Office One-Shots/2015/July

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Rui Maita-icon.png This section was translated by kizakis.

Day 1 - Our Summer Vacation[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Character Commu
Rui Maita-icon.png Looks like it’s a hot summer this year too☆ What are your summer plans?
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Mm, yeah, it’s hot outside, so maybe I’ll stay inside like always, cheering for horses.
Michio Hazama-icon.png I plan to give the students at the agency summer lessons.
Rui Maita-icon.png Hey, come on! Sometimes you have to go outside and enjoy summer!
I know, let’s go to the beach this weekend! A friend opened his beach house.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Eh, this old man would never think of going to some place hot like that.
Michio Hazama-icon.png Hm, the beach, is that right… that might be nice.
Yamashita-kun, please join us.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png What, are you serious, Hazama-san? I… Aah, there’s no room to argue…
Michio Hazama-icon.png After the summer lessons, we will go supervise the students.
Rui Maita-icon.png Yes! It’s decided! Okay then, let’s enjoy our summer, shall we? ☆

Day 2 - If He Won’t Wake Up, I’ll Show You How to Get Him Up, That Ren Kizaki[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Kuu… kaa… kuu…
Takeru Taiga-icon.png Hey, lessons start soon. Wake up already.
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Nn aaah!
Takeru Taiga-icon.png Ow…!
You’re really the worst at waking up…! Here!
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Kuu…kaa…kuu…
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Hey now, it’s no use forcing him to wake up. Here, watch.
Hey, Ren, wake up~ You’ll be late for lessons~ Heeey.
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Nn…
What, shut up…and I was having such a good sleep…
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Alright, looks like it worked. Figures you have to do it like Master or it won’t work.
Takeru Taiga-icon.png But he didn’t wake up at all when I did it… Why… This doesn’t make sense…

Day 3 - 315/S.E.M.’s Michio Hazama[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Good work today, Hazama-san. How was it, your first lesson in a while?
Michio Hazama-icon.png Taiga-kun’s enthusiasm is superb. He fell behind, but he’s steadily improving.
Rui Maita-icon.png Mister Hazama’s lessons are called "Quick and Good" for a reason!
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png What is with that gyuudon-like* title… Well, it’s not wrong, though.
Michio Hazama-icon.png But there’s a problem, that Kizaki-kun.
I have no clue how to teach him….
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Ah, he’s kind of peculiar, that kid. It’s a mystery if he even knows what studying is.
Michio Hazama-icon.png You can’t convey the appeal of pursuing knowledge to people like him.
Rui Maita-icon.png Never give up! This is why you became an idol after all, Mister Hazama!
Michio Hazama-icon.png It’s as Maita-kun says.
No matter what it takes, I will make him understand how to factor!
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Oh my, Hazama-san’s zeroed in. This I gotta see.

* Gyuudon is a type of beef dish.

Day 4 - If You Learn Without Thinking[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Takeru Taiga-icon.png *sigh*... I couldn’t really solve it. Should I ask him again?
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Tch, that four-eyes, yapping on about things I don’t get… is he an alien!?
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Ahaha, looks like he’s really working you hard. How were Michio’s lessons?
Takeru Taiga-icon.png They’re hard, but he matched the questions to me, and his explanations are easy to understand.
Ren Kizaki-icon.png If only he’d give us the answers quick. I want to smash all the world’s glasses.
Takeru Taiga-icon.png Hazama-san said it’s important to think for yourself when studying.
I agree. I finally get how good it feels good to come up with the answer on your own.
I’m an idiot and all I can do is fight and I didn’t study, so I never realized that.
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png It’ll be good to keep studying and learn more things.
Takeru Taiga-icon.png Yeah, that’s true. Of course it’ll take a while, but I’ll be patient.

* The title comes from the idiom 学びて思わざれば則ち罔し which means “If one learns without thinking, one will be lost in his learning.” Basically, you have to think for yourself to find the true meaning of what you learn.

Day 5 - All Humans Are Friends[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Rui Maita-icon.png Hello everyone! It’s hot again today, isn’t it?
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Good morning. Aren’t you awfully carefree today. Where were you lazing around?
Rui Maita-icon.png On the way here, some foreign travelers asked for directions.
While showing them the way, we went into a café together to cool off and talked.
Michio Hazama-icon.png That is admirable. You may have very well saved those travelers.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png For times like that, being able to speak English is pretty helpful.
Rui Maita-icon.png Not English! They came from Spain.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Huh!? Then, how did you guys talk? Rui, isn’t Spanish a no-no…?*
Rui Maita-icon.png That’s nothing! What’s important is your heart and your passion, Mister Yamashita♪
Michio Hazama-icon.png Hmm… you could say that Maita-kun’s communication abilities break language barriers.

* I'm pretty sure by “no-no” he means that Rui doesn’t know Spanish and not that Spanish isn’t any good, but I wanted to keep what he originally said and couldn’t think of a better way to word it...

Day 6 - Ramen Shop, Shorty, Overlord[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Ah... hot...
Hey, Ramen Shop, gimme some ice cream.
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png It’s not like I can, you know. I’m not an ice cream shop...
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Kuhaha! What are you saying? Of course Ramen Shop is a ramen shop.
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Now, Ramen Shop is me, and ramen shop is...
Haha, this is kinda hard.
Takeru Taiga-icon.png You’re always like ‘you’ and stuff, it’s confusing. Call people by their actual name.
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Shut up, names don’t matter. You understand me, right?
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png You’re right, but… don’t you call that cat 'Overlord’?
Takeru Taiga-icon.png …His name is Champ, Enjoji-san.
Ren Kizaki-icon.png It’s Overlord, stupid!
Anyway, if I call the cat 'Cat,’ no one will know what cat, right?
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Hmm... I don’t really get where your standards lie….

Day 7 - Home Visit[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Good morning…
*yawns*… Tired…
Rui Maita-icon.png Oh… terrible headache… I think we partied too hard…
Michio Hazama-icon.png You two have been disheveled since this morning. Please get yourselves together.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png It’s Rui’s fault, not showing an sign of going home… in the end he stayed all night…
Rui Maita-icon.png But, Mister Hazama was with us, but he’s in tip-top shape.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png Isn’t that because Hazama-san immediately fell asleep?
Michio Hazama-icon.png …Yamashita-kun, I’m sorry for having to borrow your bed.
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png No, it’s fine. I didn’t even put you in bed until dawn…
And for some reason, the room was put together when I woke up…
Rui Maita-icon.png Getting up early and cleaning seems like something Mister Hazama would do, doesn’t it!

Day 8 - I Want to Understand...[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Woo~ Rumble~! I curse thee~!!
Takeru Taiga-icon.png ... Ren Kizaki-icon.png
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png …Ahem.
Our next job has been decided, guys! It’s a test of courage!
The location is perfect: an abandoned hospital! Doesn’t it seem really interesting and scream ‘summer’?
Ren Kizaki-icon.png What? A test of courage? What’s that, some test of our skills? Who am I fighting
Takeru Taiga-icon.png It’s like something where we test our courage against ghosts, right? I’ve never done it either, though.
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Oh, it’s your first time? Awesome, can’t wait to see your scared faces.
Ren Kizaki-icon.png Idiot, who’s gonna be scared!? I’ll knock down anything that comes at me!
Takeru Taiga-icon.png I’m not gonna lose to some ghost, either. Should we finish them off before the performance?
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Hold up, that’s 180 degrees from what this means…! You don’t beat them up…got it?
Phew... looks like I better leave something besides the scary scenes to them…