Office One-Shots/2015/May

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Translator: kizakis.

Day 1 - Like Me[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Daigo-kun, Kazuki-san, good work on today’s lessons, dudes! Let’s work hard again tomorrow... aight!
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Ryo!? What’s with ya all of a sudden... Are ya not feeling well?
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png I thought I should start changing the way I speak in order to become a more masculine idol...
*sigh* But I can't do it like you or Touma-kun, huh... man.
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Ain’t it alright to not try so hard? Yer just fine the way ya are.
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png ...Being manly is from the heart. Not words.
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png From the heart! ...OK!
Thank you both! I’m fine just the way I am!

Day 2 - New Genre[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Hey, Kyoji... you bought a new game again…?
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png I’ve been looking forward to today. I preordered this 3 months ago…!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png …Didn’t you say you already have a lot of unopened games?
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Uh... T-that’s, about that... this is... my favorite…
Pierre-icon.png I know. A stacking game! Kyoji said that! A game to make a tower!
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Uh... the goal isn’t really to stack things, though... My chest hurts...

Day 3 - Smiles are Most Important![edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Daigo-kun, you’re always smiling; you’re just like the sun.
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Energy comes from smiles. You should always be smilin'.
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png …Looking at you also gives us strength.
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Sweet! My smiles have 100 times the energy cuz they’re filled with dreams.
Leave the gold star smiles to me!

Day 4 - Banned from Airing[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Ah, so you also watch this drama, huh?
Minori Watanabe-icon.png It stars a new idol as a leader of an all-female gang. I thought I should check it out.
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png I've heard there's been talk about how amazing the bad guys' performances are.
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Hmm, looks like they’ve still got a way to go. That’s not how you cut at all.
I could do better... Ah, but if I did it seriously, they wouldn’t be able to play it on TV, haha.
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png What kind of terrible thing did I just hear…!?

Day 5 - Hidden Talent[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Oh, Sensei, you’re already here?
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Ah, that book! A new one came out. I’m curious about the sequel~
The main character’s line when the true mastermind was revealed got me so excited~!
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png ..."I’ll crush your ambitions!" volume 12, page 315.
It was a good development.
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Woah, Kazuki-san... do you have the entire book memorized!?
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png …The main points. It just came to mind.
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png I’m surprised. But that is a Sensei-like skill to have.
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png …I always thought it was a useless skill, but now it makes memorizing scripts easy.

Day 6 - New Special Move[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Kyoji, Minori! I saw a monster! A beam came out its mouth! It was, "Gaah!"
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Ah, a tokusatsu show, huh. Pierre, that’s also a costume.
Pierre-icon.png Really!? Cool! Me too, from Kaeru’s mouth, I want to make a beam, and go, "Gaah!"
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png That’s a move you can’t do without many years of practice.
Pierre-icon.png I will practice! The guests at the live, I will surprise them!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Kyoji... are you giving Pierre weird ideas again…

Day 7 - Let's All Make Them![edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png …The rain will continue this week, huh…. It’d be nice if it’d clear up on the day of the live.
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png But dancing in the rain sounds like it’d feel good!
Kazuki Tsukumo-icon.png ...There are teru teru bozu dolls in the office window.
Ryo Akizuki-icon.png Ah! There are! These faces... they’re W, yeah?
I know, how about we also make some?
Daigo Kabuto-icon.png Oh! Good idea!
Alright, I’ll get the markers!

Day 8 - Minori's Idol Lesson[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Minori Watanabe-icon.png I’m going to teach you a new pose. Please watch me.
First, you put your hands on your cheeks…
Happy☆smile to everyone♪
Pierre-icon.png Happy☆smile to everyone♪
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png H-Happy... s-…smile... to everyone…!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png You were both perfect! I’m sure all the guests will be happy.