. Now that I notice it, I’ve become able to act using all sorts of different weapons.
My Desk (MAX Trust) A Beit poster I saw plastered up in the shopping district was all faded and old. I really felt our history with it.
Business (0% Trust) Hm, I got a mail from Hotaru. Once I’m done finishing up work, I’ll respond to him.
Trust MAX In the Takajo house, my dad kept shoving his ideals onto me. I hated that. That’s why I’ll become my own ideal that I want to become.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu