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Login I wanna try looking for cakeries on location... maybe find a hidden store or two...... Please, bring me along with you once in a while!

Nom nom... G-Good morning, Producer-san. Fine day for cakes, isn’t it? I think I’m ready to do my best out there today!

Event Login Here you are, some refreshments, courtesy of me! I was at a loss over whether or not to get you a cake, but I heard this is the best they have! Hehe. Let’s take on today with a smile together, okay?

Here you are, some refreshments, courtesy of me! Let’s keep on smiling until the very end, okay? Ah, by the way, I prepared a cake for today, too! Let’s share it afterwards!

Lesson I hope we get along together!

Live Formation Hehe, I’m looking forward to the concert! If we win, let’s all go out for some cakes!

Audition Battle Formation After-victory cakes are exceptionally special! So I definitely can’t lose this!

Featured Unit

Thank you for choosing me! Let’s show everybody just how charming cakes can be!

Leader N~R+ If I’m going to be the leader, then the first order of business is deepening our relationships with each other. Let’s see if we have matching tastes in cakes!

N~R+ Trust MAX A manager has to look out for everyone! Therefore, in order to help everyone else shine, I’ll polish my own charm as well!

Leader SR~SR+ By all means, let me be the leader! I want to keep studying so I can deliver my thoughts and dreams throughout the world!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Cakes are the hope that lead us into the future. It’s thanks to you that I’m able to continue on without getting crushed, Producer-san.

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-san always listens to my stories about cakes with a smile on their face. I ended up relying on his kindness without even noticing.

My Desk (0% Trust) Idols sure have a ton of things to do! I got so hungry from just standing around!

My Desk (5% Trust) Script review? Um...... This is just a cake order pamphlet...

My Desk (30% Trust) I’m pumped to eat cake today... Not! I’ll do my best at work today! Hey, everybody!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Producer-san, after work, want to go out for some cake? We’ll split it!

Business (0% Trust) I can still keep going! I gotta use my paycheck to greet all those cakes!

Business We did it! We’re slowly approaching success! Thanks, Producer-san!

Business (MAX Trust) Producer-san, your advice is as vibrant and vivid as a trendy patisserie! Bravo!

Trust UP! I thought I could go eat all the sweets they have to offer here, but we don’t exactly have a shortage of location work to do, huh? Sigh...

It’s not exactly at work, but I found this amazing cakery by the office. It was right under my nose the whole time!

Location work at the cakery was so much fun~ Producer-san, you’re the one who organized it, weren’t you? Thanks so much!

Trust MAX All I ever do is talk about cakes, huh? Isn’t it boring to listen to, though? ...Huh? It’s fun?! Oh, thank goodness~!

Refreshments I’m glad we get along, Producer-san~ Ah, here’s your order!

Cheer If you lose, I’m taking away your tea-time cake privileges!

Convo Chance! Ah, Producer-san!

Break Time Does your break start now? If it’s not a bother, do you mind if I come along too?

I’m glad I was able to talk to you, Producer-san! Let’s get together again sometime.

mini Shout
mini Thanks
Audition Battle Preparation Man, I feel like I’m going to lose to you....... Ju~st kidding. Heh!

Audition Battle I’m already here, so I might as well win!

Eating cakes increases my energy tenfold! Now, let the battle begin!

Program Audition Preparation Listen, ''I'' want this job. I’m not giving this up to you that easily!

Program Audition (Rival) Eating cakes increases my energy tenfold! Now, let the battle begin!

Program Audition (Self) Now then, chop chop! Time to clean house!

Audition Battle (Backup) If you lose, I’m taking away your tea-time cake privileges!

Audition Battle (Win) Victory is mine! Thanks for the meal♪

Audition Battle (Lose) I was way too careless. I gotta reflect on it!

Live Preparation Let’s do a bit of exercise before we eat!

Live Continuation Whew, I got a little tired there. Why don’t we take a little a break and try again?

Live Success! Whew, worked up a good sweat there! I’m okay with eating our fill now that we’re done, if you know what I mean♪

The customers look really happy out there! I’d say that concert was a big success, Producer-san!

