Rose Plum Demons Tinged by the Twilight

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#211: Rose Plum Demons Tinged by the Twilight
[Marathon] 01/31/2019 – 02/08/2019
Lustrous Butterfly Demon Laughing at the Blooming Daidai Gacha

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Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Teru Tendo-icon.png Kuro Kiyosumi-icon.png Shoma Hanamura-icon.png Kirio Nekoyanagi-icon.png Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png

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Ken-circle.png DRAMATIC STARS and Sai dressed up as bewitching demons and carried out their gravure photoshoot! It seems they had offshots taken with bean-tossing and making ehomaki.

DRAMATIC STARS and Sai were presented with a gravure photoshoot job themed after demons.
As there will be a publication of offshots alongside the actual photoshoot, the idols enjoy Setsubun with everything they have.

After finishing the bean-tossing in the agency, the idols start making their Ehomaki in an entire group.
While cooking, as opinions clash over how to eat them, there’s a member making his Ehomaki diligently…?

When twilight arrives, plum flowers bloom in profusion as demons appear in the shrine——
Make your sharp eyes glitter and become a demon that will captivate anyone.

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See: Rose Plum Demons Tinged by the Twilight/Event Scenes
Translator: Kelly
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png We’ll be doing a gravure photoshoot for Setsubun this year.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Last year, Yamashita-san and the others did it instead. That one was cool!
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Demons are seen as symbols of catastrophe and disease… Would a former surgeon like me really suit that?
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png You’ll be fine, Sakuraba! There’s no one who suits de’ moniker of “demon” as much as you! Heh, get it?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png …Hey. Aren’t there any beans to drive off Tendo’s idiotic puns?
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png There, there… Umm, this time we’ll be doing the job alongside the members of Sai, right?

It’s the first time we’ve done a job together in units. I’m looking forward to it.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png The bean-scattering and how we proceed with making the ehomaki will also be filmed and used for the offshots.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png All right! We’re gonna fire up Setsubun all together!

Translator Notes:

  • Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring. It’s a sort of New Year’s eve event which also is accompanied by rituals to clear away evil spirits or demons. One such ritual is the mamemaki (bean scattering/throwing), which are thrown out the door or at family members wearing demon masks. The usual chant is “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi!” (Demons out, luck in!)
  • Ehomaki are rolls made of seven ingredients that are seen as being lucky, often consumed on Setsubun. People eat the rolls while facing a direction considered to be lucky, hence the literal translation of Ehomaki, “lucky direction roll.” It is customary to consume the number of beans that equal your age for Setsubun (or sometimes, age + 1 to ensure good luck for the coming year).

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png I was wondering where they’d take pictures of us doing the bean-scattering. We’ll be doing it in the agency?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png The Setsubun events will be filmed as offshots, correct? I will be in your care for the photoshoot, Producer.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png I am totally purrfect with prepurrrations ♪ Time to scatter the beans with all my paw-er~!

But even though this is a photoshoot for bean-scattering, we don’t have someone to act as the demeown.

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png I guess so. We might not be able to get extravagant and easy-to-understand pictures taken of us…

But wouldn’t it suit us more to enjoy the Setsubun events in a calmer way like this?

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png You’re right. Let us try our best at bean-scattering as we wish to have good fortune come to us.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png ‘Kay then, I’ll be going first.

Luck~ in! Demons~ out!
*throws beans*

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png …We will be acting as demons for the photoshoot afterwards, so the phrase “demons out” is somewhat… vexing me.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyaha! Demeowns have both good and bad points to them too, Kuro-kun.

We shall have any claw-ful demeowns who attempt to get in the way of our work to go dispawse at once ♪

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png The number of beans to eat is the number of years we have on us, right? 25, 26, 27… and there.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Mrrgh~, I want to eat some meowre beans!

Just 18 won’t be able to fill up my stomewch!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Eating the number of beans that equal your age is a custom to spend the year in good health, after all.

How many would you have wanted to eat, Nekoyanagi-san?

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Ummm~… Mewbe I would’ve been satisfied with around 200 of them~?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Oh my. Then you should eat as many beans as you want, kiddo.

We’ll be making ehomaki in the dorms with Tenteru-chan and the others… Fufu, but you won’t be able to eat that many then, right?

