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Rui Maita-icon.png Happy birthday to me~♪ I've been waiting for this day~ We're gonna have a party in my room! Producer-chan, shall we dance? ...You'll come, right?☆

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Rui Maita-icon.png Mister Yamashita, Mister Hazama! Are you two having fun at my birthday party? There's still plenty of food and drink left so let's enjoy
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png We're enjoying both the party and food. Thank you... Haha, this is the first time in my life I've been handed a written invitation to a birthday party.
Michio Hazama-icon.png Mm... It is my first time too. I believe doing that is a part of Maita-kun's personality and what makes him wonderful. Now then, let us give him our presents and let us recall memories together.

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Rui Maita-icon.png Producer-chan, am I seriously receiving birthday cards from overseas as well? Fantastic! I'm going to keep striving towards becoming a worldwide idol, here we go~♪

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Rui Maita-icon.png What's the present you got for me~ ... Wow! These glasses are really cool! My misters, did you make these for me? They're fabulous!
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png They had to include a nose bridge but they're still non-prescription. Not a bad idea to carry‒ Hey Rui, are you listening to me? Heeey!
Michio Hazama-icon.png It seems he's absorbed into taking pictures for his fans. I'm glad to see Maita-kun pleased. Thank you for the great suggestion, Yamashita-kun.

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Character Commu
Rui Maita-icon.png Yeah! Happy birthday to me! I'm the star of the day! Thank you, Producer-chan! All right, let's party☆

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Rui Maita-icon.png Happy birthday to me~♪ I've gotten so many messages from my fans and friends since this morning! I'm very happy! I need to read all of the throughout the day☆

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Rui Maita-icon.png Wow! The curry and hamburger both look delicious! But why is there a ship pick on the rice? Ship... sea... ah! Could this be?!
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png You were born in Yokosuka, and when you think Yokosuka, you think Navy Curry. We've got no idea whether it tastes like the curry back at your home, but we did our best to make some.
Michio Hazama-icon.png We utilized a recipe we found on the internet. A happy birthday to you, Maita-kun. Please eat heartily. We can vouch for the taste of the curry.

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Rui Maita-icon.png Look, Producer-chan! This birthday hat is pretty cool, right? Mister Hazama and Mister Yamashita bought it for me! You have your poppers ready? Now, let's start my birthday party~☆

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Rui Maita-icon.png Mister Hazama! Mister Yamashita! Thanks a lot for the birthday presents! Hmm? There's a weird-looking message card here. Ah! This is...
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png It's a report card. Brings back memories, doesn't it? ...I say that, but we ended up having to use an elementary school report card instead of a high school one. Hehe.
Michio Hazama-icon.png The two of us have written down the areas where you have grown in, all your strengths, and what we want to tell you in that report card. Happy birthday, Maita-kun.

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Rui Maita-icon.png Welcome to my birthday party! Pizza, french fries, icecream! This type of food is ok to have every once in a while yaknow! Say cheese~☆

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Rui Maita-icon.png Hey! Check it out, Misters! I recorded a video message for us to watch next year! So on my next Birthday I’ll be able to receive a Happy Birthday from myself!
Jiro Yamashita-icon.png So we’ll watch this video next year on your Birthday…? Ah, there you go again with your interesting ideas. Ey, how about you?
Michio Hazama-icon.png Your brightness always manages to cheer us up. And I'm sure by next year you’ll be shining even more. Ahh, now I’m looking forward to it.

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