Mysterious Magic World

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#191: Mysterious Magic World
[Bingo] 08/31/2018 – 09/07/2018
Entertainer of Phantasmagoria Gacha
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Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Yusuke Aoi-icon.png Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png Teru Tendo-icon.png

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DRAMATIC STARS and W are performing for a new song's PV.
In the PV, they will be performing various magic tricks.

W are attempting highly difficult tricks, and while they are struggling, they aim to improve during the practices that only they can do.
Likewise, DRAMATIC STARS also show enthusiasm for practicing their magic tricks.
Among them, Sakuraba is putting much more effort into the practice than the others...

This evening's magic show is certainly something you won't be able to take your eyes away from.
Let's make this a cool PV with the adults magnificent skills!

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See: Mysterious Magic World/Event Scenes

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