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【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png We finally get to star in a movie! Plus, it's even a lead role, I'm sooo excited—!
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Hey, hey, calm down, Shiki. But I agree with ya, it really does feel like we've been promoted.
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Um... What's this "Different Battle Power" that's written in the script outline?
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Oh, right, you seem like the type who doesn't read comics often. Let's see...

I think it's something like, each person fights with a unique power.

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png So... it's like a super human-type thing?
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png It's easier for you to read it than for us to explain! I'll bring it next time!
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png I'll bring a comic I read recently too, then. It's interesting.
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...Oh, Jun... I also know... some interesting comics, so... I'll bring those too...
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png T-Thank you very much...

(Even Natsuki knows about it... So they like that sort of thing, do they...)

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Anyway, let's read the script and try to get our characters.

Oh, seems like there are lessons for the action scenes.

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png It's helpful that the character's personalities aren't too different from our own.
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png I see, the effects for the battle scenes won't be added 'til later.

So there won't be any effects while we're shooting.

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Acting... without effects... seems difficult.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png That means we'll have to imagine and react like we're getting damage from the attacks.
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png In that case, we have to understand each other's abilities, not just our own.

As well, we must grasp the imagery of attacking and defending.

...There's not a minute to waste. Hurry, let's compare our characters and image.

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Um, Jun's role, "Reiji"... His ability is the "Absolute Zero", though you say it as "ICE SWORD".
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Why is the way that it's spoken completely different in the end? They should have just called it "ICE SWORD" to begin with. *
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Fufu~ You don't get it, do you, Juncchi!? This is great, yanno!

You give it a cool pronounciation that'll emphasize its strong meaning! That's mega mega important!

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Hah... I see...
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png ...So, he has the ability to freeze anything he cuts with his ice blade.

And my role, "Shisho"— his ability's "High Stamina and Power", "OVERHEAT".

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jun and Hayato's powers... are somehow easier to understand...
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png It's like using a sword to cut or punching the enemy with your hand, yeah?
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Punching, huh...? I want to find out how to do a strong looking punch.

* In this scene, "Absolute Zero" and "High Stamina and Power" are written entirely in kanji, while "ICE SWORD" and "OVERHEAT" are the pronounciations written for them in katakana; using hirigana or katakana to show how a kanji is read is called yomigana, A.K.A furigana. In shonen manga, it's quite common to see 'special attacks' being given long kanji names that describe the attack itself, while at the same time having a yomigana pronounciation (usually a catchy English name).

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【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Er— I'm "Ibuki". My power is "Wind Manipulation", or "JET STREAM".
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Your character seems like someone who'll flip up girls skirts with his power! Sooo gross~
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Don't say that like I'm the perv! It's just a role, afterall. Come on, next, next!
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...Then, my name's... "Shigure"... The power is "BLOOD RAIN"...

...Manipulating water... I don't need to do any special moves, but... that'll make it even harder...

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Last of all is my role "Susumu", with the power "Above and Below the Sky", "TENAGE×TENSAGE"!

"TENAGE" refers to absorbing the energy, and using "TENSAGE" makes it go BOOM—! It's that kinda power~

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png In this story, Shiki-kun and Natsuki are the antagonists.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png My role's the super elite school council!

Wait, what's up with those eyes!?

【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Well, well, the three of you use a lot of CG effects, so you better be ready for image training!

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【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ..."If you involve yourself further... um... the student council will be your enemy—"



【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png "You think you can win against me with that sort of power? AHAHAHAHA"... *coughs*
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Hah... hah...

Slowly, we've managed to say the lines without hesitating..

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Yeah... I think... it's because we repeat them until we're used to them.
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Hey, this kind of action-packed performance is new to all of us, right?

Shouldn't we practice outside of the lessons too?

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Well, that's true... but is it possible without a trainer?
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Someone who's good at action...

Ah, that's right! Why don't we ask Rencchi!?

【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png I see, we could ask Michiru-san and the rest of the martial arts specialists. They've got acting experience as well.

Okay, everyone— let's go get some advice from our seniors!

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【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Everyone here stretching properly? You might hurt yourself if you don't.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Don't worry! I already stretched my arms and legs!
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png When we asked Michiru-san for tips on action recently...

We got some advice, but the problem was our lack of stamina...

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...Haruna's good at sport... so he's got no problems, but... the rest of us are a bit...
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png That's why! We gotta build up our stamina by running! Let's do our best!
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png It's easy to say, but building up stamina isn't all that simple, you know.

