Merrymaking! Melon Fair Live/Event Scenes

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01[edit | edit source]

Translator: izzy___315 (Beit), chine_th (Sai)
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png Looks like we’re going to a theme park this time, to shoot a promo for the seasonal Melon Fair.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png And we’ll be performing a live show with all the specialty fruit sweets stands lined along the theme park… I’m feeling nervous.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Relax, Kuro-kun. Just stretch like this and the tension on your shoulders will go…
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Nekoyanagi-san, that’s too relaxed! Behave yourself! We’ll be performing alongside all three members of Beit so we’ll have to put in our whole body and soul into this…
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png Wow, everything looks so delicious! It’ll be a contest for all those exclusive melon sweets!
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png And made from all sorts of melon too, nyansu!! I can already see myself getting lost wandering around, nyansu♪
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png …Please refrain from eating too much before the show, you’ll get a stomachache.

02[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Waa... Kyoji, Minori, Look! Many food stands! Like a festival! Amazing!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png These stands only have melon flavored sweets huh? …Oh well, it is a Melon Fair…duh. Anyways, I don’t buy fruit too often, it’s been a long time since I’ve had melon.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Fufu, me too. This is a good chance to eat all I want~
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png I want to eat all I want! Eat all I want, OK?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Of course! Producer said so~ Let’s have fun to prepare us for the live!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png You sure are an opportunist, Minori-san...
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Fufuu~ I’m not an opportunist, I want you to call me optimal! Alrighty then, let’s go! The quest to eat the whole menu begins!... Just kidding♪

03[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Over there, many customers. That stand? What is it?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Ah that name looks familiar, I wonder if it’s a cake shop in the city. I'm pretty sure I’ve seen Makio with shopping bags from there as well.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Cake Makio brings, always yummy! Those cakes, I want to eat too!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Hmm… Ah. With that aside, I don’t think we’ve gone there yet?
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png …Yahoo! This cake, yummy! Many cakes! Buffet corner, amazing!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png would have never guessed its an exhibition from a confectionary school. They tasted like they were from a famous shop! We hit the sweets jackpot!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png H-Hey …Minori-san… Pierre… aren’t you making a big deal out of this…
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png ...
(Minori puts the cake in Kyoji's mouth)
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Ahhm—
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Fufuu, isn’t it good? Don’t be shy, let’s have fun together. Ok?
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Letting yourself go like this… you really act like a kid sometimes… haha.

04[edit | edit source]

【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Ah… Pierre, that girl is staring at you
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png What? …Oh! Froggy plush, attached to her bag! Amazing!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Seems like she noticed you. Pierre, you should say hello.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png OK!
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Our froggies, matching! Me and froggy are happy! Yahoo!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png We’re going to perform on stage later. If you want, come and watch us!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Minori-san, Pierre, sorry for the wait…..what are they doing?
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png There’s was girl with froggy! Me and Minori say hello!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Huh... I wonder if she’s a fan of yours. Maybe she came here to see you.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png She may be a local, but we’re still happy~ Seems like little by little, we’re getting our name out there! Great!

05[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Earlier, many people! Here and there, very crowded!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Yup, people were lined up at the stands. Even the confectionary school’s buffet seemed packed. I’m glad there wasn’t a shortage of service.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png What’s service?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png It’s smiling with your eyes, and offering appetizing sweets. A happy appearance that makes the customers happy as well. Put it all together, and that’s service! We didn’t just come here to sing, we’re here to make this event exciting! And off stage as well, as idols, we must contribute... Fufu, just kidding ♪
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png That’s a good way to look at it… Minori-san’s an adult after all.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Fufu, but at heart I'm only 17, you know~ Aright, let’s go have more fun!

