Nao Okamura

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Nao Okamura
岡村 直央

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"Um, could you hold my hand...?"
Member of
Character Data
Age: 11
Height: 143 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Shoe Size: 21 cm
Birthday: March 25
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Shogi
Skills: Knitting
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Aries
Hometown: Chiba
Ex-Job: Children's Sing-Along Show Star
Attribute: Intelligent
Voice Actor: Shougo Yano

The slightly shy but truly talented child actor!

Nao Okamura is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He was the star of a children's sing-along show before forming the Idol Unit, Mofumofuen with Shiro Tachibana and Kanon Himeno.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Nao is a former child actor. He's a skilled voice actor and host for a children's TV show. Though he's so popular he's known as the "Genius Child Actor," in reality he's an introvert with an obedient, docile personality. A pushover, Nao became an idol at his mother's recommendation, and even now doesn't have much confidence in himself¹.

Resume[edit | edit source]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
My mom told me to keep trying ‘til I can stand on the same stage as Jupiter...
Personal Motto
"Thank You" is a phrase I really like!
Comments for the Future
I’m not very confident in being an idol...

But my mom and all the kids at the hospital she works at are cheering me on... So I think it’s best if I give it a try...
Comments about Unit Members
Shiro-kun takes dancing so passionately, it’s so cool. I think it’s great how nice Kanon is to everyone. Oh, and I really admire his fashion sense, too!

Story[edit | edit source]

Translated Commus[edit | edit source]

Birthday Comments[edit | edit source]

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Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Huh? Happy birthday? Th-thank you very much! What I want is... um... uhh... I'm just happy you're celebrating my birthday... *sob*

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Kanon-kun! Shiro-kun! The two of you remembered my birthday! Thank you! I'm very happy!
Kanon Himeno-icon.png Happy birthday, Nao-kun~ Your present from me is a frilly and fluffy pink shirt my dad designed~! It'll look perfect on you, Nao.
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png You sure got a lot of nerve being born before me! Here, I got you a volume of that manga you like... Huh? This is actually something I borrowed from you?

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Thank you for remembering my birthday! Everyone in the office gave me a hug and celebrated my birthday too~ I'm so happy...!

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png You two brought me presents for my birthday. Ahh, I'm so happy... I wonder what's inside. I'm going to open them!
Kanon Himeno-icon.png Happy birthday! I got you this year's most popular outfit fitted to your image, Nao! You can wear it in the spring and summer and the colors match you perfectly~
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png No need to be shy about opening my present! I got you a fluffy sheep muffler~ Huh, the price tag is still on it...? Ahhh, I forgot to take it off!

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Wow, what a big cake! Ah, my name is written on the chocolate plate... I can eat it all? Yay, I'm so happy! Let's eat this cake together with everyone, though!

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Shiro-kun, Kanon-kun. Is it alright if I take a picture of all of us together? I want to show my mom that everyone is celebrating my birthday.
Kanon Himeno-icon.png Of course! Let's do the Justice☆Cute pose for it! I think your mommy will be happy to see all of us be cute too~!
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Let's record a video while we're at it! I'll show her my beautiful happy birthday dance! Heheh, we're gonna celebrate a whole lot on your birthday~!

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Ahh~ Thank you so so much for this birthday present! Did Kanon wrap it? The wrapping is so cute..!

Character Commu
Nao Okamura-icon.png Thank you for the present...I’ll open it right away...Uwaa! Oh, Oh my! That surprised this a jack-in-the-box?
Kanon Himeno-icon.png Sorry~ Shiro kun is the one who really wanted to give this to you! But it’s not scary, see? What’s inside is super adorable~
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Hehe, got you! I even got a picture of your face! Alright, now let's go eat some cake! You got some actual presents over there too!

Side Memories[edit | edit source]

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Game[edit | edit source]

Event and Gacha History[edit | edit source]

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Discography[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Nao means "straight, direct" (直) (na) and "center" (央) (o).
  • Nao's surname Okamura means "ridge, hill" (岡) (oka) and "town, village" (村) (mura).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nao’s hobby is playing shogi. He is interested in various other types of board games which are said to be similar to it, such as chess.
  • Nao can’t swim very well, because he was so busy as a child actor that he never got the chance to learn in great detail.
  • Nao is experienced in voice acting and movie work from his previous job as a child actor. This becomes useful when helping the other members in Miracle Magic Wishacle♪Melody ~Miracle LIVE~.
  • Nao reads heavy textbooks to get more into his roles, which is shown in his Best Game 2 magazine.
  • Nao and his mom are fans of the unit Jupiter, particularly Hokuto Ijuin.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Nao Okamura
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