Well, everyone, let's start from light jogging! Alright, let's go!

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png 【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png 【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png 【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png YEAAAH!

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【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Hah... Building up stamina is so hard...
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...I thought... I built up some stamina by doing lives and stuff... was it just my imagination?
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Hah, hah... Harunacchi, how come you still look so composed—!?
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Nah, nah— I'm burnt out too, doing this.
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Alright... nothing good's gonna come out of lazing around. Let's start up again!
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png OK! How 'bout we practice the dialogue while running!?
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png That's great! Well...

...I'm a bit conscious of other people staring at me, though...

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Uh...

"I... won't lose! I'll definitely stop you with this power!"

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Nice, Juncchi! Then, me too!

"Ahahahaha! It's useless! I'll crush you all!"

【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png "TAKE THIS! Fist of justice, OVERHEAT PUNCH!

It's unexpectedly easier when we all do it together.

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Hah... hah... let's end it here today.
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Ah, yeah... it's been a while since I've ran a full day like this.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png ...Juncchi! It's so mega awesome that you spoke up like that! You got some guts, eh!?
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png I'm.. bad at sports... but they trusted me with the role, so I want to take responsibility.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Awesome! That's so pro! I can't lose either!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png ...Hm, Natsuki? Isn't your face a bit pale?
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png That's true. Did you run too much? Have some water and rest a bit...
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...No... I'm fine, thanks. Don't worry...
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png (Natsuki...?)

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【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png (Compared to the first day, I feel like I'm not even out of breath when I run now.)

Shiki-kun, you're training alone as well? Working hard, are you?

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png I don't have stamina... but if I work hard, I'll totally catch up to you!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png I'm waiting... but that said, I don't have much stamina either.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Oh right, Juncchi! The office got some fan letters just now!

See, it's not just one or two letters that have been written in wait for our movie!

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png ...There's this many people waiting for it...
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png That's right, Juncchi! Let's work hard for the sake of our fans!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png ...Yeah! Then, Shiki, let's run while practicing the dialogue like before!
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Okie-dokie! Let's practice heaps and surprise the others at the lesson!

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png It's finally time for the action lessons... I moved more than I thought.
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Maybe that's 'cause you were so diligent in the running practice.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Alright, my turn is next! Guys, do it properly, okay!?

"Ahahaha, senpai~! I'll let my underlings crush you!"

【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png 【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png 【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png "Uwaaaah!"
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Ey-hey! Nice reactions, you guys!

...Natsukicchi! Your face! It turned blue!

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Uh... It's okay. I'm fine... don't worry about me.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Did I get way too into the mood and mess it up...!?
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png It's not convincing to hear you say that with that sort of face at all. You sure you're okay?
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Natsuki... come with me after this. There's something I want to talk about with you.

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【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Natsuki... I've been thinking that you've been acting strange, but now I understand.

When you saw me faint, you remembered that, didn't you?

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png That's...
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png I've already told you to forget about it.
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png But Jun...! There's no way I could forget... it was... my fault...!

I... took the piano away from you...! Ever since that day... I've regretted it...

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Ahh, enough! Natsuki, you're such an idiot!
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...!

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【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Getting troubled and overthinking it on your own... you're so stupid...
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jun...?
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Natsuki, did you forget? It's not as if I can't play the piano at all...
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...But Jun... you don't play it like you used to...
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png It's true that I don't play it as much as before, but that's my own problem.

It's not because of you at all.

But, if me not playing piano gives you painful memories...


We were always together... but I didn't realize it.

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Jun...?
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png Afterall, playing the keyboard with everyone in the band is... fun...
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Uwaaa! Natsukicchi! Juncchi!
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png !? 【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png

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【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png Starring... in a movie with you guys makes me totally excited...

...That's why, if I ever do anything to annoy you... I'm really sorry!!

But, I seriously want to make this into a good movie!

So let's work hard together from now on.


Hold on, were you guys having an important conversation?

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png ...Well, something to that extent. But we've said all there is to say...

Aside from that, you've already said everything else.

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png ...Yeah. Shiki, I'm sorry I made you worry... It's really fine this time.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png ...?

I don't really get it, but I'm glad you're looking better now!

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Alright, let's wrap up the opening scene. Good job, everyone! Although, acting as a high schooler who isn't myself feels kinda weird.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Get used to it! Haaaah~! I can hardly wait for the epic battle scene!

