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Common[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Login Today, I go too! Is... no good? Then, I will... watch house? Then, I will be being in charge! Producer-san, have a good day!

Good morning, Producer-san! Have a balloon from me! Is filled with happy happy air! Today, let us be doing our best♪

Event Login Hiii! I have a delivery to you of a present of mine! Ah, I pretend to be Minori! How was it like? Producer-san, today, be smiling and doing your best! Hip, hip, hooray!

Lesson You and me, together, let’s very do our best!

Live Formation YAHOO! Concerts with everyone, is very fun! Let’s make the whole people be smiling!

Audition Battle Formation I will serious fight! I will to do my best! I will never to lose! Hip, hip, hooray!

Featured Unit

Producer-san, being in your featured unit, I feel myself super happy! Let us be doing our best! With a smile!

Leader N~R+ For leader work, what do you want I do...? Bring the whole people together? I am understanding! Then, everyone, let us go to practice! Smiles abound!

N~R+ Trust MAX Everyone smiles so good! I feel myself so glad that I am the leader! I want to bring these smiles to very many peoples! Everybody, let’s go!

Leader SR~SR+ Me? Leader? Okay! I show you I can be spectacular leader! Together, everyone, do your best! Smiles abound!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Being the leader, is fun, but super big difficulty! But, because Producer-san is being here, is okay! Let’s keep on to do our best!

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-san is, is shining sun in sky! Producer-san smiles at me! Because Producer-san is here, I smile always too!

My Desk (0% Trust) I want to a little longer sleep... Just tiny... bit... Zzz... zzz....

My Desk (5% Trust) Help me take off my kigurumi! Undress, undress♪

My Desk (30% Trust) Producer-san, help! I want to be being cool! How to do it? Teach me!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Producer, do we leave yet? I love to working! Quick, quick, let’s go♪

Business (0% Trust) I feel myself... nervous... But, I will still doing my best. Right?

Business Work was suuuuper fun! Did I make the peoples smile?

Business (MAX Trust) I love Producer-san’s smile! So, like they say, I will “give it my all!”

Trust UP! I want to make the whole people super happy! But, I am not strong at many things. Making happiness, is a difficulty...

Greediness is a bad thing. First, I make the people around me happy. After, many peoples, I will make happy! Then someday, I make happy the world!

Producer, I fell and made a hurt. Does it look like is okay? Oh! I am knowing about good luck charms! Abracadabra! Pain, pain, go away!

Trust MAX Producer-san, let’s have snacks! Oh, I only have one! So, let’s share! Both the snack, and the moment♪

Refreshments Delivery, delivery! Delivery to my most favorite Producer who I super love!

Cheer E-very-bo-dy, go, go, go!

Convo Chance! Producer-san, let us talk!

Break Time Listen listen! I am having many many stories to tell!

Talking, it was fun! Producer-san, see you next time!

mini Shout Yahoo♪

mini Thanks Producer-san, thank you for the gift!

Audition Battle Preparation I am found rival! I won’t running away, I will fight!

Audition Battle For everyone’s smiles! Here I go!

I will to do my best, fair and square!

Do my best! Never lose!

Program Audition Preparation I am wanting this job, super super bad. So, please, give to me...! No?

Program Audition (Rival) Do my best! Never lose!

Program Audition (Self) For everyone’s smiles! Here I go!

Audition Battle (Backup) E-very-bo-dy, go, go, go!

Audition Battle (Win) I... win! I feel myself... happy!

Audition Battle (Lose) I lose... Disappointing... Oogh...

Live Preparation Everyone! Gather ‘round!

Live Continuation Producer-san. I still can to do my best. I still want to do my best!

Live Success! Producer-san, you did very well job! We had a big success! I feel myself happy!

I love concerts! I can hear the support of all of the fans of us!

I moved so much! Now, super tired! But also, super happy, super fun!

Birthday Effect (2015) I feel it! The best part! Good things! Happenings! Happy things!!

Birthday Effect (2016) I believe! Today, I am full of the happiness! Today, I am full of the power!

Birthday Comments

R[edit | edit source | hide]

2nd Anniversary[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Ribbit ribbit~! Wearing Kaerre mascot outfit, long time since! Before becoming idol, wore it all the time! Very good, moving in mascot! So I can work very hard in it! Yay, yay, whoo~!

Yahoo~! 315 Productions, 2nd anniversary, so lovely! I, will work hard more~. World full of smiles, the one I want to see… I’m sure, we’re getting closer!

