Milky Way Live 2015/Event Scenes

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Translator: madoka_asuran
【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Is this the live venue this time? I’ve heard rumors about it, but it’s a beautiful stage!
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Agreed! It looks like the Milky Way glittering and feels like as if we’re actually in space!

Then with the light of light stick is added to this...I guess the actual performance would be even more beautiful~

【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png I’m glad that we were able to come here the day before, thanks to Producer-san’s arrangement.

We can check the equipment and rehearse thoroughly. I’m looking forward to staying over too!

【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png Ahahahaha! O mine brethren, the time hath cometh. 't is an opening party of the eve!

We wilt wake up the fusty dark god from permanent catch but a wink with mine chant and welcome the dawn together!

【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png What are you saying, Asselin-san...I won’t give permission to such a thing as staying up all night, okay?
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png Uhh...thy eyes hath't the power to cease mine movement…
【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Well then, let’s start at once. Producer-san, are you ready?

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【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Scenes of strips hanging from bamboo’s elegant.
【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Yes. Somehow, it makes me feel nostalgic.
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Hey he~y! I thought of a papi good thing♪

Let’s have everyone in the fan write strips, not just us!

【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png Hm, did let the sheeps eke hath't the same pleasures...and what is the content?  
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Frankly, questions to us Cafe Parade! How about using that in the live MC tomorrow?
【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png That sounds interesting. Let’s negotiate with Producer-san and get the strips ready.
【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png If we collect them from every audience, even just reading everything seems tough.
【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png But surely it’s fun. I like it quite a lot when people ask questions to me!
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Yeah! Let’s get together with the fans and warm up the live even more!

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【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Riprip, strip~snipsnipsnip~♪

...Here, papi done!

Fufu, I hope everyone in the fan will enjoy it~...huh?

Roll, what’s wrong? Any trouble?

【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png Saki-chan...apparently, the bathroom equipped with the mountain hut has broken down.
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png Ku...I'm sweati...nay, coequal so I am wearing silver gouts, what a trial...!
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Ohh, that’s it? It’s fine, we do have a bath♪

I found a metal barrel just now. Boil hot water with firewood and it’ll be an outdoor bath♪

【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png An outdoor’s not a bad idea, but I don’t know how to.
【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Leave it to me. I’m use to sleeping rough, so these kinds of work are in my zone.
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Yaay! Thank yoou Kamiya! I’m sure a bath while gazing the stars is fun!

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【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png ...OK, it’s done.

Guys, the outdoor bath is ready!

【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png It was actually skilful. I lost my mind unintentionally.
【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png Producer-san seems to have work to do, so shall we go ahead?
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png for entering..doest yond, includeth me…?

By the contract of blood, nay way, I...can expose mine skin…

【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Asselin...

Er, there are only two metal barrels, so I’ll choose the pairs!

Kamiya and Soichiro, me and Roll. And then, Asselin and Satan! This should be OK♪

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Yep, no problem. Let’s change and go and get our towels.
【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Kamiya, the mountain hut is this way.

Never thought you’ll demonstrate your terrible directions in such a place…

【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png The descendants of the Papi tribe, Saki, I wilt nev'r forget this grace! Ahahahaha!

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【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png That was some nice hot water, Saki-chan. The stars were also beautiful. It was fun~
【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Seems like Makio-san and Mizushima-san got out of the bath…

Hm? What’s that sound…?

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Haha, sorry. It’s my stomach rumbling.
【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png Come to think of it, we haven’t had dinner yet...oh, what’s this nice smell…?
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png Ahahahaha! I, just did capture the opportunity!

Tonight 's food is "Gouts of sorrow of the firmament glittering in the dusk"...O mine brethren, englut lots!

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png A black sesame risotto. Powdered cheese...I see, toppings that imaged the Milky Way.
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png I wast did doth ask by Lord while ago to bethink about a special sacrifice to giveth out at the banquet tomorrow.
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png While not that long? It’s really wonderful to make it improvised!
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png It is still too early for praise. First of all, fill thy hunger with mine sacrifice. Ahahahaha!

