Relaxed Ranch☆COWBOY LIVE!/Event Scenes

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01[edit | edit source]

Translator: Cait (F-LAGS), Mackenzie (S.E.M)
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Whew, the meeting is over!
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Good job you two. That was a productive meeting. It seems like this will be a good event.
【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto T.png We were talkin' about the live for this ranch’s PR event with S.E.M, but...

Wow, this is a great place! It’s tranquil and gives me peace of mind!

【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah. The air is clean and calming.
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...We were chosen to represent this ranch, so we can’t do this halfheartedly.
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah, as the ranch’s ambassadors we have show off its quality properly!
【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto T.png They said that we can tour the ranch in order to learn more 'bout it!
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Where should we go? We can go pet animals... or how about making butter?
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png This is a rare opportunity. Let’s take this chance to see many different things.

02[edit | edit source]

【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita T.png Hey, Misters! Why don’t we challenge ourselves by trying to make some butter?
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png I’m telling you, this is just him leading us around one of his cheeky corners. Typical Rui.
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama T.png We simply shake the bottle filled with fresh cream. Understood.
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png ......It’s hard to try and be reserved while doing this. I’m getting tired...
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita T.png If you’re dancing as you shake, it’s so fun
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png Haha. Rui’s in high spirits.
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama T.png So fun, huh. It may be a useful reference for our live performance. I, too, will try dancing… ha!
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita T.png Yaaay! From our venue’s cow to our alpaca, everyone will be enjoying themselves!
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama T.png Yes. Yaaay.
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png Even Hazama-san... With them acting like that, it feels kinda awkward just sitting back.

It can’t be helped; I suppose I’ll put in a little more effort myself.

03[edit | edit source]

【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png (This live is cowboy themed... the outfit looks cute, but...)

(That doesn’t change the fact that this is a chance for me to be cool)

(From now on, I have to prepare so that I can be really cool in the live!)

【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Well, we’ve arrived. It seems that we can pet alpaca here.
【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto T.png Oh, the alpaca are fluffy and cute!
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Ehehe, they really are cute... wait, fawning over alpaca like this is no good!!

I have to prepare so I can be cool at the live! Starting now, I’ll be cool!

Hm, Alpaca-kun, you can eat this fodder...

H-huh!? It’s licking my face!?

【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...It’s almost like it’s trying to embrace you, Ryo.
【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto T.png The animal caretaker mentioned that pale white alpaca earlier...

It gets attached to girls easily. Could it be that, maybe, it thinks you’re a girl...

【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Gyaoooon! But I’m a boy~!?

04[edit | edit source]

【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png Huh, before I knew it Rui was gone. ...Where's he been?
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama T.png After this is barbecue with F-LAGS. He might have gone to the meeting place first.
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png Well then, let’s head there ourselves… huh? What's running out in front over there?
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita T.png Heeeey! Mister Hazama, Mister Yamashita~!
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png That’s Rui, and after that's a… whole flock of sheep!?
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama T.png Yes. Though it is quite the spacious pasture, there is a rather large number of them… 5, 10, 15, 20...
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png This is absolutely not the time to count. I'm getting out of here!
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png Haaa, haaa… I'm glad we managed to escape.
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita T.png After I started touching some of the sheep, the others made me pet them too!

Before I knew it, I became friends with everyone. Sorry

【Cowboy】Michio Hazama T.png Hm. Maita-kun is liked by animals.
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita T.png No no, you didn't have to go and be liked... Haaa, I’m beat...

05[edit | edit source]

【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Let’s meet up with S.E.M and get ready for the BBQ!
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...I’m familiar with barbecues. I’ve done them several times while camping.

...Daigo you have good knife skills, so please cut the ingredients.

...Ryo, help me make the skewers.

【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto T.png Okay! Then we’ll leave the grillin’ to S.E.M!
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...Now that our roles have been decided, let’s begin.
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Kazuki-san, you’re really skilled at making skewers. You put on a nice show, too!
【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto T.png Oh... it’s startin’ to smell good!
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo T.png ...For the time being, shall we each eat our own kebabs while the rest are grilling?
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki T.png Yeah! Then without further delay... let’s eat!

06[edit | edit source]

【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png “Ooooi, the rampant cow’s gotten away!”
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama+ T.png “Not a problem. It’s time for just that very cowboy.”
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita+ T.png “Whoa whoa whoa there! Restless cow, you’re no match in our hands☆”

Ladies and gentlemen! Cows, alpacas, and more!

Welcome to our live! Yeehaw!

【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png This rodeo cart’s pretty cool, is it not? This time we’re pushing the limits of our special production.

How will I try to ride... Uwoah!? It can really move...!

【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita+ T.png Aha! Mister Yamashita, it’s a tricky thing to make a cow a friend as well☆
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama+ T.png I see... Cow-san, join us in making the live an exciting one.
【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Even if I say it’s a friend, it’s just a machine. Isn't this just a boke and tsukkomi act.
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama+ T.png It’s just as you said. Everybody, are you ready?
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita+ T.png We’ll be keeping it cool like a true cowboy, so follow along! Yeehaw

07[edit | edit source]

【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png S.E.M’s skit was really excitin’!
【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...S.E.M fully taking on the role of a cowboy was Ryo’s idea.
【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png And that rodeo rail car was Rui-san and Michio-san’s idea!

So it was a skit that we all created together! I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Well, we sure experienced lots of things at this ranch!

Butter making, BBQ, and petting alpaca... they’re all great memories!

But there’s still lots more to experience here!

【Cowboy】Kazuki Tsukumo+ T.png ...There are many seasonal events planned for this ranch too.

...By all means, we want all of you to enjoy the ranch as well.

【Fresh Cowboy】Ryo Akizuki+ T.png Next time, I want to come here with everyone from our agency!
【Cowboy】Daigo Kabuto+ T.png Oh, that sounds fun!

There’s still so much I wanna experience, so I’m sure I’ll come back again!

08[edit | edit source]

【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png The live was pretty tiring, but I’m glad we finished on a high note.
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita+ T.png That cart was super cool; it’s a waste not to use it anymore!
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama+ T.png I heard it will be picked up from this ranch and exhibited in commemoration.
【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita+ T.png Really? To be separated, I miss you cow~☆
【Cowboy】Michio Hazama+ T.png As F-LAGS said, we may come again with everyone else from the office.

There is nothing about which to be sad. At that time, you will be able to see the machine cow-san.

【Happy Cowboy】Rui Maita+ T.png Yeah! If everybody comes, we’ll barbecue as much as we like. Fabulous!

It would be so so fun to eat barbecue while riding the cart. Great

【Cowboy】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Rui switches quick… But, barbecue with everyone, huh.

Like today’s live, it’ll surely be lively, hehe.