Max Enjoyment! Punkish Autumn Live/Event Scenes

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01[edit | edit source]

Translator: habatakisoul
【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki T.png Wow...! Look at the beautiful autumn leaves, you guys! Isn’t this perfect weather for autumn leaf viewing?
【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png It sure is! Since this time, our live’s themed after autumn...

How ‘bout we all look at the leaves... or maybe, go hikin’ and enjoy autumn to its fullest!

【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yes, let’s. Us learning more about autumn is directly related to the success of our live.

...The rest area atop the mountain has a space to prepare food. Let’s eat the foods of the mountains there.

...While I brought some ingredients along with me, harvesting some things on the way could be fun.

【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki T.png I wonder what grows on this mountain?
【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...I’ve heard that matsutake mushrooms grow here, but finding one would be difficult for an amateur.
【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png Matsutake?! That’d be a great find! I’m gonna show ya I can find one, for sure!

02[edit | edit source]

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png Kazuki-san said that there are matsutake mushrooms on this mountain, right?

It’s not every day you get the chance to eat that, so I really want to find one!

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png Right? We’ll definitely find one!

(Hehe, Mom would be really surprised if I brought some matsutake mushrooms home as a gift.)

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png Hmmm, I can’t find any at all...
【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png Ah! Haruna, over there! Isn’t that a matsutake mushroom growing near that tree?!
【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png Oh?! ...No, I don’t think matsutake mushrooms are this huge... They’re not, right?
【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png I don’t know either... Actually, if I think about it rationally,

Neither of us know how to tell mushrooms apart, do we...

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png ...Now that you say that... Haha, what in the world are we doing?
【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png Oh, I guess we’ll leave it to Kazuki-san and the others to find the foods of the mountain...
【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png Yeah. Let’s just admire the autumn leaves while we head towards the rest area.

03[edit | edit source]

【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki T.png ...Yes! I found a shiitake mushroom!
【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png I found ‘nother Caesar's mushroom! There’s so many! Wahaha!

...But we still haven’t found any of the best mushroom, the matsutake.

【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki T.png It really isn’t easy to find a matsutake mushroom.

It’s almost noon, so we should meet up with the others soon...

【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yes. Though it is too bad that we didn’t find any matsutake mushrooms... let’s stop looking for now.

...I thought there could be matsutake mushrooms and the like here, and stirred up some high expectations... I am sorry.

【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png Don’t worry ‘bout it, Sensei! We found lots of different stuff to cook with, and I wanna try eatin’ ‘em soon!
【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yes, you’re right. Well then, shall we go now...?

Hm? Wait a minute, please... Growing near those roots over there... Could it be...?

...I finally found you, matsutake.

04[edit | edit source]

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png I’m glad our handmade roasted sweet potatoes are a hit with Ryo and the others.
【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png Yeah! Ah, but there’s still one left. What should we do?
【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png I would eat it, but... I want to save room for the mushroom stew later.

I know, how about we split it?

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png Ah, that’s a good idea. Then I’ll split it in half. There...

Oh no, one side’s a bit bigger than the other. Hmmm... I know.

Fufufu, I’m your senpai in life, so I’ll give the bigger one to you!

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png Ahaha! You’re so nice, senpai! Just kidding. Thanks, Haruna.

Well then, let’s eat... ouch! It’s hot. But...

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama T.png It’s delicious! 【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato T.png

05[edit | edit source]

【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Now, shall we use the mushrooms and wild plants we found to make the stew?
【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png I’ll cut the ingredients so they’re easier to eat, then... into the pot they go.

And then, I’ll use the matsutake mushroom Sensei found and...

【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki T.png Ah, wait, Daigo-kun!

If you put the matsutake mushroom in the pot with all the other ingredients, it’s flavor might get covered up...

【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png Oops... I can see what you’re sayin’ there.
【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...In that case, shall we wrap it in aluminum foil and steam it?

...If we do that, I think we could enjoy every bit of its flavor.

【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto T.png Oh, that sounds like it’d be wildly delicious! How ‘bout we do that now?
【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki T.png We should let the others know once the matsutake mushroom is ready.
【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Yes. Let’s enjoy it together and prepare for our live.

06[edit | edit source]

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Everyone! Thank you for coming to F-LAGS’ and our live today!

...Wow! You’re cheering so loud! Thank you, I hear you loud and clear!

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png This live is themed after autumn leaves, so there’s a landscape of autumn leaves on the monitors.

But I recommend this part! Can you all in the back see it? Here, here! This autumn forest!

Isn’t it awesome?! It doesn’t look like a set at all. I was surprised the first time I saw it myself.

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Ahaha, everyone’s nodding. I know, I thought it was the real thing, too!

We’re going to show you more surprises! I hope you have fun, all the way till the end.

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Before our special surprise...

You need to have your fill of this amazing scenery and our performance first!

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Right. We’re going to be singing a Japanese-style rock song next, so let’s all have fun together!

07[edit | edit source]

【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...This live’s theme is autumn. What kind of autumn has this been for you, Ryo?
【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png It’s been a hungry autumn! Everything tastes so good this time of year.

That’s why I accidentally made too much food when we went hiking, too.

I couldn’t eat it all, so I brought the leftovers to the office to share.

【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png It’s been a sports autumn for me.

It’s a cool season that makes it easy to move, so I’ve been makin’ lots of progress with my dancin’ lessons!

【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...And for me, it has been an autumn of reading.

...It feels nice to be surrounded by nature and read a story that someone else composed.

【Punkish Live】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png You read a book when we went hiking, right?
【Punkish Live】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Woah, maybe I’ll try bringin’ a book along with me next time we go hikin’.
【Scarlet Guidance】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...I wonder what kind of autumn it has been for all of you in the audience? Please let me know.

08[edit | edit source]

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Ryo, Daigo, Kazuki-san, great job out there! Having a live with F-LAGS was so fun.
【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Let’s eat some mushroom stew in autumn some time again!
【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png ...Sigh, this live was really a lot of fun. Especially that last part, when autumn leaves fell down along with the song!
【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Your idea to write messages on the backs of the leaves was spot on.

That really pumped everyone up!

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Yeah! Seeing all their smiles made me so happy.

Ah, Producer. What do you have? Something from our sponsor? What could it be...?

【Punkish Live】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Oh! A set of assorted flavors! There’s potatoes, chestnuts, persimmons... and even matsutake mushrooms!

How about we use these and have a closing party with F-LAGS?

【Scarlet Punk Rock】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Good idea. We’ll help cook this time! You can cook with us too, Producer!