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This guide is currently a work in progress.

THE iDOLM@STER SideM: LIVE ON ST@GE! is a card collecting mobile game. Among English-speaking fans, it is commonly referred to as the 'MStage' or 'LOS'. Not to be confused with THE iDOLM@STER SideM (Mobage), LOS requires download and is the newer of the two; however, the games are quite similar in gameplay otherwise.

This guide is a simplified version of other gameplay related pages from the Wiki, which may have more text unsuited for a new player.

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This is the main screen of the Event. Click on the Event Produce button to go to the Story select screen. There, you can pick a Story (chapter) to work on. You only have one Story to start off with, but unlock more later on. All Stories are the same gameplay-wise, but unlocking them lets you view more of the Story.
When you select a Story, it'll take you to a typical Produce screen similar to the 315Pro Stories. You'll progress through 7 'weeks' of gameplay, and your goal is essentially to get every Idol's score % to 100% for the highest point bonus.

Tap on an Idol to Produce them for this week. Idols with a smiley face will gain a higher score %.

There is an Auto button on the side that automatically progresses through the week for you.

When you tap on an Idol, you can then select a room to place them in. Their score % increases greater if the idol's border matches the color of the room or if they're in a room with other idols.

Same as 315Pro Stories, putting an Idol in a room with one other Idol will increase their Trust, and putting an Idol by themselves will increase their Bond.

While playing, you might randomly encounter a Challenge Stage. Here, your goal is to use your Stamina to send out Appeal Power that matches the Voltage required.

First, look at how much Voltage is required on the bottom left of the screen; it's the smaller number written in blue. Tap on the amount of Stamina you need (the arrow-like buttons) so that your Appeal Power (the big blue number near the bottom-right) is higher or very close to the Voltage required.

You can change your Performance Idol by tapping on them; the center one is just the default. You should change your Performance Idol if another Idol's score % is higher than theirs since it'll increase your Appeal Power, thus using less Stamina. However, this also depends on the stats of the Card itself, since SSRs are stronger than SRs and so on.

Click on the big teal button to continue, or the red button to cancel.

Sometimes you'll need more Stamina than you have on hand, so you can replenish it by using Items or MStars.
You also have a chance of getting Encore Stages, which are the same as Challenge Stages except that they use more Voltage and give more points. Encore Stages have idolized Card artwork unlike Challenge Stages.
You'll also randomly encounter Appeal Time, which gives you a score multiplier bonus for a certain period of time. This is especially useful for Challenge/Encore Stages, as you can gain a lot of points quickly while having Appeal Time. Appeal Time stacks, so you start off with a 100% UP bonus at 5 minutes, and if you get another Appeal Time in that timefame, you'll get 150% UP, 200% UP, and so on. The highest bonus you can get is 550% UP.
Occasionally, you might encounter Event Lives, which allow you to play a Live to contribute to your Event score. Points are based on your Live Level, and you can choose not to play them by cancelling the Live as usual. You can always go back to the Live later through a button on the main Event page.

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