06[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Munch munch munch… All the different kinds of melon here are delicious, nyansu ♪
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png This smoothie also hit the spot. I wonder if any of these are for taking home?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png The attendance seems to be increasing as time goes by.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyahaha. Everyone must love melons, nyansu.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I was thinking that too, but I overheard an interesting conversation a while ago. It seems there’s been eyewitness reports of us and of Beit that have become a popular topic of conversation online and here at the venue as well.
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png That makes me so happy, so that’s the reason why it’s gotten so crowded around here lately. Which means we shouldn’t be spinning too much around the matter, maybe we can have someone look over our sweets until after the show is over.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyanya!? Hey, that’s serious stuff!! I’m going on ahead, nyansu!!

07[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png …Huh? Kuro-kun, isn’t the stand from this flyer from your favorite traditional sweets store?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png What!? …Goodness, such delicate choice of colors, perfect craftsmanship, there’s no doubt about it, it’s just as you say…!
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png Well, there’s not much time left until the show starts but if we hurry we could pass by their stand…
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Choucho-san, look. Kuro-kun was stopped by a fan, nyansu.
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png Oh my. We should go too. Hellooo, are you having fun?
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png We’re gathering some melon power around here before the main show, nyansu ♪
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png …That’s right, I decided to come and see the stand before the live show… My recommendations you ask? I see… I’ll show you around. May I take one of your pamphlets?
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png …Kuro-chan is so stern. That fan is tearing up from pure emotion
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyahaha ♪ I love Kuro-kun when he’s like that.

08[edit | edit source]

【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I was thankfully able to purchase some exclusive sweets…

Regardless, these are truly delicious sweets… I was enthralled by the sophistication of the artisan confectioner’s technique…

【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png …Hehe. Don’t start over analyzing every little detail about it, Kuro-chan. Just hurry up and start eating it already.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Understood, I’ll be done shortly, it’s just that the color and the craftsmanship are worthy of being admired…
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png We lost him, nyansu.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png …Phew. My eyes are delighted already. I’ll try savoring it now and… hmm?
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png What’s wrong? You’re looking around restlessly all of a sudden… Oh, I hear it now…
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png …It’s a child crying, nyansu. Maybe they got lost, nyansu…?

09[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png And now… my impression of Froggy! …Nyahahaha, I finally got a laugh out of you♪
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Your mother is on her way. Why don’t you stay and wait with us until then?
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura T.png If you stay put, your parents will find a way to come for you.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Ahh, I’m just glad we were able to stay together. And now we should be heading towards the stage… Huh?
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png They started crying again, nyansu. Maybe the child doesn’t like being left alone, nyansu?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png …If you’d like, you can have these. They’re exclusive traditional sweets. Sweets as delicious as these have the power to calm one’s feelings.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyanyaa!? You’re giving away your exclusive traditional melon sweets!?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Yes, I am. My work today is to make the people that came to the Melon Fair smile. …Seeing this child enjoying those sweets makes me feel like I didn’t buy them just because.

10[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Sorry to keep you waiting, Minori-san, Pierre. Here, refreshments from Producer. This one is for Minori-san, and that one is for Pierre.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png There’s melon cake! And froggy cookie! Cute!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Yeah, Producer said the organizers made them especially for us as thanks for great business.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Gr-eat busine? Hmm… tough. Is that a good thing? A happy thing?
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Yup, it means this event was a success. Both the sales and service went well.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Yahoo! I’m glad went well! The melon fair, great business! Thanks to Minori! Minori, good job!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Haha, I really didn’t do much, just a little assistance! It was all thanks to the popular venue and delicious sweets, you know?

11[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Now may not be the right time but… Minori-san, I think you’re really amazing. Things like appealing to fans, and technology, you know all about things I don’t. How do you know all about this stuff?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png I guess it comes naturally. Because I love idols. Like, I kinda just know what will please the fans.
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Oh, then what made you start liking idols?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png That's, uh.........
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Ah... If it’s hard to talk about, you don’t have to…
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png ...No, I don’t mind… It’s nothing I try to hide. It was... because of my uncle.

