New Idol Discovery Audition

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The New Idol Discovery Audition (新アイドル発掘オーディション) was a campaign that introduced nine new potential Idol recruits. Producers voted on their favorite Idols over the course of a couple months. The top three Idols that received the most votes were chosen to form a new Unit. The Idol resumes were made available to the public in August 2015, while the two rounds of voting occurred on December 2015, with the final results announced in January 2016.

The top three finalists, Amehiko Kuzunoha, Sora Kitamura, and Chris Koron, were chosen and formed the Unit, Legenders.

Message from President Saito[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Nida-header.png New Idol Discovery Project Start!

Calling all Producers!

As you've all anticipated with your growing activities, it's been decided that New Idols will join us here at 315 Productions!

Ken and I will handle everything from applications to document review.

Your role as Producers will be to, from these future Idols, select one to make their debut, starting from the first round of judging!

Company President Takeshi Saito

Outline[edit | edit source | hide]


Selection Process

【Selection Schedule Change Notice】
As the event was planned for this November, the First Review Round has been postponed to December. With the postponement of the First Review Round, the plans have been changed to the following below.
In regards of the Producers who were looking forward to the debut of new Idols, we apologize for prolonging the wait further.

[Aug ~ Sept] Document Review

[Dec] First Review Round
Producer Participation!
Idol's PR!

[Dec] First Review Round Results

[Dec] Second Review Round Results
Producer Participation!
Idol's PR!

[Jan] Grand Results Announcement

We're currently reviewing documents!


[First Review Round]

Any Producer is able to participate!
Listen to an Applicant's Self-PR and increase the Applicant's impression!

"New Idol Rec Letters" and "Dream Boxes" will be awarded for participating in the review round!

[Second Review Round]
Use "New Idol Rec Letters" to increase an Applicant's Rating!
Use "New Idol Rec Letters" for Applicants you want to Produce!
(Value UP!!)

The future of 315 Productions depends on your Ratings and
will decide a New Unit!

The Applicant's Ratings will be Ranked!
The Top 3 will be put into a Unit,
and will have their Idol Debuts!

Applicants[edit | edit source | hide]

Nida-idol-1.jpg Nida-idol-2.jpg Nida-idol-3.jpg

Entry No. 1

Former Security Guard
Takeshi Mimasaka

Entry No. 2

Former Child Care Worker
Goro Sanjo

Entry No. 3

Former Special Makeup Artist
Shinobu Kazama

Nida-idol-4.jpg Nida-idol-5.jpg Nida-idol-6.jpg

Entry No. 4

Former Toy Maker
Eru Shiraishi

Entry No. 5

Former General Store Clerk
Sora Kitamura

Entry No. 6

Former Custodian
Amehiko Kuzunoha

Nida-idol-7.jpg Nida-idol-8.jpg Nida-idol-9.jpg

Entry No. 7

Former High School Baseball Player
Reo Igari

Entry No. 8

Former Candy Shop Owner
Mario Ando

Entry No. 9

Former Marine Biologist
Chris Koron

Results Announcement[edit | edit source | hide]

Selected Applicants[edit | edit source | hide]

Ken Yamamura As decided by the Producers here at 315 Productions, here are the three newest Idols with the highest Ranking to spread their wings with us! Whatever Unit they form, look forward to their debut!
Sora Kitamura いざゆかん、やがておかしきアイドル道。ふふっ、僕はアイドルになれるんだねー。プロデューサーさんは案外人を見る目がある…のかなー?ふふふっ。
Amehiko Kuzunoha ありがとよ。おかげで心置きなく掃除させてもらえるわけだ。さて、鬼が出るか蛇が出るか…心配するな、お前さんの期待は裏切らないさ。
Chris Koron ありがとう!海の魅力をわかってくれて!…今、私はマリアナ海溝のように深くあなたに感謝しています。さあ行きましょう、海のために努めます。

Rejected Applicants[edit | edit source | hide]