SHOOOSH! BOOM! Ah~ If only I could use it in real life~!

【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png If I could fly like Ibuki, I wouldn't be late even if I overslept.
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png And I want to try fighting a martial arts champ. I'd get popular for sure!
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png I dunno if you'd win, though— I mean, it's still just the normal you on the inside, yeah?
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Meanie, let me keep dreaming! If I just trained a little more...
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png ...Fufu, this topic always brings up the excitement... Jun, what do you think... you'll do?
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png I don't really... well.. if I had Reiji's power, maybe I'd use it to cool down during summer.

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png Fwah... Finally, we're onto the last battle scene from tomorrow onwards.

Hm? Natsuki, what're you doing?

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki T.png Mm... I'm observing the movement of the water... Since my role is a water manipulator...
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama T.png I see. It's hard to understand, unlike my punch...

And observing water... that's so cool, Natsuki. Okay, I gotta do it thoroughly too!

Like Takeru said, to defeat the enemy— imagine the attack... Hi-YAH!

【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato T.png Oh? So you're practicing the punches, Hayato. I think I'll practice my wind powers too—

Eer... where did they put the fan in here...

Ah, that's right.

Ren said it'd be good to use kenpo for the pose. Putting the arms and legs like this...

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya T.png H-How about me!? How do I practice the flames of darkness!? Someone, help~!!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi T.png I apologize for coming late...

Um, what are you guys doing?

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【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "Uwaaah!"

"T-This is a sword of ice...? It froze the person I cut!"

【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png "Surely it's your "power"! You've awakened it, Reiji!"
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "U-Um, are they alright? They're still alive, aren't they?"
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png "...Tch, the reinforcements are coming. Shishio, Reiji, retreat!"
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png "Haaah!? The proof is in your eyes!"

"Damn... Let's go, Reiji!"

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "This school's dark side... The student council... Shigure... Do you know him?"
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Alright, let's hurry and check the recording!

...Oh, Jun, you look nice!

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Ooh, when they put on the ice CG, the scene is complete. You learn something new everyday...

...Producer-san, what do you think? Please say something...

I want to do everything I can. So... please help us.

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png "It's "ABSOLUTE BLADE"! Cool name, right?"
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "Uh... Isn't something like "ICE SWORD" easier to understand?"
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png "Haha, names aside, your power awakened when you were in despair, didn't it?"
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png "Right! Now we have more powers to rely on. Ibuki, what's our next move?"
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png "Got it. First, I'm curious about the puppet that Reiji saw."

"If it really was the student council... we need to be more careful."

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "...I don't think it's like that. The student council that called me out..."
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png The producer praised us just now! Our shooting pace was great!
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png When you say it like that, I'm glad. Let's work hard and make this the best!
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Yes... we are High×Joker afterall. If we put all our power together, then surely...

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【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "This power... this is the counter ability weapon...! Isn't it my father's...?"
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "Professor Minazuki...? Tell us, Shigure! How much do you know?"
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "Reiji... let's wash our hands of this case! Otherwise..."
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "Well, well, well. Senpai~ What are you doing? Ain'tcha supposed to be in the student council?"
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "...Bad timing. It's going to hurt a little, Reiji."
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "Huh?"


【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "Weaaak! He fainted in one hit? This lame-o should drop outta the school!"
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "(This guy is too dangerous awakened. Then, I'll...)"
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png Cool, Natsuki! Even your movement and lines are restrained... what a boss at acting...!
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Kuuuh~...! Me too! I wanna hurry up and fight with the cool powers too!

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【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "This is the auto weapon's power reactor... Then, this is the key... to the enormous energy source..."

"Haida, it's you."

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "Haa... ha... Theeeen? Do you wanna fight me, senpaaai? HYAHAHAHA!"
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "Open your eyes! Your power is being used by the academy!"
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "SHUT UP! ...Ah, my head's gonna break... They... what are they doing!?!"
(Everything turns purple)
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "Ugh, this is bad...! The power reactor...! Are they going to blow up the entire school!?"
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "Uwaaaah! Aahh... ahh... The energy explosion... it's all mine...!"


【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Producer-chan! How was my acting just now? Didn't I look evil?

...Hm? Candy?

Oh, it's for a sore throat? Thankies, Producer-chan! I'll work hard for the next shot too!

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【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "HYAHAHAHAHA! Begone, you piece of junk! I'll burn this part of the school!"

