Passionate Welcome! PANDA LIVE!

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#310: Passionate Welcome! PANDA LIVE!
[Live] 02/22/2021 – 02/28/2021
Thanks For Full House! Chef Scattering the Flames Gacha

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Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Shiki Iseya-icon.png

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Event Info[edit | edit source]


High×Joker has been asked by a popular Chinese restaurant "Panda's Kitchen" to perform at their promotional live.
Furthermore, the requester has asked them to freely give their ideas about the live.

In order to learn more about Chinese cuisine, the five of them decide to help out at the client's restaurant.
While each of them is busy with their assigned tasks, Jun seems to be feeling a bit impatient by himself...

The five of them turn their experiences into an experience.
Let's perform a powerful and passionate live with cute costumes and cool choreographs!

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