Ken Yamamura 合格した方はこれからプロダクションの一員としてレッスンに励んでいただきますが、他の候補者の皆さんも簡単には諦めないようですね。
Takeshi Mimasaka まずはこの結果を真摯に受け止める。だが戦いはまだ始まったばかりだ。勝利を掴むまで俺は諦めない。
Gorou Sanjou そう簡単には奪えない心があるんだな。負けたけど、不思議と清々しい気分だ。次は、勝利をいただくぜ?
Shinobu Kazama 我を推挙してくれたプロデューサー殿の恩義には報いねばならぬ。修行を重ね、恩を返す道を探すとしよう。
Eru Shiraishi エレぇ面白い経験をさせてもらったよ!僕を選んでくれたヒトもいるってぇ話だ。またの機会を狙ってみらァな!
Reo Igari 簡単に理解されないことには慣れてる。でも、ここにはオレについてこられる奴がいそうだからな、諦めないぜ!
Mario Ando おや、届かなかったか。しかし、民草のために歩む時はまだある。次の機会はきっと、一層の努力をしてみよう。

Office One-Shots[edit | edit source | hide]

Translator: kizakis (FRAME, Mofumofuen, Beit, Jupiter, Altessimo, Sai, W, HighxJoker, S.E.M).

FRAME - The Number of Applicants[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Hideo Akuno-icon.png Hey, Ryu! Shingen! Did you hear about the new idol discovery project?
Seiji Shingen-icon.png Yeah, I heard from Ken we got more applicants than expected.
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Woah, that's awesome! But, do we have enough rooms in the dormitory...?
Seiji Shingen-icon.png Haha, there's still screening of the applicants after this, so the number will go down.
Hideo Akuno-icon.png If there's someone who likes sweets, I'll have to invite him to join the Pancake Friends Party and Sweet Tooth Alliance!
Ryu Kimura-icon.png With Uzuki, Wakazato, and them also here, it really is the Sweet Tooth Club! Aren't you the president, Hideo-san?

Being able to interact in the office like that sounds fun. I wonder if there's something I can form.

Seiji Shingen-icon.png Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of spirited people come.
Hideo Akuno-icon.png Yeah! Whatever kind of person he is, I'm excited to make more friends!

Mofumofuen - The Applicants' Age Group[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Tch, Ken can be so mean!
Kanon Himeno-icon.png Good morning! Huh? What's wrong, Shiro-kun?
Nao Okamura-icon.png Did something happen between you and Ken-san?
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Yeah, you know how we're doing that 'new talent search' thing now?
Nao Okamura-icon.png Yes, new people will be joining the office... I hope I can become friends with them...
Kanon Himeno-icon.png Kanon is excited! But, isn't that still for a while yet?
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png So I asked him what kind of people applied, but...
Nao Okamura-icon.png Ken-san dodged the question, didn't he?
Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Ugh...! But, there aren't any kids besides us!

There are so many adult-like people here!

Nao Okamura-icon.png Right, some big brother figures would be nice...

Beit - The Applicants' Common Traits[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Hey, Kyoji, Minori! Before we became idols, we were work friends!
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png W-what is this all of a sudden... we all just have separate work experience...
Minori Watanabe-icon.png But, that is definitely an interesting common trait we have.
Pierre-icon.png A common trait! Ken said, the new people also have a common trait!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png New people? Ah! The screening for the new talent project.
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Huh, so it's a new unit, and somehow they're gathering guys with common traits...?
Minori Watanabe-icon.png It seems interesting. What kind of shared feature could they have...?
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png I'm curious, but Ken is unexpectedly tight-lipped...
Pierre-icon.png I'm curious! I'm going to try to ask Ken again!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png I agree. Should I also go with you when you do? Fufu.

Jupiter - An Impressive Applicant[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Hey, those guys waiting in the lounge right now are the supposed candidates, right?
Touma Amagase-icon.png I thought the office seemed busy today. So that must be why.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Yeah, seems they're having an interview right now. We shouldn't get in their way.
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Yessir... though, I just talked to them a bit ago.

There's a really handsome guy there. Talking to him, he seemed really friendly.

Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png That reminds me... that guy I ran into earlier might've been an applicant, too. He was impressive.

It smelled like saltwater when we crossed paths. I wonder if he went to the ocean?

Touma Amagase-icon.png I wanna meet them too... they might be our future rivals, after all!
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Great! Alright, let's stealthily go observe our rivals! This sounds fun.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png I did say not to bother them...

