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Login I’ll work my ass off getting certified with all this free time! Expect a certificate of work-readiness before long, Master!

Yo! Master, your face is looking all pale. Here, have some of my food! You won’t have any strength if you go hungry!

Event Login ‘Sup! Here, Master, take this! Keep up your stamina, ramen-style! I made sure to fill it up with my own fightin’ spirit, too! Ah, you want me to give ya actual ramen afterwards, too? Sure! Will do!

‘Sup! We’re nearin’ the end here, Master, but take this! Keep up your stamina, ramen-style! I made sure to fill it up with my own fightin’ spirit, too! Ah, I’ll get ya some actual ramen afterwards, too!

Lesson Let’s head over to my shop after practice is over!

Live Formation A concert with everyone? Sounds pretty tight~ Let’s build up our stamina with some of my ramen before the show!

Audition Battle Formation This pre-match nervousness mixed with excitement... Nothing could ever replace it! Alright, let’s have a fair fight!

Featured Unit

Thanks, Master! No matter what job ya throw at me, I’ll go at it with all I’ve got!

Leader N~R+ Master, I want ya t’make me leader! I’m damn good at taking care of people, so I reckon I can be of use here!

N~R+ Trust MAX Challenges are what lead to growth, I say. Not to mention I can help everyone else grow, too! That’s worth somethin’!

Leader SR~SR+ Master! ‘Sit true you’re lookin’ for a leader? In that case, I... Huh? You were gonna ask me anyway? Hehe... Awesome!!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX You’re always the one there supportin’ me, Master. But, that just ain’t fair. Lemme support you once in a while too!

Leader (Other Producer) Master and I have a give-and-take relationship, y’know? More’n that, whenever anythin’ happens, they’re the first person I go to!

My Desk (0% Trust) Master, I finished cleanin’ the office. ‘S a little early, but y’wanna leave soon?

My Desk (5% Trust) Master, you not feelin’ good or somethin’? Y’gotta eat well, yanno!

My Desk (30% Trust) Choreography was great t’day! I’m overflowin’ with energy!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Master, you gotta come try the ramen at my place sometime! My treat!

Business (0% Trust) Oogh... I got so nervous. It’s like a totally different feelin’ than a match!

Business I think I’m gettin’ used to this! It’s all thanks to your coachin’, Master!!

Business (MAX Trust) The one thing idols and ramen shops have in common is that making sure the customer’s happy is always number one!

Trust UP! Me? I wanna make my ramen shop a place where all my fans can feel safe and warm, like a buddy-buddy store!

Thanks to your advice, Master, I’ve risen from the depths! I won’t give up a second time! All I ask for is your guidance!!

Master, I’ve been startin’ to have a ton of fun doin’ idol work! I’ve got a long way t’go with the whole song and dance, but I’ll do my best!

Trust MAX If you’re ever in a jam, call on me! With you by my side, Master, I’m invincible 24/7, with the strength of a hundred men!

Refreshments Refreshments from my Master! Eat up! It’ll build your strength!

Cheer I prepared a victory celebration at my place! I’ll be waitin’!

Convo Chance! Master! Could I borrow you for a bit?

Break Time Nice work out there! I feel like I gotta do my best when you’re watchin’!

Keep it up out there, Master! I’m always rootin’ for ya!

mini Shout Ajitama Service!

mini Thanks Master! This gift makes me SO happy!!

Audition Battle Preparation No need to go easy, come at me with all you’ve got!

Audition Battle Yo! Let’s have a fair fight!

You ain’t winnin’ that easily!

Program Audition Preparation I know we’re gonna be goin’ at each other with all we’ve got, but I ain’t plannin’ on givin’ this up today!

Program Audition (Rival) You ain’t winnin’ that easily!

Program Audition (Self) Raise your voices! Let’s go!

Audition Battle (Backup) I prepared a victory celebration at my place! I’ll be waitin’!

Audition Battle (Win) Feel free to take revenge on me whenever y’feel like it!

Audition Battle (Lose) Ggh... I’ll win next time for sure!

