Retro Coffee Shop

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#128: Retro Coffee Shop
[Live] 05/09/2017 – 05/17/2017
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Makio Uzuki-icon.png Asselin BB II-icon.png Saki Mizushima-icon.png Yukihiro Kamiya-icon.png Soichiro Shinonome-icon.png

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Cafe Paradeの5人に雑誌の撮影とライブの依頼がやってきた!



ライブも撮影も全力で挑み、Cafe Paradeらしい素敵な時間をファンへ届けよう!

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See: Retro Coffee Shop/Event Scenes
Translator: madoka_asuran
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome T.png ...Let's end today's lesson here. Good job, everyone.
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png Yep yep. Lessons for live and preparation for gravure photo... I'm a little bit tired.
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II T.png Exactly. Mine magical powers art about to runneth out because of the amount of holidam I needeth to engrave in mine heart...
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png If that's the case, next weekend let's go out some where all together. Just for a change.

We have a shoot before the live right? The theme is retro cafe so... how about Yokohama? I hear there are many retro shops there, and it's also exciting for tourism. It would be a reference to the gravure photo too.

【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki T.png I agree! We think of a story and then we make the photo looks as if it has a storyline, right?
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png It would be an interview too ♪
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Fufu... it should of been just a change, but it ends up linking to our job.
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png That's that, kill two birds with one stone! Let's papi enjoy Yokohama ♪

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png The atmosphere of the building we just went was good! Kamiya, where are we going next?
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png In my plan we go to east from here... yep, it's this way.
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II T.png That's (Yond's) the west! 【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome T.png Honestly... it's as always but how did you even travel the world with this.
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Haha, but 'cause of my bad directions I had great meetings too.

If you think like that, it's not much of a useless thing, hah?

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png Hmm... I love your positive thinking but...
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II T.png At which hour thee bethink about sudden trails falling, I cannot concur completely...
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki T.png ...I'm interested in the great meetings. That's it!

How about we let Kamiya-san lead us the way and we follow him quietly?

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png ...Hey hey, Asselin. Do you think this is really the right way?
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II T.png I cannot capture the future Kamiya hath chosen. The way he goeth is his...


【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Ouch... haha. When I was gonna ask the way to a cat my foot slipped.
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png To a cat? Why?
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png It lives here. They look like they know more than me, right?
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II T.png Can thee heareth the voices of astute messengers?
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Not at all, for now. But, someday I might.
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome T.png That “someday” sure isn't, please stand up.
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki T.png Meeting a cat in an unknown town...yeah. It sure is a great meeting…

This is fun...I wonder what kind of meeting is next!

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png Mmm! Delicious cake and delicious tea! I'm sooo happy ♪
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II T.png Forsooth. I did doth not expect thither wast a shiny future awaiting after the way Kamiya has chosen...!
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki T.png I thought I was familiar with Kanto's cakes, but I didn't know about this shop...

I'm glad I followed Kamiya-san! Thank you so much...!

【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Thanks for letting me lead you too. It was an exciting little trip.
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome T.png It was more like an adventure than a little trip though.
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png In the end of the adventure, we arrived to a coffee shop similar to the set we're going to use in the next shoot...

While enjoying this atmosphere, let's gather the story for the shoot up.

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima T.png ...Hmm, we had some ideas but there too many of them we're outta control.
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya T.png Then let's do all of them. It's fine, we're sure we can do it.

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Hooray, at last the gravure shoot ♪ Guys, are you ready?
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Yes. Let's make use of the settings we summarized in the coffee shop the other day to the full extent.
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png I'm an up-and-coming journalist that's interviewing a trendy cafe.
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima+ T.png And me, the cafe Madonna is being interviewed ♪

I'm a girl that loves foreign-made things and cute things ♪

【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II+ T.png I act as a trader dealing with goods from different ordinary. Tools of God of darkness art expensive?
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png I'm not impressed of you selling girls darkness thingies.

Kamiya and I are a student which goes to this cafe often. ...Although they're different clothes, it makes me remember the student times.

【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Haha, indeed. Let's face the shoot as if we're back as a student.

【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Everyone in the venue, helloo!
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png Thank you very much for coming to our live today!
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Did you enjoy the first half stage?

If it's as always, it would have been the MC part now but…

【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Today we'll change the taste and perform a play that we thought up of ourselves.

Please enjoy the program only for this time!

【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II+ T.png "Yond is a fusty the time of chaos whither the new wind and the fusty Earth meeteth."
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png "A beginning of an old-fashioned tale of the enchanting era of Japanese and Western weaving."
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II+ T.png "In the lodging of rest whither people of darkness leadeth by the new wind gather, fate did giveth a breath."
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png "In the new cafe build in Yokohama, there was a girl who works there with vigor..."

【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png How was our play, everyone?
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png ...Haha, thanks! We had fun acting it too!
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima+ T.png This costume is sooo pretty! Did you read the magazine with the gravure photos?

I wanted everyone to see it in real life so I decided to wear it in the live too~♪

【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png Also, we went to Yokohama along with interview!

For example, Kamiya-san taught me how to use this camera...

【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II+ T.png Fu...Kamiya leadeth by the God of darkness eke somehow did find the lodging of rest.
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png Yep. I'll show you the photos I took that time to all of you some day!
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Well then, it's about time to go. Today's hospitality is in a little retro atmosphere!
Everyone Welcome to Cafe Parade! Enjoy the best full course!

【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png ...I'm glad everyone's here. Good morning!

Thanks for waiting. I developed the photos we took in Yokohama!

【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png Hmm... it has this taste, or almost an atmosphere of its own, different from the camera on our phones.
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Yep yep. It's a bit retro and looks good ♪ But aren't there too many photos of cakes?
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png I met some great cakes. As a journalist I have no option to not take it.
【Carefree Gait】Yukihiro Kamiya+ T.png Haha, it's a cake that we were able to meet ‘cause Makio leaved our way to me.
【Retro Cafe】Asselin BB II+ T.png Mm... ye art right. We did hath't many difficulties, but 't wast a pleasant journey!
【Retro Cafe】Saki Mizushima+ T.png Yep. Sometimes that kind of walk might be good too!
【Retro Cafe】Soichiro Shinonome+ T.png I agree. Sometimes, though.
【The Encounter I Wrote About】Makio Uzuki+ T.png Yeah! Let's go out together again and find some great meeting!

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