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Mmumu!? Ehomaki… Fur real…? Then I’m fine with just 18 beans!!
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Well, we’ll have beans left over, so once Setsubun’s over, we can eat the rest ♪

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png So this is the ehomaki recipe. Ohh, looking at this lets me picture it a lot more clearly.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png The ehomaki ingredients are dried gourd, cucumber, eggs, sakura denbu, and more…
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png They’re all normal ingredients that are sold at the nearby supermarket.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png We’re going out of our way to make it, so don’t you think making it normally would be boring?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Oho, Tenteru-chan. You sure look like you’re plotting something.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Yeah! I’m planning on messing with the ingredients and make an ehomaki that’ll shine with individuality!
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyaaffufufu, this sounds very inpurresting…

I shall head out to purrcure ingredients as well~!

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png All of us have to buy the ingredients, so let’s get rice and seaweed.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png We’ve split up the jobs we’re in charge of. Now then, let’s set out to obtain what we need.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png …Haah. To think it’d take this much time to carry just one package of rice.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Um… Kashiwagi-san, I truly do apologize for making you carry the rice…
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Don’t worry about that, Kuro-kun. I’m completely fine with something like this.

But Shoma-san, you went completely unrivaled when choosing the rice. I’m really surprised!

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png I did meddle with a lot of different things, didn’t I? But I’m satisfied that we managed to get some good rice.
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png You knew that this rice suited vinegar best. That’s like some classified expertise or something.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png We managed things on our end. I wonder how the kiddo and Tenteru-chan are doing?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png I do hope Nekoyanagi-san has not bought something strange…
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Teru-san’s very skilled with cooking, so I think it’d be fine to leave it up to them.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png So how about this? When we get back to the dorms, let’s first make the vinegar rice. It’s gonna be an important job ♪

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png We have returned just nyaow! And our purrcurement of the ingredients has finished, indeed!
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png These normal ehomaki ingredients are these 7 types associated with the Seven Gods of Fortune, but…

Since we’re here already, we bought some different ingredients to go along with the standard ones!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyaow we can make an ehomaki that is furmidable when it comes to variety!!
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Salmon and avocado, perilla and teriyaki chicken… Huh? There’s even keema curry!?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png These strange combinations are only to make a show of individuality. I’m not eating those.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png No, no, I think it’ll be pretty good, surprisingly enough. It just depends on how you pair them up, though!
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Now that we’ve collected lots of ingredients, we can make all sorts of ehomaki, hmm?

It might actually be a good idea for each of us to make his own original roll.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Our unique original rolls? I can’t decide which one I should do!

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png When you roll it up with seaweed and you go, “eho, eho” as you pant… How’s this! It’s a fine ehomaki!

When you eat ehomaki, you gotta go with big chomps all around!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Something that big can’t be eaten that way. We’re cutting it up.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Waah! Wait up, Sakuraba! Isn’t it more exciting to eat it without cutting it!?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png I’ll refrain from that. It’s impossible to do. For the most part, you’re always so…
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png …Yay! I did it well!
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Whoa, that surprised me! What’s up all of a sudden, Tsubasa?
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Roll it with one more piece of seaweed… I think I can go one more round… Fufu, I want to eat this as soon as possible…

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png …It looks like he’s absorbed in making the ehomaki.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Ah… Then I guess we should get back to work, too.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png …Yeah. I’ll cut up my portion. You do whatever you want with yours.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Sure, I got it.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png The ehomaki that everyone’s made looks so delicious! Could we try them out?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png You completely ate up that huge roll back then, but you can still keep eating more?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png I have no doubt that Tsubasa-kun’s stomewch is connected to a black hole!
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png I like bread and ramen and cake and grilled meat, but I like rice especially…

Honestly, I still have space in my stomach for more!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Ooh…!
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png I wonder why I love rice this much?

Maybe it’s because I ate lots of delicious rice ever since I was young?

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Ever since you were young? What relation does that have?
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png My hometown is Niigata. I still remember the taste of the rice there…

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png By the way, sis, you’re also from Niigata, right? Same as Tsubasa.
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Huh? Shoma-san, you’re also from Niigata!? What a coincidence!

Could it be… that the reason why you were so knowledgeable with the rice when we went to buy it…

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Ahaha. Well, I think you’ve got the general idea of things, Wing-chan.

I come from a family of rice farmers. You never forget your trade, and that’s the case with me knowing rice.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Rice farmers…! I don’t know how to say this, but I feel like I keep admiring you more and more, Shouma-san!
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png With your stomach, all of the rice that our rice fields make might just get swept up in one go.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Rice from fields… All of them!? In that case, there would be all sorts of ways to eat them, right?

