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Commus[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Yahoo~! Happy, happy birthday! Thank you for the birthday wish! A Kaerre-shaped cake! Amazing! It looks delicious! Eat it together with me, Producer-san! Please?

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, monjayaki! A birthday konamono heaven! So happy! Thank you for the food! Mmm, mmm... ohh, hot~!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png (Haha! There's plenty to eat so there's no need to rush. And now here's a gag dedicated to you, Pierre! I'm counting on you, Kyoji!)
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png (Wait, me!? O-okay... #1: Kyoji Takajo. I'm going to do an imitation of Producer... ahh, Pierre and Producer. Don't look at me with those hopeful eyes...!)

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Thanks for congratulations! Producer-san, I came 315 Productions, grow bigger? I think, I did! 315 Productions and Producer-san, the greatest!

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Murmur, murmur, rustle, rustle, what is that sound? Excited, heart-thumping...! Kyoji~ Minori~ blindfold, still can't take off? What are you doing? I really want to know!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png (I got a florist and convenience store clerk version of Kaerre made for us, though they're hard to move in... Er, Kyoji. Your head is on the wrong way.)
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png (Oh, really? No wonder I couldn't see anything in front of me... thanks, Minori-san. Once he opens his eyes, he will see two kigurumis in front of him. I bet he will be surprised.)

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png I was excited for my birthday! Producer also excited for my birthday? Today I play lots with everybody! Kyoji, Minori, Producer, let's go!

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png The jet coaster was heart thumping exciting! I want to ride again! But first I want to go on that! Many horses go round and round!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Ah, the merry go round? We should ride it together, but we should also record a video of Pierre riding it on his special day... Hm... this is conflicting. What do you think, Kyoji?
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png Oh, I guess I am going to ride to merry go round too... How about Producer rides in the carriage with us? It won't be as embarrassing if we ride in the carriage...

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Yahoo! Birthday, day I sparkle! Producer san, Kyoji, Minori, 315 productions, fans, everybody thank you for wishes! From here, l continue giving sparkly smiles!

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Wow! This theme park is amazing! So many mascots! I want to take picture with every mascot! Kyoji, Minori, Producer, hurry!
Minori Watanabe-icon.png There's no need to rush, we have all day! It's really full of mascots..this was a good idea, Kyoji. Do you come here often?
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png No that's not it... I remember a staff member telling me about. I'm glad I remembered, he looks so happy.

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Yahoo! Birthday celebration, very happy! Kyoji, Minori, Producer-san, everybody smile! Thank you for celebrating me! Many happy feelings!

Character Commu
Pierre-icon.png Kyoji, Minori, thank you for birthday wish! Present is... oh! Green flowerpot! Same as froggy color! ...This plant buried, what is it?
Minori Watanabe-icon.png Fufu, they're Marvel of Peru seeds. If you take care of it, by autumn, beautiful colorful flowers will bloom.
Kyoji Takajo-icon.png We could have gotten you flowers, but we thought you would enjoy growing it yourself. And we will help you out, let's take good care of it.