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Common[edit | edit source]

Login Hey, asshole, what do you think you’re doing ignoring your most important idol (''me'') day in and day out, huh? Stop bullshitting, let’s take this outside!

You dare show up in front of ''me'' wearing that stupid face again? Shameless bastard... You’re a real nosy asshole, ain’t ya? ...Weirdo!

Event Login If you dare slack, you’ll make ''my'' road to greatness uselessly long! I’ll give you this, so hurry up and work for my sake, stuuupid!

If you even dare slack, you’ll make ''my'' road to greatness uselessly long! I’ll give you somethin’ special, so work for me til the end, iiidiot!

Lesson I’m giving you a lecture. Be thankful!

Live Formation All you need for a good concert is ''me,'' and me alone! All you small fries can just keep dancing in the back.

Audition Battle Formation Talkin’s a pain in the ass, so just sum it up and come at me. I’ll teach you just who the strongest is here.

Featured Unit

Choosing ''me'' means you ''do'' understand a little, huh. Serve me with all your body and soul!

Leader N~R+ Huuh? Leader…? Why do ''I'' have to do annoying crap like that? You hear me? I ain’t doin’ shit!

N~R+ Trust MAX I already ''told'' you I ain’t playin’ leader….Huuh? We’re going out to eat? ….Hmph, if you assholes are paying, I’ll give you the honor of accompanying me.

Leader SR~SR+ Leader? Alright! I’ll lead you. Hey, dumbasses! From today on you’re ''my'' servants. Serve me with all you have. Kuhaha!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX I can see you sneakin’ around hiding from me! Stop poking your nose all up in my shit and just stand behind me like a good servant! Stuuupid!

Leader (Other Producer) That asshole? They’re my servant, obviously. Well, they’re a pretty useful servant, I guess? For my use exclusively, of course! Kuhaha!

My Desk (0% Trust) ...Tch, you’re annoying. Oi, stop trying to order me around.
My Desk (5% Trust) I’m gonna sleep now. Don’t you dare interrupt ''my'' precious sleep, get me?

My Desk (30% Trust) Your food? ''I'' ate it for you. It was damn good, lemme eat it again sometime!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) The way you’re working for me, looks like you’ve finally figured it out. Kuhaha, just keep at it like that!

Business (0% Trust) Haa? Even without you running your mouth, ''I'' did just fine on my own!

Business I ''said'' I don’t need your damn advice! Just shut up and watch and learn, stuuupid!

Business (MAX Trust) Once in a while, you come up with something NOT what I’m thinking at all, got it?!?!

Trust UP! Singing and dancing’s nothin’ more than annoying crap I can’t be bothered with. If you’re a man, you settle it your fists, you get me?
Dancin’ ain’t… ''too'' bad… I guess? It’s just boring child’s play compared to a fist fight, though!
Hard work, willpower... save the sermon for some other dipshit. A genius like ''me’s'' got nothing to do with any of that!

Trust MAX That taiyaki you’re holding, hand it over! ...Aah? What are you looking at? Tch...Here, it’s the tail. I ain’t giving you any more than that!

Refreshments Why do ''I'' have to be reduced to a gopher… Hey, asshole! Don’t thank that idiot, thank me!

Cheer Don’t you dare look lame, got it?

Convo Chance! Hey, you!! Lend me your ugly mug for a sec!!

Break Time Kuhaha, I’ll give you the honor of talking to ''me,'' be grateful!

I’ll let you talk to me again, if I feel like it. Smell ya later!

mini Shout Stuupid!

mini Thanks Hey, bastard! I took your treat for you! Be thankful! Kuhaha!

Audition Battle Preparation Kuhahaha! I’ll bring that ugly face of yours to ''tears!'' Get ready!

Audition Battle Slip up, and you’ll be in a world of pain, get me?

You ready to lose? Prepare yourself!

Program Audition Preparation You think trash like you can win against ''me?'' You must be crazy, iiidiot!

Program Audition (Rival) You ready to lose? Prepare yourself!

Program Audition (Self) I’ll take you small fry out in 10 seconds!

Audition Battle (Backup) Don’t you dare look lame, got it?

Audition Battle (Win) You’re like ten billion years too early to win against ''me!''

Audition Battle (Lose) Wha…. That was a fluke just now, a FLUKE!

Live Preparation I’ll dye you fools in ''my'' color!

Live Continuation This ain’t my ''true'' ability! Hey, bastard! Let me take revenge!

Live Success! Tch, that wasn’t nearly enough of a fight. Let’s go to the next one, don’t just stand there spacing out!

I’m a total genius, so I can do aaanything! Kuhaha!
Success? Obviously. For ''me,'' that was just a warmup!

Birthday Effect (2016) There’s a nice breeze right now... This is the perfect chance!

Birthday Comments

R[edit | edit source]

Bullets[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album All ya gotta do with guns is make ‘em go GUH and THUD them. Ain’t it easy? …Ya wanna easier explanation? Ehh, uhh… Logic ain’t shit! Just give it a whirl!
“Makin’ it pretty or keepin’ it secret’s all a pain, so who cares. Killers and hunters are the same: they just get rid of what they have to. I’ll decide my own rules. I’m not lettin’ anyone else decide for me!”
Scout Kuhaha! What’s up with that hack-ass hip posture! Ya wanna make me die by laughin’, ah? I’ll teach ya real thoroughly, so just know that’s a real honor!
Hmph, I guess you’ve gotten a little more capable. But you still suck ass. Yo, stand up. We’re gonna keep goin’ with my awesome special training!
Change! “If I’m doin’ things, finishin’ things up chop-chop is all there is.” …I’m not gonna lose to Pipsqueak with gun action, either. I’ll show everyone that I’m number one!
My Desk (0% Trust) At this rate, I guess makin’ the entire agency my disciples doesn’t sound that bad. Kuhaha!
My Desk (MAX Trust) I guess I can make you my disciple too. In that case… you’ll be “disciple servant”!
Business (0% Trust) Practicin’ the basics is a real pain, but I’ll specially act as your example. Ya better be grateful!
Trust MAX How’s that? That’s my gun action. It’s the strongest in the world, ain’t it? If you’re real won over by it, then go buy food for me! Kuhaha!
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success
Event Effect
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4th Anniversary[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Have ya improved since then, pipsqueak? I guess my awesome self can show you my real abilities specially for this. Since it’ll end up bein’ your loss again! Eat my awesome triple ’n give it a real good look!
Four years of an anniversary’s too much of lame-ass scrub, I’d beat it in a single punch! I’m gonna aim for 400 years’ anniversary! Yo, dipshits, you all in the audience! As servants of my awesome self, the strongest, best genius, you better follow me real good!
Scout By the way, I had that one basketball match with pipsqueak before… The face he had on him when he lost was the best thing since sliced bread. Hmph, maybe I’ll make him lose again.
Pretty good for a pipsqueak… Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complimentin’ you. Your abilities are way below mine, like down down down!
Change! Anniversary? Who cares. The lives that I show up in are always special, y’know. I’m gonna go real crazy ’n make myself known all I want, just like always!
My Desk (0% Trust) So we’ll be playin’ basketball with the dudes in the agency. I’ll make ‘em weep and cry their eyes out!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Yo, servant. Join my team. I won’t allow a loss in my basketball match!
Business (0% Trust) No matter the battle, I’ll win without a doubt. That’s my awesome method of decidin’ things!
Trust MAX You’re as unreliable as always, but I guess you’ve become like a millimeter better since we first met. Just one millimeter, though! Kuhaha!
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu

SR[edit | edit source]

Proud and Haughty Return Gift[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album I don’t get why somethin’ like candy has so many types… The heck’s this? Is this even edible? …Hey, you, don’t laugh. You want me to make you cry?
I hate crowds, but… this is a good chance to show people who’s really fitting of being at the peak. I’m gonna show all the damn idiots that I’m really the strongest! Kuhaha!
Scout Tch, why do I have to do this sorta thing… Which should I even buy, anyway? …Hey, you! Uh… Is this fine? It’s fine, isn’t it!?
What, are you worrying if I’ll be fine without the other two? …Don’t be stupid. I’ll blast open White Day by myself in one hit!
Change! …What’s up with these clothes? Get me clothes that suit me and me only! Pinkie promise? A vow? Like hell I know about that!
My Desk (0% Trust) Party in the office? Pass on that. That stuff’s just gonna be a pain in the… Wait, you said free food?
My Desk (MAX Trust) You should be on guard around those dudes from Café Whatever-the-heck! They keep trying to mess with my hair without permission…!
Business (0% Trust) Haah? Change trains? It’s so annoying to wait for trains… The me-mobile will run, then!
Trust MAX Whoever anyone is, they’re just small fry when compared to me. All you gotta do is take care of me. You better be grateful that you’re running ragged because of me. Kuhaha!
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success
Event Effect
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