Scout Ribbit ribbit~! I, Pierre! Prince of frog kingdom! …Ehehe, did I do well? Long time since mascot job! I’m excited!

Kei, said he liked, this doll’s friend. This one is baseball elfe, Kei’s is music elfe, so lovely!

Change! Today’s stage, Kaerre is on house-watching duty! After live, I will hug him REAL tight. Producer, please take care, of Kaerre too!

My Desk (0% Trust) Hey, Kaerre. Let’s think up something new, to make Producer smile!

My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, welcome back! Here, heart warmy-up, family greeting!

Business (0% Trust) Wearing Kaerre mascot outfit, so fun! Lots of children, gather up!

Trust MAX There’s still, so much I don’t know! Producer, please teach, to me, lots, LOTS of different things!

Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success N/A
Event Effect N/A
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu

Science[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Yahoo! Slime, pulling, goes streeetch~! Fufu, like mochi. How far can it stretch? Producer, let’s experiment together! Hold here. Gonna pull~!

“Wawawah… The prototype went wild…! Isn’t this bad!? Hold up~!” Fufu, Bill, full of curiosity, loves experiment, genius engineer! This role, fun, acting!

Scout With correspondence education, remember knowledge. But doing experiments on own, doesn’t do. So right now, I’m having lots of fun! Want to do more and lots of experiments!

In the game Kyoji was playing, slime showed up. Did someone make something that big? Does that person also like experiments?

Change! Everyone, experiment scene, practiced. I did practice, making machine. Like props and components, lots of ways of using, remembered how to do!

My Desk (0% Trust) Slime, squishy, feels good… Producer, want to try holding? Here you go!

My Desk (MAX Trust) In video, saw plastic bottle rocket. I want to try! Can we make rainbow in sky?

Business (0% Trust) Hum hum hum~♪ In city, hear our song playing, makes me feel like singing too!

Trust MAX Producer, teaches me lots of precious things. Remember more, and I want to make more and more people smile.

Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu

SR[edit | edit source | hide]

Guiding Smile[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I am, famous detective Pierre! Detective squad Beit arrives~! Hm, hm… In this scene… of crime…? Is where phantom thieves are, I think! I will find the phantom thieves! Kyouji, Minori, yay, yay, whoo!

“Illuminated by the moonlight, the phantom thief Ocelot brilliantly arrives! Don’t think of me as just a cat thief, you hear? You’re full of holes. If you let your guard down around me, you might just get hurt. Nyaooh♪”
Scout Playing detectives with Mofumofuen, is fun! I, borrowed Minori’s detective outfit! I do inves-tigation and find out the trickster phantom thieves!
Producer, have anything you lost? Or looking for? When worried, call for me. Famous detective Pierre will find it perfectly for you, help out!
My Desk (0% Trust)
My Desk (MAX Trust)
Business (0% Trust)
Trust MAX
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit (unknown)

The Broken Magic Spell[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album We, take pictures here? Oh~, amazing! I, want take pictures! …Lots of froggies, collect them… Done! Producer, you ready? Here I go, my happy smile~!

Feelings of gratitude, turned princes, into humans again! Next, our turn! We deliver our gratitude to everyone! Everyone, come here! Sing and dance, with us! Let’s have fun!
Scout One, two, three… Amazing! Lots of froggies! I can’t count them all! Kaerre and I, both so excited!
My Desk (0% Trust) I, read The Frog Prince, in the past. Protecting promises, important thing. I studied!
My Desk (MAX Trust) I brought frog stickers! Producer, give to you! Stick it on notebook, okay!
Business (0% Trust)
Trust MAX
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit (unknown)

Stage Overflowing with Smiles[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Kyoji, Minori, badminton looks fun! Smiles, sparkling so much! I think, is fun too! Feelings of fun, with everyone, so much more I think! So mysterious!

Good afternoon! I am Pierre, this is Kaerre! Fest, very very fired up! Everyone, ready to call back and forth, with us? Ready, set… Yay, yay, whoo~!

Scout バドミントン、楽しい、ボク、知ってる!事務所の近くの公園、みんなとしたこと、ある!プロデューサーさん、はやくやろ!
Change! Minori, spinning towels, so good, amazing! He said, trained it from going, to idol lives! I learned, how to spin them, from him! Watch!

My Desk (0% Trust)
My Desk (MAX Trust) プロデューサーさんのキラキラ笑顔、ボク、好き!これからもたくさん見せて、約束!
Business (0% Trust)
Trust MAX Ohh! This stall, crepe handmade, can make it, I heard! I want to make with Producer! Let’s go!

Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu