Reo Igari

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Reo Igari
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SideM Character Data
Age: 16
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Birthday: January 8th
Hobbies: Mountaineering (to observe heavenly bodies)
Skills: Reciting planetarium commentary from memory
Horoscope: Capricorn
Hometown: Wakayama
Ex-Job: High School Baseball Player
Attribute: Physical

Reo Igari is one of the 9 New Idol Discovery Audition candidates. He is based on the historical figure Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician who played a major role in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.

Resume[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
To create an ideal baseball team that has faith in him.
Personal Motto
"Where the senses fail us, reason must step in." - Galileo
Comment from Hayato Akiyama
I'm really glad that there's someone I can imitate pro baseball players with together! I couldn't keep up with the heavenly body stuff though... Ahaha...

Etymology[edit | edit source | hide]

  • The name Reo means "student" (礼生).
  • Reo's surname Igari means "boar hunting" (猪狩).