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Common[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Login I want to go out with you once in a while, but... Oh... you seem so busy. Call me when your schedule's open, okay?
Good morning, Producer-chan! How are you? Let’s work with vim and vigor today, too☆
Event Login Present for you, Producer-chan☆ I'll be on that special stage, so be sure to watch♪ Let's have fun!
Present for you, Producer-chan☆ I'll be on that special stage, so be sure to watch until the very end♪ Let's have fun!
Lesson Hey you! Let's sing a song
Live Formation Hey, everybody! Together, we can do anything☆ Let's go to the next stage!
Audition Battle Formation No matter jury or rival, I'll make friends with my smileYeah, here we go!
Featured Unit Wow! I'm so thrilled you picked me! Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to meet your expectations☆
Leader N~R+ OK! I'm the leader! I trust your judgment, Producer-chan☆ Let's all work together!
N~R+ Trust MAX If you want everyone to enjoy themselves, you can't avoid putting in effort. But, then again, I want to enjoy that together too♪
Leader SR~SR+ If you're the one choosing, Producer-chan, it can be no mistake! Leave it to me! I'll become a perfect leader!
SR~SR+ Trust MAX This is a secret, but... Without you, Producer-chan, I'd probably be a wreck. Ahaha, I can't thank you enough!
Leader (Other Producer) Producer-chan is my best friend! Our conversations together are always so exciting. And will continue to be!
My Desk (0% Trust) You seem bored, huh? ...Wanna hear my American joke?
My Desk (5% Trust) Oh... I was dancing in the office, and Mister Hazama got mad at me...
My Desk (30% Trust) Hm? Did I get an English phone call in the office? I was out, but I'll go take it now.
My Desk (MAX% Trust) You took a real gamble on my potential. In order to live up to your expectations, I'll do my best today as well☆
Business (0% Trust) Smiling is the basics of being an idol☆ I was practicing in the mirror at home yesterday!
Business Hey, er... I actually can’t read the kanji on this script... Can you... teach me in secret?
Business (MAX Trust) If you think of it as bad, then I'll quit this job. It's as simple as that.
Trust UP! When you compare me to everyone else, I feel a little out of place, y’know? Is it just my imagination? It’s just my imagination, right?
I see, I see! Just as you say, Producer-chan, I really am unique! I'll try my best not to lose sight of myself♪
You’re really sweet, but not just sweet, but amazing, marvelous
Trust MAX You make me happy. I want to cherish the days I walk with you. I’ll be counting on you from here on out, my soul mate!
Refreshments Present for you from my buddy! Let’s keep on helping each other out, okay?♪
Cheer Enjoy & do your best!
Convo Chance! Hey, Producer-chan! Let's talk!
Break Time Have a break! You must be tired, I'll massage your shoulders for you!
That was fun! Let's do this again sometime☆ See you soon!
mini Shout Let's have fun!
mini Thanks Producer-chan! Thank you for the gift!
Audition Battle Preparation Hey, I got you! Let's have a fantastic show time
Audition Battle The show begins!
Let’s play fair! No hard feelings!
Program Audition Preparation Oh, my goodness! That battle ended up so sad... But I still had a darn good time!
Program Audition (Rival) Let's play fair! No hard feelings!
Program Audition (Self) Alright, I'll do my best
Audition Battle (Backup) Enjoy & do your best!
Audition Battle (Win) Hey, we won! Rockin’ out everyday!!
Audition Battle (Lose) How glooomyyy... I’m going home.
You had an excellent smile up there!
Live Preparation Oh, yes! Let’s party!!
Live Continuation Gosh!! But I’m not the kind of fellow who buckles that quickly!
Live Success! Thank you for having an exciting time! I love you all!!
Marvelous!! That stage was fun beyond comparsion☆
What a fabulous place that was! My heart’s dancing like a merry-go-round♪
Birthday Effect (2015) Wow! I’ve got a good feeling about this☆ Something wonderful’s about to happen, no?
Birthday Effect (2016) Thank for all the heartful gifts, everyone! Now it’s time for me to give back!
Birthday Comments

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2nd Anniversary[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Do you remember? The “Mofumofu Kingdom” recording with Altessimo was a lot of big fun! There sure were a lot of talented children there... I’d like to perform with them again☆

Congratulations on 2nd Anniversary! S.E.M’s lesson will never stop! We’ll deliver our names until they reach even space. Let’s go together, Producer☆

Scout Hey, hey, look! Roar~! Do you remember? It’s the mascot of “Mofumofu Kingdom,” a lion. It’s pretty, isn’t it☆

Where is the bad kid? I’ll gobble up the boys and girls who don’t listen to what their mom and dad say♪

Change! It’s so fun that we get to celebrate the 2nd anniversary with the audience! I’ll make it a fabulous stage, so you better make sure to watch me!

My Desk (0% Trust) Wow! This outfit is still here... Aha! This is so nostalgic. I’ll try wearing it!

My Desk (MAX Trust) I’ll continue to make many memories with you and the misters. I’m sure it’ll definitely be so fun☆

Business (0% Trust) Oh, I’m hungry... there’s still time, right? Could we go eat something at that shop there?

Trust MAX An anniversary is special and is thrilling. Whether it’s the 20th or the 200th, let’s celebrate it with the four of us, Producer ♪

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