Producer-san, what’s with the cake? A reward for a concert well done?! ALRIGHT!

The cake tonight’s gonna be exceptionally special for sure! ‘Cause, y’know, we did so well today!

Birthday Effect (2015) Feels just like when I’m about to meet a delicious cake... Here’s my chance!

Birthday Effect (2016) I’m strong once I’ve eaten my fill of cakes! Alright! Here I go!

Birthday Comments

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Werewolf Game[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I bought these macarons at the shop Hideo-san recommended to me. I thought we’d be able to eat these while playing the game. Let’s enjoy both the Werewolf Game and the taste of the macarons!
“In place of Father, who’s been called to the city, I’ll do my fortune-tellings for the sake of this village! I’m a bit nervous whether or not someone with such half-baked skill as mine can do much, but…”
Scout Welcome to Café Parade, members of FRAME. Let’s take it easy and relax as we enjoy the Werewolf Game with all we have!
I’m glad to hear the macarons I brought were well-liked. I’ll bring them over to the agency as snacks next time. I wonder if everyone else will enjoy them?
Change! “I can’t believe an incident happened while Father and the others were away… I have to work hard for Chocolat’s sake as well!”
My Desk (0% Trust) Werewolf Game is one where we have to make use of our heads. So we have to keep up our sugar intake with sweets. Nom nom…
My Desk (MAX Trust) Oh, that’s right. I should reserve a portion of macarons for Producer now, while I still can.
Business (0% Trust) I heard that those shop’s sweets are delicious. It’s safe and secure information from the sweets club!
Trust MAX I found some macarons in a flavor I think you'd like. Here you go! I did the wrapping for it, too.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Absorbed Gaze[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album How is it? Souichiro-san complimented me, saying that I had good posture. Fufu, a cake made through strenuous effort will most definitely be delicious! Haah, I’m looking forward to it so much~!

What I think about marriage? Hmm… Honestly, I still can’t really imagine it, but I do think I know one thing. It’s that I want to stay with my beloved person forever and ever.
Scout I’m just copying off of what I’ve seen, but I’ve been watching a bunch of different pâtissiers do their techniques. I let my experience from that shine through here!
Learning how difficult it is to make sweets has made my gratitude and respect towards cake even stronger. I think it’ll be even yummier when I eat one next!
Change! Preparations are all okay! I have to make sure to remember what to do for the job so that I can help out at everyone’s wedding ceremony.
My Desk (0% Trust) I’m a little proud that I don’t have any cavities. Was it unexpected for you to hear that?
My Desk (MAX Trust) I smell an unknown cake coming from you… Which shop was it from!?
Business (0% Trust) Ah, over there. A new sweets shop has opened up! Let’s check it out!
Trust MAX Collecting more experience as an idol makes me feel like I’ve grown to be more than what I was before.
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Live Success
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Feelings of Gratitude[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I don’t really feel different when it’s for work, but being told to do this is a little embarrassing. Haha… but I’ll fulfill the requests made of me however I can. How’s this pose?

“Now, please take my hand. I want to express my feelings of gratitude through this dance.” …I have to put my all into this performance so that I can convey my gratitude to the audience, too!
Scout Saki-chan looks like he’s having fun. There’s a lot of cute frog merchandise here, so I understand how he feels… Huh? I’ll be taking a picture, too?
This cushion is made out of memory foam. It feels nice sitting on it… Producer, if you’d like, how about getting it for your work desk?
My Desk (0% Trust) I bought a mug as a souvenir for myself. I’m looking forward to afternoon teatime.
My Desk (MAX Trust) I wonder if there’s a general store that specializes in cake-themed goods. If I find one, let’s go there together!
Business (0% Trust) I’ll walk to the next work location. Cake eaten after I’ve exercised tastes the best, after all!
Trust MAX I bought a melon cake that’s stunningly green, since that’s connected to frogs. Producer, would you like to eat it together to take a break?
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Live Success
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