Onigiri and fried rice… Cutlet bowls and curry rice… Ah, like with risotto or even just cooking it with rice…!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Good grief… Your hunger knows no limits.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Hanamura-san, thank you for your hard work during the long filming period. Would you like tea?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png …Oh, I’m so sorry. I was spacing out. Fufu, thank you for the tea.

The filming took a while, but it’s not like I’m tired or anything. More importantly… When we were talking about that thing from before, I just remembered my home.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Your family of rice farmers back home, wasn’t it? I remember you talking about it before.

Is there something troubling about your family…?

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Nothing’s wrong. There’s no need for you to look so worried.

It’s just as I said before. It’s just a regular farming family, with nothing out of the ordinary.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Though mew say it is ordinary, your mewd is filled with quite the ennui.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Really? I wasn’t aware of it myself, but… let me think…

Well then, I guess I’ll have you two accompany me for a little bit of a chat.

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png My family’s a normal, plain rice farming family. We pretty much have some fields and a mountain, is all.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png You previously talked about how you would run around in the paths between the rice fields with your sisters, right?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Yes, yes. Plus, we’d make grass boats, play oobako sumo…

It’s because we were surrounded by just nature, everywhere. We played with what we had by making use of ingenuity.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Hmm, hmm. Mister Butterfly, your lifestyle in the countryside… sounds fur real exciting~!
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png It was. Even though it was countryside with nothing to it, it really was fun.

…Well, at least when I was a kid, I would’ve been satisfied with just fun.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Were there some unfurtunately not-fun things?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png You got it. It’s one of those problems that pops up when an ordinary farming family’s the topic.

There’s lots of things to deal with when you’re an adult. For example, succession of the family. If I had any male siblings aside from me, it might not have become such a fuss, y’know.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Nyat’s that? There are no successors to your family, Mister Butterfly!?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png You hit the nail on the head. For the record, we did talk about my older sister taking a son-in-law for that…

But there’ve been a few calls here and there for me to go back to the family, too. That’s been happening ever since I was acting in kabuki, and all the way up until now, too. There was even a call this morning. I’ve been in my parents’ care, but it really is a bother.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png ……The problem of succession… So that’s what it was about.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Hold your horses, boys. What are both of you getting all serious on me for?

It’s not really that big of an issue. Especially when it comes to the countryside. It’s not rare in the slightest: it’s a common thing to happen.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Even if mew say that, it’s a big purroblem to us!!

Mister Butterfly, I still don’t want mew to go back home~!

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Hold on, hold on, kiddo! You’re jumping to the wrong conclusion, so stop that!

My mind’s set and decided that I’m not going back!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Hanamura-san…
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Right now, I’m still spellbound by my dream of being an idol.

It’s too soon for me to go back home and retire just like that. Don’t you think? Well, yes, I am a little sorry to both my parents. But until I can protect the seat at the peak of all idols, I’ve got no intention of getting down from this stage.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png …Fufu. I’m relieved to hear that.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Ha-whew… I am also so relieved that my entire paw-dy released its paw-er as if it were a balloon getting air squeezed outta it…
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Fufu. My determination for settling that decision was something extraordinary, you know?

Since that’s the case, I’ll continue to be in your care. Kuro-chan and kiddo both!

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Oh. Sakuraba, are you studying the photoshoots from the magazine back numbers?

Isn’t that the demon-outfit gravure that Yamashita-san did last year? Let me see! …Hey. What’s up—, Sakuraba? You listening?

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png …You’re a noisy guy. I’m concentrating. Yes, I’m studying it.

For this job, Sai… will be a difficult opponent to be up against, with Hanamura-san in particular. He’s a professional at showing himself off. The other two will surely provide support, too. If he’s working at this with extraordinary resolve, then we’ll be completely overwhelmed.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png So that means we have to go at this with even more force than usual.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png The three of us should check out the magazine together. We might get better ideas than when we do it ourselves!

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Everyone is really so amazing. It’s like they have a sense of allure…
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png These expressions have a bewitching aura to them, befitting of the things known as demons.

It’ll be difficult to create these expressions. I tried making it for myself a number of times, but it didn’t go well.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png You’re right. It would seem hard to do. We’ll also need acting ability, too.

We might not be able to do it immediately if we’re asked to do it at the photoshoot location…

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png There’s a guy with constantly slanted eyebrows and upset expressions like a demon here already, though.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png …If you have something to say, spit it out. They might just slant even more while you’re at it.
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png There, there… Oh, that’s right. Should we go ask Producer about last year’s photoshoot then?

