Office One-Shots/2015/October

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Translator: kizakis

Day 1 - First Names[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Character Commu
Makio Uzuki-icon.png Um, Kamiya. There’s something I’ve always been curious about.
Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Hm? What is it, Makio? You’re acting unusually meek; is something bothering you?
Makio Uzuki-icon.png No, I was just wondering why you call Soichiro by his last name.
Asselin BB II-icon.png Hm, that’s true… you call everyone else by their first names.
Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Why is that… huh. Hmm, that’s what I’ve called him since high school.
Saki Mizushima-icon.png Why don’t you try changing it up and calling him by his first name? It might be surprisingly papi♪
Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Is that how it is? Well, I’ll give it a try.

Alright, here I go, Shinonome.

Hey… Soichiro.
Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png …This doesn’t feel right, does it…
Please call me by my last name after all…
Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Yeah… that’s fine… I’ll keep calling you Shinonome like always…

Day 2 - Bittersweet[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Sigh…
Suzaku Akai-icon.png What’s up, Genbu. You look really down. Something happen?
Genbu Kurono-icon.png I spilled coffee on my clothes… it feels like the world is ending…
The stains…
I need to hurry and get the stains out…
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Nothing’s made him this sad before... wait, you keep something to wash out stains with you!?
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Alright, perfect! Sorry to make you wait, Suzaku!
Suzaku Akai-icon.png It, it’s OK…! I’m glad you’re back to your old self… so, should we get going?
Nyako-icon.png Meow~!
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Ugh…! Don’t come at me with your muddy paws… achoo…!
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Hey, Nyako~…! Stop playing with Genbu…! For a lot of reasons…!

Day 3 - Food for the Cat[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Asselin BB II-icon.png Kuh…that Soichiro…
Putting a spiritual barrier on the office door, how impudent…!
Fu, but for this trifling thing, my magical power…
W-what was that sound…! It couldn’t be my foes, the followers of light!?
...Is that a cat? If I’m not mistaken, that’s Suzaku’s…
I see, were you imprisoned? Come, come to me…
Ah…hm, you bravely stand your fur on end in fear of me…in that case…
Fuhaha, I shall welcome your brave soul with food for beasts!
Come now, I’ll make you a feast…!
Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png Asselin, I’ve come to get you… what are you meowing at by yourself…?
What’s that smell…?
Asselin BB II-icon.png Fwah…!? Soichiro…!? I didn’t notice…!
Thank you for coming, but please wait a moment…until the feast is complete!”

Day 4 - And Food for Suzaku[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Ah, Nyako! So you were here! I was looking for you!
Nyako-icon.png Meow~
Suzaku Akai-icon.png What are you eating? Wait, that looks good.
Genbu Kurono-icon.png This is…a message from Cafe Parade… I see, so Asselin-anisan made this, huh.
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Wasn’t that nice! I’ll have to go thank him later!
Nyako-icon.png Meow!
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Anyway, this looks good. Hey, Nyako, can I have a bite?
Nyako-icon.png Hiss!!
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Woah!? What, it’s just a little… ouch…
You little! T-take this… nwaah!!
Genbu Kurono-icon.png This is the first time I’ve seen a man fight with a cat over food…. And it’s my own partner to boot…

Day 5[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Saki Mizushima-icon.png Hey, Soichiro, can everyone from Osaka do funny-man straight-man?*
Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png No, people seem to think that, but the reality is different.
People naturally have their likes and dislikes and strengths and weaknesses when it comes to comedy.
Like I got bad grades in comedy in middle school, so it was difficult for me.
Makio Uzuki-icon.png Wait, you had comedy classes in school!?
Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png Yes, you choose whether to study funny or straight when you enroll, and I chose straight.
For straight man practice, you had to wear a strong spring on your arm and practice swinging every day.
Makio Uzuki-icon.png Really…? I had no idea…!
Asselin BB II-icon.png So that unimaginable training is how you got your current straight man power?
Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png …Um, I’d like someone to retort soon…

* Boke (funny man) and tsukkomi (straight man) are the two roles in the manzai comedy duo routine. The boke is the air-headed funny one and the tsukkomi is the deadpan one. It’s typically associated with Osaka, where Soichiro is from. A common feature of boke and tsukkomi routines is that the tsukkomi will smack the boke on the head, which is why Soichiro jokes he needs to train his arm.

Day 6 - A Battle Without a Winner[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Hm…? Ah, Genbu, is that hoop on your arm…
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Yeah, earlier Saki-anisan forced it on… I mean, gave it to me.
By the way, it seems it’s called a scrunchie.
…Don’t tell me you got one too?
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Yeah… and he asked me if I’m interested in girls’ clothes…!
Genbu Kurono-icon.png I don’t want to imagine you in girls’ clothes… ugh, it gives me the chills.
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Heh, now that you mention it, you’d look horrible. You’re too tall. Hahaha!
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Hmph, take a good look in the mirror. I’d look better than you, at least.
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Huuh!? Then why don’t we settle who’d look better with a match!?
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Alright, I’ll be your partner. Let’s do this!
No, wait, Suzaku, calm down… stop, this battle has no winner…!

Day 7 - Obsessed with Fall Coordinates[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Saki Mizushima-icon.png ♪♫
Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Hahaha, you’re in really high spirits today. Did something good happen?
Makio Uzuki-icon.png Ah, I know! Hey, Saki, did you change your scrunchie? It’s different from usual.
Saki Mizushima-icon.png You got it~! Isn’t it cute and fall-like? It was love at first sight when I saw it at the shop.
There’s still more that’s different. Can you guess them all~?
Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png Um…ah, I know. Your nails. They’re nice and fall-like.
Saki Mizushima-icon.png Ping pon! But there’s still more.
C'mon, take a closer look!
Asselin BB II-icon.png What is it…! Hmm…
Ha…!! Could you be someone imitating Saki…!?
Saki Mizushima-icon.png Bubbu! Bubububu!!
My makeup is totally different! Why didn’t you notice…?
You’re not going home until you find everything, so you better give a papi effort!
Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Well, looks like it’s going to be a long battle. I’ll first go prepare some tea just in case.

Day 8 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Uh… romanticism, impressionism… art nouveau…? Cu, cupit..? Ugh…
Genbu Kurono-icon.png It’s cubism. This album has pretty good taste.
The explanations are also detailed and thorough. Even you’ll experience the art season.*
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Hey, isn’t our next concert an art concert?
I know nothing about art, so I think I should study up a bit.
Genbu Kurono-icon.png In that case, actually looking at it to experience it is best. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.
I know all about the museums around here. I’ll be your guide.
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Oh, as expected of my partner! I’m in your debt!
Genbu Kurono-icon.png Pff, there’s an exhibition I’m interested in. It’ll be killing two birds with one stone.
Suzaku Akai-icon.png Hehe, we won’t lose to THE Kogadou; let’s put on an intense show, burning!

* Fall is regarded as the best season to appreciate art in Japan.