12[edit | edit source]

【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png I... lost both of my parents at a young age. So I had my uncle take their place. It was rough, but the two of us were happy. And then... things happened... and my uncle passed away before me…
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png Ah...
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Minori... was all alone?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png It wasn’t that tragic, I was lucky enough to have friends who were like family... While I was going through my uncle’s belongings, I found all sorts of idol merchandise and magazines... I had no idea he liked idols, I was surprised. But, I was curious to know what exactly made them so charming to my uncle. And when trying to find that answer... I became obsessed with them myself.

13[edit | edit source]

【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Somehow, It’s a little embarrassing, fufu. Thank you for listening to me.
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png No... I should be the one thanking you for telling me. So… you get it now, right? What makes idols so charming.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Well, little by little. I’m not quite there yet.
【Melon Fair】Pierre T.png Not even Minori knows? So... that must mean I don’t know either... this is difficult…
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png I know I can’t now, but one day… if I ever become an idol who can charm everyone and anyone, surely, I will feel like I can understand my uncle’s feelings.
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo T.png In other words, you mean become top idol?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe T.png Yup, something like that... I wonder if I’m dreaming too big… But, if it’s the three of us... as Beit, I think we can make it.

14[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Nyohohoho! I can feel the power from the melon sweets overflowing, nyansu! I’m bringing this melon power on stage and passing it on to all my audience, nyansu!!
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png That’s right, this Sai performance will be a feast for the eyes!!
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png ...Fufu, you two have very nice smiles on your face, what a handsome pair of young men. OK then, we can’t keep our audience waiting any more. Shall we start the show?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Yes. And now… let’s go and greet our audience.

15[edit | edit source]

【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png What… When did it get this crowded!? How is it that so many people came…
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png My, my. Kuro-chan, look. The fourth seat from the right hand side on the front, it’s that fan you made your recommendations to.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Look! Right smack in the middle, it’s the guys from the smoothie stand, nyansu!
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png And also the lost child and their mother… Oh my, they’re waving at us, giggle.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png I can pick out several familiar faces from the crowd from earlier too… We got ourselves a full house, nyansu.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Right… They all came to see our show…
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png That means that even if we miss a step the show must go on, right?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Yes, I have to put aside my nervousness for the sake of all the people attending, and show them my best performance!

16[edit | edit source]

【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Everyone, did you already have some melon sweets?
(Crowd cheers)
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Did you find any that became an instant favorite of yours, nyansu?
(Crowd cheers)
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png It must have been really tough with such delicious sweets all over the place, right?
(Crowd cheers)
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png I really liked the fresh melon platter I had, nyansu♪
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png For me, it has to be the melon smoothie. The texture felt so nice too.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png As for me, I haven’t been able to savor my favorite traditional sweet yet…
(Crowd cheers)
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Was it delicious? …Ahh, that makes me so happy. I’m glad too.

17[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Thank you all for the lovely calls, nyansu!!
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I really wanted to show you all how to serve a green tea that complements the melon sweets…
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Unfortunately it seems like this is going to be all the time we’ve got.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Up next is Beit, nyansu! Take it away, Beit!!
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Giggle, see you later ♪

18[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Our turn is coming up, are you ready, Pierre, Minori-san?
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png Yes! Ready to go! Froggy also ready to go! Ribbit ribbit~♪
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Kyoji. If you make eye contact with a fan, you’re going to wink at them. OK~?
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png ...This is the thing Akuno-san told me you suggested him to do... Minori-san, you’re trying to get everybody at the office to wink, aren’t you?
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Noo~ I wonder what are you talking about~? I don’t understand~
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png It looks like Sai is done! Our turn!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Ah, you’re right, let’s get these smiles blooming like flowers~ Come on you two!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png H-Hey... Don’t push on my back… anyways, you ignored my question from before!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Fufu~... well it’s because winking is part of being an idol ♪

19[edit | edit source]