Altessimo - A Curious Applicant[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Rei Kagura-icon.png Tsuzuki-san, what were you doing? You've been staring at the door...
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Mm... earlier, there was someone here who I'm not familiar with. They asked if Producer-san was here...
Rei Kagura-icon.png A visitor? That's troublesome, if we hurry and call Ken-san to deal with it...
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png No, when I told them Producer-san was out, they left disappointed.

Producer-san saved them and they were in their debt, so they came to thank them... or something like that.

Hmm... they seemed like you, Rei-san. A person of integrity.

Rei Kagura-icon.png R-really...? Ah, speaking of integrity. Just now, I got some sweets as thanks from a person for guiding them here.
Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png ...Like this. It seems it's merely chewy stuff...
Rei Kagura-icon.png I also have drinks, so would you like one?

Though, we've had a lot of visitors today. What is going on...?

Sai - An Unfettered Applicant[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Kirio Nekoyanagi-icon.png Hmm hmm, it's purrty lively today, isn't it?
Shoma Hanamura-icon.png Isn't that because they're holding the interviews for new idols? People were sporadically in the lounge.
Kuro Kiyosumi-icon.png I also took a look... though, I got a rather uninhibited impression...

Muttering something while wiping the window... touching a strange machine...

Shoma Hanamura-icon.png Aah, now that you mention it, I did hear a terrible ‘paahn' a bit ago.

It surprised me so I went to take a look, and that machine-thing blew out smoke.

Kirio Nekoyanagi-icon.png Ho ho~... we got quite a strong set of idol candidates

This presents purrlenty of story materials.

Kuro Kiyosumi-icon.png No, rather than a joke, isn't this a problem?

*sigh*... Though it's good no one was hurt...

Shoma Hanamura-icon.png My, isn't it fine to have such eccentrics? It seems things will get interesting.

W - An Eye-catching Applicant[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Yusuke Aoi-icon.png Hey, Kyosuke, did you see the person in the lounge earlier?
Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png I did! They were kind of weird, or unique.

Were they also one of the new idol candidates? They didn't seem like one, though.

Yusuke Aoi-icon.png I saw them at the park the other day. But hey, you know what they were doing?
Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png Hmm, they seem really fitness-conscious, so probably weight training or running?
Yusuke Aoi-icon.png Actually, they were juggling, and they looked really serious!
Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png Haha, that's really unexpected! They seem interesting. Now I'm curious.
Yusuke Aoi-icon.png I know, right!? Hey, why don't we go talk to them? We still got time until our lessons.
Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png Good idea! I'm really curious about why they want to become an idol!
Yusuke Aoi-icon.png Hehe, then it's decided! Let's go!

HighxJoker - The Applicants' Height[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ...We're back. We got juice.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Are Haruna and Shiki getting somewhere with their homework? Ah, this one is for you, Jun.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Thanks. Though, you're awfully late coming back for just going to the convenience store.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Actually, we noticed some people who looked like applicants gathered in the lounge and we were curious about what kind of people they were, so Natsuki and I snuck a look.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ...Everyone was kind of tall... maybe... even taller than Haruna...
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png There was also someone who suddenly started speaking in what seemed like haikus. Everyone seemed kind of odd...
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Haiku? That's 5, 7, 5, right? Then I can do that, too!

"Oh little donut / why in the world are you so / delicious to me?" There!

Shiki Iseya-icon.png Woah! That was amazing, Harunacchi! You're mega, mega awesome!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png ...Hurry up and finish your homework, you two.

S.E.M - Applicant Documents[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Rui Maita-icon.png Good morning, Mr. Yamashita! It's a nice day again today!
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Good morning. Young people sure are energetic in the morning, aren't they.

Speaking of lively youth, Ken was sure working at his desk with plenty of enthusiasm.

Rui Maita-icon.png I hear he was preparing the candidates' documents for Producer.
Michio Hazama-icon.png I heard they're reducing the candidates for the first round down to the single digits, but that's definitely too much work for Yamamura to do alone, don't you think? He shouldn't work so hard.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png How about we go bring him some coffee after this? Mmm, I'm so kind, that I am.
Rui Maita-icon.png Sounds good! I'll give him some sweets, too!
Michio Hazama-icon.png I agree. Sugar is effective for recovering from exhaustion, after all.
Rui Maita-icon.png I have a ton of snacks I brought. This, and this, and this...
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Wai-... Rui, what in the world do you got there... wait, all of that is too much to carry...!