Nightmare Halloween 2019 ~Colorful Zombie Panic~

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#245: Nightmare Halloween 2019 ~Colorful Zombie Panic~
[Live Produce] 10/16/2019 – 10/24/2019
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Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Ryu Kimura-icon.png Genbu Kurono-icon.png Shiro Tachibana-icon.png Takeru Taiga-icon.png

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Jiro-san, Shiro-kun, Ryu-san, Genbu-kun, and Takeru-kun’s Halloween live of dressing up as colorful zombies begins! They thought up lots of performances to suit zombies, didn’t they?

The Halloween live is set to start this year again!
These five members have been chosen: Ryu Kimura, Genbu Kurono, Shiro Tachibana, Jiro Yamashita, and Takeru Taiga.

It’s decided that they’ll participate in the parade before the live, and that’s where they’ll hand out candy.
Listening to the idols who participated in last year’s Halloween live, Shiro gets fired up, and he suggests that they choose the candy that they’ll be handing out themselves.
The idols get very excited over the various candies they choose however they like and a conversation of sharing the snacks with their unit members.
Will they possibly be able to choose the candies for the parade without an accident happening?

The zombies which were sealed away for a long time are now resurrecting…!
—Who will be the human charmed by us and eaten by us?—
On a live stage themed after a graveyard, let’s captivate the audience!