We might be able to understand something else that we wouldn’t be able to get from just the magazines.

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Thanks for letting us ask you a bunch of stuff, Producer! That helped us out a lot!

So Asselin built the worldview with demons in mind by saying what a demon would talk about during the photoshoot…

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png There won’t be spoken lines during the gravure, so that means Asselin-san made them up himself?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png If that method will be something we can use as reference, we should think up our own lines as well.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png I’ve never considered creating my own dialogue on my own.

Speaking of acting, though, I remember the time Tsubasa was trying to relieve his nerves during the wedding photoshoot.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Ahaha… I tackled the filming as a role of “me, who wouldn’t get nervous even with a woman by my side,” didn’t I.

…Now that you mention it, being able to grasp the difficult expression-making and acting this time… Sort of resembles the time we did the wedding photoshoot. In that case… It might actually work out for the better if we try building up our expressions through thinking up lines!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Now that it’s settled, first we’ll have to have an understanding of the gravure’s perspective and concept.

When that’s complete, we’ll pack in lines that would suit our individual demons’ personalities and the like.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png It’s really just like I thought it’d go!

Creating expressions gets easier while we’re saying lines. It looks like we’re doing well.

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png Saying the lines we made up ourselves is a little embarrassing…
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Our voices won’t be recorded in the gravure. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png No, that’s not what I’m talking about… Eh, whatever.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Regardless, this is for work. Tossing away your sense of discomfort is key.

The photoshoot will begin tomorrow. We don’t have much time left.

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png It’s tomorrow already…? Hmm. Honestly, I’m still a little worried…
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo T.png For now, let’s practice, practice, practice! Let’s get a feel for how it’ll go!
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png Exactly. Now, we’ll begin with the expression-building practice once more.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Hanamura-san, Nekoyanagi-san! Thank goodness. You were already here.

Due to yesterday’s snow, the public transportation facilities were later than usual… I was rather flustered.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png I’m glad mew managed to reach us without coming too late! But…

Today is pawfully coldy-cold and freezy-freezing~. Shiver shiver shiver…

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png Thanks to that, the snow also piled up. Isn’t that nice? Take a look at the lovely scenery outside the window.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png Well, this…! This is quite a picturesque scene. Shall we be filming outdoors as well?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Doing a photoshoot underneath this cold sky… purrhaps we will become frozen stiff as a result…!?
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura T.png There’s no way we can’t make use of this wonderful coincidence.

Kiddo, you better get changed and stick some warming pads on you while you’re at it.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi T.png Uugh… I’m not quite as mewtivated nyaow~.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi T.png (…Is it just me, or is Hanamura-san putting more effort into things than usual…?)

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Ha-whew~! Kuro-kun’s tea purrks me and warms me right up ♪ It warmed up my fureezing photoshoot-subjected body~! ‘Twould be a cat-astrophe if some nice manjuu were provided next…
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Yes, yes, I hear you. I’ve prepared manjuu as well.

…It seems Hanamura-san is still retaking.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Even though the staff meowmbers have given him the okay, Mister Butterfly seems to not be satisfied.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I don’t believe it would be in his best interest to persevere too much for too long…
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Let’s see. The one on the right suits what I was going for, but the eye contact just isn’t good enough…
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Sudden paw-erful attack from yours truly~!!*
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Oh, dear! Kiddo! And Kuro-chan, you too.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Mister Butterfly, your eyebrows are all furrowed right nyaow~?

If they keep staying furrowed, mew won’t be able to get rid of the furrows for the rest of your life~!?

Translator Notes:

  • Kirio’s line of being afraid of manjuu comes from a rakugo story (Manjuu Kowai) where someone admits his fear of bean paste-filled buns to get his friends to give him a lot in order to spook him… unbeknownst to them that he actually loves them and has been gobbling up the bread in return.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I’ve brought you tea. You didn’t notice me even though I had called out to you, so…
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png That’s why I brought on my paw-erful attack!
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png You tried talking to me? I’m sorry for not noticing.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png There’s no need to apologize. I was simply worried for you, as it seems you were brooding over something.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Oh me, oh my. Did it look like that to you? Dearie me. It really was nothing.

