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#106: ORIGIN@L PIECES LIVE in Sendai
[Live] 11/22/2016 – 11/30/2016
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Ryu Kimura-icon.png Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Shoma Hanamura-icon.png Rei Kagura-icon.png Kyoji Takajo-icon.png

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第2弾は、杜の都・仙台へ。木村 龍、神楽 麗、秋月 涼、華村 翔真、鷹城 恭二の5名が出発!




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Translator: pen_dag
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png So this is Sendai. We arrived here in less than two hours... The bullet train sure is fast.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png I was really unsure about the whole thing since my alarm clock broke and didn't ring this morning...

But I'm relieved I didn't miss the bullet train~! Today might be my lucky day!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png You're exaggerating, Dragon-chan. Well, that young side of yours is cute though.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png A concert in Sendai, huh... I heard team Hokkaido's concert was a big success.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki T.png We can't afford to fall behind! Right?
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Right! Team Sendai will make it a blast!
Everyone Yeah!
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png Well then, now that we have fired ourselves up, let's go to the hotel for the time being, shall we?
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Once we’ve dropped off our luggage, let's go sightseeing! I want to find out more about Sendai!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki T.png Ohh, they have beef tongue-flavored caramel. How novel... Maybe I should buy a box.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png Are you serious, Akizuki-san...?
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png You're pretty brave, aren't you? I like that.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png ...Oh, a message. Who could it be from...?
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png Is it work-related?
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png ...No. It's from my younger brother.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Oh, so you have a younger brother, Takajo! I have a cheeky 11-year-old brother too.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png Is that so? Hotaru... I mean, my younger brother is 11 years old as well.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Ohh, I know that feeling too well! ...Hey, do you have other siblings too?

We'll sing together... So we should learn more about each other! By the way, I...

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png ...Sorry. I don't want to talk about my family.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Oh...

I-I see... In that case, it's okay!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png Sorry for spoiling the mood, Kimura.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png No, I'm sorry for asking you something you don't want to talk about.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png (...Is it fine like this? If things were to get awkward between them, then...)

(There's the Sendai performance as well so I have to break the tension...!) Ahh *coughs*... Takajo-san, Kimura-san, is there anything you associate with Sendai?

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png ...What's gotten into you all of a sudden, Kagura?
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png N-Nothing... Um...
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png

Ah, now that I think about it. Since we're here, I'd like to see Date Masamune just once.

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki T.png Ah! I'd like to see his statue too! It looks so cool...!
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png It's settled then. Okay, let's go, everyone. You too, Rei-chan.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png Hanamura-san... Thank you very much.

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki T.png It's Date Masamune... So cool...!
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png It's... a lot more exciting than I imagined.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png Haha, both of you are such boys, getting worked up like that.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png ...Hey, Kagura. Thanks for earlier.

You tried to patch things up between Takajo and me, didn't you?

【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png ...It was fruitless though...
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Don't say that! You're such a nice guy, Kagura.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png Wha—...!?

W-Why are you stroking my head...!?

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Haha... My bad! It's a habit of mine when I praise my younger brother so I couldn't help myself!
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png Younger brother... I see. I wonder... if this is what having an older brother feels like.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png ...Kagura. We'll definitely make the concert a success, the five of us!
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png ...Yes!

【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png (...What an awe inspiring statue. And this horse... how beautiful.)
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki T.png Rei-kuuun!

Hey, do you want to take a photo together? As a keepsake of today's concert, you see!

【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png Ah, sure... Please go ahead. What kind of pose should I make...?
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki T.png Oh, right. Let me think... Let's make a peace sign!

...Okay, done! Thank you, Rei-kun!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura T.png Haha, how innocent. Looking at you reminds me of my school trips.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura T.png ...School trips, huh. I was too busy with concert tours so I have never participated in one...

I see. So this is what school trips are like... Haha, how fun.