【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Hello everybody of the venue! And hello to all the customers!
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png Yahoo! I ate many melon! Very very yummy!
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Yep! This is the first time we’ve had melon like this in our entire life! Not Kyoji though, he’s different.
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Uh... what? I haven’t had melon like this until today too.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Huuh? But Kyoji, aren’t you the Prince of Melon Land?
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Minori-san… don’t just suddenly throw these confusing characters onto me…
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Fufu~ But I don’t think it’s that bad! Since Pierre is the prince of Frog Land~ Right?
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png Yes! And Kyoji is the Prince of Melon Land, because I say so! Isn’t he cool? And sparkly!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Pierre... you... never mind... I give up.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Fufu~ Alright then, let us begin! On this emerald green stage… Shall we dance?

20[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png O-Oh... wow… all this cheering took me back by surprise..
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png As expected of Kyoji! His wink made a huge impact!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png It took me a while to build up the courage to actually do this but... somehow It feels like... I’ve found my special move…
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png When you wink everybody smile! I will do it too! Yay!
(Camera flashes)
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png Yahoo! The crowd is happy! Froggy wink too! Yay!
(Camera flashes)
【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png Ah... I have a good idea! Yay! Look, Kyoji! I can wink with both my eyes! Isn’t that awesome?
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Pierre, that was just a blink….
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Fufu~ since Pierre is so cute, he can get away with it! What great service, Pierre! I should do it too huh! I hope to make everybody’s hearts blossom with good memories!

21[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Pierre+ T.png Everybody, thank you for today! Melon fair very fun!
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png I had fun at the live. Thank you.
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png …Hm? Kyoji, is that all you have to say? Did you forget about the lesson from earlier?
【Melon Fair】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Oh... I guess I have no choice... "We shall dance again one day, I promise."
【Sweet Mask】Minori Watanabe+ T.png Yeah yeah that’s it! Since Kyoji is soo cool, he had to say that! Fufu~

(...If my uncle was watching me right now… I wonder what he would say… surely… he would tell me to keep on going, to keep on smiling...

Compared to the idols I saw in the magazines and photos, we shine just as much.

I want to be just like them... and for that reason... everybody... please keep on supporting Beit, thank you so much!)

22[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png That was an excellent show… I’m satisfied.
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png ...I’m still glad that lost child managed to get back to us. And without any microphones, even.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Yes. It was a great response from their part. It brought a smile to my face. Though, if I’d had a taste of those sweets, I would’ve also been able to say which tea would’ve fit the most…
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png ...Ah.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Nya.

23[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Well then… I’m done changing, shall we go out for a bit?
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png I’m going too, nyansu!
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Where are you two heading? If you’re going, I feel like I should go too…
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Kuro-kun, you should take a break, nyansu! You did give it your all on stage after all, nyansu!
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Nekoyanagi-san, you said yourself your power was at zero percent too…
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png He’s right, don’t push yourself and just wait for us here.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png ......I may not have as much physical endurance as you two do now that you mention it… I have to be more disciplined…

24[edit | edit source]

【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png We’re back!
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Kuro kun, we brought a little something for you, nyansu!
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Wait, these are… the exclusive sweets from the Melon Fair? Why are you giving these to me?
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png I went and asked if they had any to take home, and it turns out they did have some left, nyansu!
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png This is because you put on a great performance out there today, Kuro-chan.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Now go and replenish your melon power Kuro kun, nyansu ♪
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Ah… Uhm, thank you two so much for your good thoughts… I’m happy…

25[edit | edit source]

【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png .........
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png What’s wrong, are you not eating those?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I told our Producer-san to come as well so we could have them with you two as well. I’m not the only one who gave their best for today’s show.
【Melon Fair】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png These are the sweets we got especially for you, you know that right, nyansu?
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png But even then, I believe if we could have these sweets together it’d make them that much tastier.
【Melon Fair】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png ......Aah. In that case, I guess we ought to be thankful.
【Seated with a Smile】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I’ll prepare tea then. I’m looking forward to it.