Just because I talked about my family back home a while back… I might’ve been a little more forceful, putting more effort into things than what was necessary.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png …My initial suspicions were correct, then? You had been worried about your family? I thought that was the case.
【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png With me continuing to stand onstage, there’s a part of me that thinks I’m making someone else be the scapegoat.

When I realized that, I just knew I couldn’t take things lightly. But thinking too much made my field of view narrow too much. I’ve still got a ways to go.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Mister Butterfly, mew are amazing enough already!! Mew are all sparkly~ and stuff!!
【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png I feel the same. Your demeanor regarding “displaying yourself” and the particularities you have with it…

Watching you do that allows me to know that I always have much to learn.

【Charming Demon】Shoma Hanamura+ T.png Fufu, you really think so? It’s a little embarrassing. Thank you, both of you.

Having you two say that means I gotta accept my fate and do this to the end!

But it’s not good for me to brood over things too much and lose sight of what’s around me, hm? I feel more strongly that I can’t compromise with half-baked efforts, though. Since we’ll have to make this the best gravure photoshoot it can be!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kuro Kiyosumi+ T.png Yes…! I will exert my best efforts as well.
【Rose Plum Demon】Kirio Nekoyanagi+ T.png Let’s hit the second half of the photoshoot right out of the pawll-park~!!

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png They’re focused over refining just one shot? Sai truly is amazing.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png Next is our photoshoot. We can’t lose to sis and the others, huh!

But I didn’t expect snow to start falling too.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png I don’t think it will have an effect on the lines we thought up…
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png That sounds to be the case. If we leave it the way it is, it doesn’t seem it’ll be that bad…

Since we’re here already, why not try out lines that involve snow related to them?

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png Lines that involve snow, huh? It’ll have a sense of realism if we do that. Good idea!
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png There’s still time. Let’s look over and redo our phrases.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png “…What are you doing here? Your smell woke me up.

I have no interest in blood staining this silvery-white snow, but… Hmm. Your smell is enticing. You foolish human… If you don’t want to be eaten, you’ll have to obey me.”

* camera flashes *
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png “Oh, good grief. To think I’d meet a lost human on a snowy day like this.

It’s cold outside, isn’t it? It’s fine. Come here. You can feast on some miso soup with meat and vegetables that I’ve prepared for you.”

* camera flashes *
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Teru-san, Kaoru-san, both of your abilities are so overwhelming…!

Even though you’re both demons, your types are completely different. Watching you makes me think about the story of the north wind and the sun, or something.

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png It might have been because I kept the image of the pride and cruelty of demons in my mind as I did it.
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png I’m going with the friendly-with-humans type of demon. I think that not all demons are bad guys, anyway.

Next is your photoshoot, Tsubasa. I’m looking forward to seeing what kinda demon you’ll be! Do your best!

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png “This is an unusual guest to come within the snow… Human, you… What business do you have to do in this remote place?

…What? I’ve charmed you? Fufu. I don’t know if you’re brave or thickheaded… But, that seems fine… I was just about to be bored. Let me hear what you have to say about human villages.”

* camera flashes *
【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png That was amazing, Tsubasa. You captured the demons’ allure perfectly!
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Pairing that up with the difference between it and your normal self was also praiseworthy. The cameraman also complimented you for that.
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Really? Hehe… It looks like my hard work paid off.

…I thought I could express all sorts of things… if I were doing it by acting, or doing it like this…

【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png …It stands to reason that when you’re acting, there’s nothing that you can’t do. I believe as such.
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png …Haha. You might be right. Thank you very much, Kaoru-san!

Okay. Let’s finish off the last cut of the photoshoots!

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png With the cuts we did with Sai having ended… We’re all done filming now. Good job, guys!
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Phew… It really does occupy your concentration when you’re acting in front of a camera, doesn’t it.

Ahaha. Now that I’m not concentrating anymore, I’ve gotten hungry.

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png It’s a complete about-face from that bewitching atmosphere and now we’re back with the regular Tsubasa.

All right. Let’s invite the other three on our way back and eat some hot and piping oden!

【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Oden! Wow… It’s perfect for this season! Would you like to join in too, Kaoru-san?
【Rose Plum Demon】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png This is the part where I’d refuse… but it’s true that I’m cold.

Consuming something warm is a simple method of combating that.

【Rose Plum Demon】Teru Tendo+ T.png So you’re coming too, Sakuraba! Yes, I heard that completely crystal-clear!
【Heart-Stirring Demon】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Producer, you should come too. Let’s warm ourselves up with some oden!

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