Mahou no Stair

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Mahou no Stair
Song Data
JP Title 魔法のステアー
Romanized Title Mahou no Suteaa
Translated Title Magical Stair
Lyrics Erica Masaki
Composition Yusuke Kuwahara
Arrangement Yusuke Kuwahara

Mahou no Stair is an original song included in THE IDOLM@STER SideM ORIGIN@L PIECES 09 and a solo song of Pierre.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Translation by: Kelly

Appearances[edit | edit source]

In Game[edit | edit source]

In Concert[edit | edit source]

CD Recordings[edit | edit source]

THE IDOLM@STER SideM ORIGIN@L PIECES 09 (sung by: Pierre)