"Crumble, crumble, and CRASH!!"

"Haaah~ This sound is unbearable~ The best headache meds!"

"...Hah? What's wrong with you lot? Moving around... it's so irritating!"

"Dogs of the school... You want me to remove my proof? ...You're TRASH!"

"I'll KILL you all!"

"Ugh... my head... BEGONE!!"

"Ku... kukuku...!"

"Every power is GUILTY!"

"Seems like you've been defeated! Hyahahaha!"

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Kukuku!

Finally, we're up to the battle against Juncchi and the others! I'm gonna win!

【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Shiki, you're the antagonist... so you can't win.
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Well, that's true... rather than winning or losing, it's all 'bouts the feeling!

I've become one with Susumucchi now! I'll have a blast 'til the end~!

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【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png "Damn, how many auto weapons are there!? It's endless!"
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png "It's like special military training... The whole city's blocked. We've got nowhere to run."
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "This chaos... what's the cause of it? Something must've happened..."
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "HYAhahaha! I found you~!"
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png "Uwah—!"
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png "Uuu... What... what is this pressure..."

"H... Hey, Haida!?"

"Oi, Reiji, hang in there... Damn it, I'm drifting away..."

【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png "...Being the opponent of this mysterious power user is our job as the "Public Safety Force"."

"Susumu Haida, I'm going to arrest you!"

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png

"HYAHAHAHA! Let's. Start. Of. The. End!"

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png There's only a little more of the battle scene left to shoot. We're about coming to the end, aren't we...

...No, it's nothing. I can't lose focus until we finish.

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【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "Now, Reiji! He can't use both of TENAGE×TENSAGE's powers at the same time! Aim when he's attacking!"
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "Got it!"


"...I did it!?"


【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "Tch, that easy, huh. But next time it'll be the end! The end of you all!"
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "That easy... no, that's wrong."

"Could it be, Reiji, the true nature of your power..."

"Your true power nulifies the energy that you touch, so that means...!!"

"Reiji, stand up! You can win this!"

"Don't loosen your attack. Cut Haida's energy! I'll support you!?"

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "What're you guys planning? You think I'll let you come near me!?"
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png "Reiji!"


"I'm sorry... Please take care of the rest... If it's you, then I'm sure..."

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "It can't be... Hang in there, Shigure!"

"I won't forgive... I won't forgive you!"

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Natsuki... It's cut, you can stand up. Shiki-kun, are you alright?
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Hah... ha... Yeah, thanks. But you're already on your limit, Juncchi.
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Thanks for everyone's support. I'll show them that I can surpass my limit.

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【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "...What was that... Teleportation!?"

"Shit! Shit! WHAT WAS THAAAT!?"

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png "Hah... Just then... did time stop for a few seconds? Hah..."

"I froze the atom... the time..."

"Ugh... but I'm on my limit...!"

"...Haida, I'll end you with this last attack!"


【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png "No way... me... the strongest... lose..."
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Haaah...! Somehow, it really does feel like I just won a difficult battle...
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Good work, Juncchi!

I seriously fought too, but... you're acting is seriously amazing!

【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png ...It's all thanks to everyone jogging and practicing a lot. Not because I'm good or anything...
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Noooooo! Juncchi, you're... we're all awesomesauce! Check out the applause!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png Director-san, Producer-san...

...Thank you very much...

25[edit | edit source | hide]

【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png Wow, film shooting really is large-scale... It was so much fun!
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png ...Yeah. No one got hurt during the shooting, everything finished smoothly... I'm glad.
【Paranormal Academy】Hayato Akiyama+ T.png It's still early, but I'm excited for the release? You think there'll be an official press meeting?
【Paranormal Academy】Haruna Wakazato+ T.png The promo poster should be all over the place soon.
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png ...Ah, by the way. Isn't today the day they start selling the new release?

See, it's the one that Shiki-kun likes. The holy sword comic or something like that...

【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Oho~! It looks like you've gotten caught up with the series!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png N-Not really... It's just for reference.
【Paranormal Academy】Natsuki Sakaki+ T.png Then... should we go to the bookstore... once we're done?
【Destructive Flames】Shiki Iseya+ T.png Heck yeah! Plus, we can check out whether the poster's up or not!
【Awakened Ability】Jun Fuyumi+ T.png I'll buy the book for reference along the way...

Shiki-kun, don't tug on me.

Hah... Well then, Producer-san. We're off.