Live Preparation Alright! Prepare for takeoff!

Live Continuation My bad! I wasn’t strong enough! I’ll rally back and get it this time, watch and see!!

Live Success! Master! I can still keep goin’! ...Huh? S’already over?!

The crowd cheering gets me so stoked! Sounds kinda weird comin’ from a guy like me.

I gave it everythin’ I had out there just now! No regrets!!

Birthday Effect (2015) Don’t get all complacent on me!

Birthday Effect (2016) Lemme at ‘em! Somethin’ big's happenin’ today!

Birthday Comments

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White Day 2019[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Calling it a date makes me get a little embarrassed, but if I’m spending time with a person close to me, I’d want to relax and be healed with hot springs. Master! Over here! Hurry, hurry!
I’m fully charged on feelings of gratitude today! This is so that I can make a good return gift to the fans who are always supporting me! I sure hope they’re happy with this!!
Scout If I have the chance, I want to conquer all the hot springs on this draft I have written up! Ah, I made sure to search them all, so just leave it to me!!
We have a TV program’s project and a magazine gravure shoot… I’m glad to know there’s a lot of things to do! I’m more fired up about things if I’m busier!
Change! This is a good outfit! It brightens up my mood! I’ll also appeal myself with all I got so that I don’t lose to this outfit!!
My Desk (0% Trust) When you submerge yourself in a good bath and take the chance to relax, you can work hard starting the next day!!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Right now, I’m thinking up a brand new menu for the shop… What would you like to eat, Master?
Business (0% Trust) You’re worrying… if I’m nervous or not? I’m having as much fun as I am nervous, so I’m fine!
Trust MAX I’ve received so much from you already. I’ll definitely become a top idol and return something to you that’s worth ten times… no, a hundred times as much!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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4th Anniversary[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album The promotional event we had at the movie village is a thought-provoking job full of memories for me. Turns out the Yamagata specialty, Hoto, is connected with Takeda Shingen, too. All right, Teacher! Please eat before it gets cold!
In the blink of an eye, it’s been such a fulfilling four years! But THE Kogadou is aiming for an even higher scenery above this! We’ll most definitely stand at the peak. That’s why we’re counting on your support from now on, too!!
Scout The special Hoto is complete!! I’ve got hefty portions for Takeru, Ren, and of course, you too, Teacher!
The things I’ve gotten from you these past four years… are so many that I can’t count. Please continue to watch over us for a long, long time!
Change! This is a good outfit. It makes me really tighten my focus!! I’ll show you many cool sides to myself, so please look forward to it!!
My Desk (0% Trust) I’m running out of knitting wool… Master, would you like to go to a crafts shop next time we can?
My Desk (MAX Trust) When I’m in the agency, I feel calmer. Maybe it’s because you’re here?
Business (0% Trust) I won’t get exhausted by something at this level just yet. My health is robust, after all!
Trust MAX I just can’t imagine myself without having met you. That’s how fun idol work is, so I can’t help it!!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Crimson Rebel[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I was wondering how to bring out a greater assassin-like air to me aside from just action, but I found the perfect item! …No, wait, it’s not like I’m going to use this the way it is now!
“An emotionless doll wouldn’t understand. There are things I can’t lose no matter how dirty my hands get… I finally realized it.”
Scout This time, we have gun action for the first time since “Cybernetics Wars”! I’ll work hard so that I can show them how much I’ve grown since!
Recently, I’ve had Takeru and Ren teach me lots of things… It’s a good give-and-take going on there!!
Change! The costume came out nice and cool! I’m glad my idea was used! I’ll work hard at the action so that I won’t lose to the outfit either!
My Desk (0% Trust) My new product, the crochet doll hat I’m going to give to Kanon, is complete! This time, it’s a wolf and sheep!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Teacher, please continue to accompany me for personal practice!! Work me through things strictly, please!!
Business (0% Trust) Today was the best success up until now. I want to do jobs that always make me think that way!!
Trust MAX Please tell me if there’s something I lack!! With your advice, I can improve more and more!!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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