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【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png I did kept thee waiting, sheeps! Mine name is Asselin, Satan’s faithful servant!

And this is...descendants of the Papi tribe, Saki!

【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Ta-da! Saki Mizushima, papi appearing! Everyone, have fun today♪ Next is~, Roll!
【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png I’m Makio Uzuki. I was looking forward of seeing everyone.

I reccomend the tiramasu from the cake shop near this venue. Please do try it!

【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Fufu...talking about cake already? It’s like you.

I’m Soichiro Shinonome. Let’s have fun together. Last is...Kamiya.

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Thanks for coming today, guys. We’ll promise you all sincere hospitality.
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png Is it because it's Tanabata? There are so many wearing Yukata! All of you are soooo lovely♪

I’ll be papi enthusiastic, so let’s warm up together! Whew whew-!

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【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Next coming up is, "Strip Question Corner". Thanks for writing the strips, guys.

I’ll talk about themes with questions written in strips. Shinonome, which one do you want?

【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...This one. “Please tell me where everyone wants to go.”
【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png Place that I want to go...if I can meet an unknown cake, I wouldn't mind going anywhere♪
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png I wanteth to wend to Elysium. 't is the one and only paradise whither Satan's beshrew wilt beest unraveled and becometh his true figure!
【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png I want to go to India. I’d like to find tea leaves in Assam region and Darjeeling region with my own feet.
【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Kamiya often travels far, even though he gets caught in trouble frequently.

It is marvelous because somehow, he always gets through them with abundant knowledge.

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Surely. It may be a sense of survival, I suppose.
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png You’re global~ I hope someday we can tour around the world as Cafe Parade♪

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【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Then, the next question…”I have a secret that I can’t tell my friends.

Please tell me everyone’s secret that you can’t say to anyone.”

【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png A secret...speaking of secrets, maybe Asselin-san?
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png Fu...excess curiosity wilt destroy thee. Makio, prince of magical marchpanes kingdom…

Doth thee wanteth to knoweth till thee did bet thy life? If 't be true so...did let me telleth thee mine secret!

Mine did leave eye is an evil eye which resides the power of darkness! If 't be true thee remove the shackles in an instant…

Ku...mine did leave eye gets drowsy...apologies, I cannot speaketh any moo by the blood contract...!

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Secrets...revealing the truth isn’t always the right thing.

Even if there is a secret you can’t tell a friend, I think that's still fine.

‘Cause the most important things are the feelings to compassionate each other.

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【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Then, the last question ... "Actually, tomorrow, there is an important test for me.

Please tell me the key to not get nervous.”

A key to not get nervous...Mizushima-san, do you have any advice?

【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png If you have times when you feel nervous, fill your mind up with fun things and that should be OK♪

Thinking about your favorite person, thinking about your favorite things…

If you fill your head papi up with “Favorite”, nervous feelings would fly away♪

【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png Fufu, that’s like you Saki-chan. But I also agree!

The time us five spent with the customers today...

If everyone’s “Favorite” becomes our memories, I’ll be so happy!

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png We have to make it a fun stage till the end so that it’ll be so. Let's go to the next song!

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【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png The live and staying over ends today...I’m a little lonely.

When the bath was broken down, I thought what should I do though!

【Milky Way】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Haha, compared to the night I spent in the desert, it was comfort of heaven and earth.

Able to have a bath, able to eat the best dishes, surrounded by many smiles...

It was the best days, guys, thanks for the good memories!

【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png When I heard it was a stay over, I was worried if we may be too noisy though. It was a needless anxiety.
【Tenryuu-Styled Sorcery】Asselin BB II T.png The baptism of the fountain of fire yond springs up in the night sky wast a supreme moment!
【Shine☆Princess】Saki Mizushima T.png The Milky Way risotto that Asselin cooked was soooo yummy~♪
【Milky Way】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...After all, it is a bit too noisy...well, it may be like us.
【Milky Way】Makio Uzuki T.png Someday, let's travel together. Next time, let's enjoy with plenty of time!