Night&Day ~Fantasia of the Moon and Sun~

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#210: Night&Day ~Fantasia of the Moon and Sun~
[Bingo] 01/24/2019 – 01/31/2019
The Gleaming Sun in Midwinter Gacha
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Rei Kagura-icon.png Genbu Kurono-icon.png Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png Suzaku Akai-icon.png Kei Tsuzuki-icon.png Yusuke Aoi-icon.png

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Altessimo, Shinsoku Ikkon, and W will be filmed in a PV themed around the two separate worlds of the 'day' and the 'night'.
Since the filming studio is near a snow mountain, the idols are excited that they can spend their free time doing winter sports.

While Shinsoku Ikkon enjoy the snowscape, W are having fun snowboarding together as twins.
And during that time, Altessimo encounter a certain sound while learning to ski...?

After each member enjoys the winter sports at their own pace, it's time for the real shoot!
Painting out the meeting of the residents of the day and night, let's make a fantastical PV!

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