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png Hey, guys! Producer-san said they'd take a group photo of us!

Thank you, Producer-san. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful memory! Okay, everyone form a line~!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo T.png Ohh. In that case... Kimura, move closer.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura T.png ? ...Isn't that too close? I don't really mind though...

Okay everyone, look at Producer-san and... Say cheese!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png (The song's interlude has started! Time for the self-introductions! Here we go!)

Hallo, Sendai! I'm Ryo Akizuki! Let's make this the best day ever! ...You're next, Shoma-san. Please go ahead!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Shoma Hanamura here. I won't go easy on you guys until the end!

Next one is this seemingly cool and yet surprisingly passionate man... Come on, Kyo-chan!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png I'm Kyoji Takajo. Let's make this a blast, Sendai!

Well then, next is...

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png It's my turn...wha- woahh!?...

Ow... I paid extra attention and still tripped...

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Are you okay? Here, take my hand...

Next one is is this guy who is prone to misfortune!

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png What's with that introduction~!?

I'm Ryu Kimura! Everyone please cheer us on! And last but not least is this little guy!

【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png I'm Rei Kagura. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to these members and the fact that we are standing on this stage today...!

The five of us will accompany you during this concert! Please enjoy it until the end!

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png Today is my turn to be the MC...

Wai- huhh? My mic isn't working...!?

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png There seems to a bit of trouble so I'll be the MC instead!

Erm, everyone please share with us what you liked about Sendai.

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Let's see. The freshly grilled fish paste warmed me up both on the outside and the inside.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png For me it's the zunda bean paste shake I guess... It was surprisingly delicious.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png ...I regard Sendai as a wonderful place full of great food, greenery and history.

...We learned more about each other in such a blessed environment. Personally...it has become a very memorable and special place to me.

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png ...Yeah, we all feel the same way!

...Ah, my mic's working again!

【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png It is only thanks to everyone's support that we are here now. Thank you so much.

We will give Sendai, which has given us so many wonderful memories... ...a lovely present, filled with our feelings of gratitude. This will be our last song... Please listen to it!

【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png The Sendai concert was a success too! It's all thanks to everyone's hard work!
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Haha, good work. We sweated quite a lot so I'd like to go some hot springs with everyone.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Oh, Producer. Are those the photos we took a while ago?
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Ohh, they came out really well.
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png We made lots of memories in Sendai... I am glad we came.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png H-Huh...? This photo...!?
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png Is something the matter, Kimura-san?
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png It-It looks like there's a human hand on my shoulder~!?
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Woahhhh!? D-Does that mean it's one of those... g-ghost photos!?
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Haha... No worries, Kimura. That's my hand.
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png T-Takajo~!!
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Oh dear, it's going to be a lively trip until the very end, isn't it?
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png *sighs* The train is already here. I wanted to go sightseeing for a bit longer.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png *yawns* ...No, I'm already at my physical limit. Once we're inside the bullet train, I'll sleep until we're back in Tokyo...
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Oh my, what are you two talking about!? The way back home is part of the journey too.

Lunch boxes and snacks are ready ♪. Well then, let's get pumped up and enjoy ourselves until the end!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Ugh, I might be a bit sleepy too... What about you, Rei-kun?
【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png I am indeed exhausted... But I would like to burn Sendai's scenery into my memory...
【The Flavor of Happiness】Ryu Kimura+ T.png Woah!

Everything you bought looks so tasty, Shoma-san! I'll take this and this... Ah, that one too...!

【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Kyoji Takajo+ T.png Akizuki-san, Kagura, Producer. If you don't pick your share of snacks, there won't be anything left anymore.
【ORIGIN@L PIECES】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Wha-!? P-Please wait, Ryu-san!...

Let's go!

【Smiling Heart】Rei Kagura+ T.png ...Haha, he's right. Instead of being sentimental I should fire myself up once more...
Everyone We, team Sendai, are going to enjoy ourselves on the way back home too!

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