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Common[edit | edit source]

Login I’ve made up my mind! I’m not going back until I reach the top as a male idol! So that’s why... If I could just trouble you for a few more jobs[[User:Mackenzietan|Mackenzietan]] ([[User talk:Mackenzietan|talk]])...

Good morning!! Hehehe, I’ve been learning from watching my friends, so I tried out an energetic greeting. Did that cheer you up?

Event Login Producer-san! Here you are, I brought refreshments! We may still be fletchlings, but we can still deliver, without a doubt! We’ll be counting on you out there today!

Producer-san! Here you are, I brought refreshments! We may still be fletchlings, but we can still deliver, without a doubt! We’ll be counting on you out there, until the very end!

Lesson If it’s singing advice you need, ask away.

Live Formation I get to do a concert with everyone...! I’ve gotta brush up on my boyish performances!

Audition Battle Formation I’m still nervous, but I’ll definitely make my dreams come true! I have to!

Featured Unit

Thank you for featuring me! I’ll do my best to be the coolest idol I can be!

Leader N~R+ Huh? You want me to be the leader? ...Understood! Let’s all do our best to be the coolest idols we can be, together!

N~R+ Trust MAX Being the leader really helps you notice how truly charming all of these people are. That’s exactly why I have to work hard myself, too!

Leader SR~SR+ Leader? Just leave it to me! I can be more than just cool! I’ll aim to become the kind of idol who can join everyone’s thoughts together as one!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX I’ve had a lot of failures in the past, but with you here, Producer-san, I’ve got nothing to worry about! Let’s do our best together from here on out!

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-san helps me achieve my dreams. Just their existence is precious to me. I’m glad I met them. From the very bottom of my heart!

My Desk (0% Trust) I’ve got a pretty good piece of toffee in my mouth from my friends. Do you want one, Producer-san?

My Desk (5% Trust) The computer’s busted... That’s it! I’ll just call one of my techie friends!

My Desk (30% Trust) I... No, it’s nothing. If there’s anything I can do, please, feel free to tell me!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Producer-san, want to listen to this song with me? Here! Take this earphone.

Business (0% Trust) This dancing fever’s totally different from my time as a girl...! I’ve gotta reforge my dance skills!

Business Producer-san, did I do a cool job? ...Huh?! You thought I was cute?!

Business (MAX Trust) Thanks to you, Producer-san, I feel like I can be confident in myself as a male idol!

Trust UP! All of the habits I’ve picked up as a girl... It feels like it’ll take awhile to shake them off... Even then, you’ll still watch over me? Producer-san!

I’ll always have someone standing by my side, I can rest assured of that. Thank you, Producer-san.

Actually, I’m not used to wearing pants onstage yet, so this might not go so well... P-Please don’t laugh at me~

Trust MAX I’m used to self-producing myself at 876 Production, so I’m super excited to see how you decide to produce me from here on out!

Refreshments My Producer-san and I picked out a present for you. Please, take it!

Cheer We’re gonna be alright!

Convo Chance! Ah, Producer-san! Do you have a minute?

Break Time I, uh... I had something important I wanted to discuss with you, but...

Wha- Time’s up?! I’ll talk to you later, Producer-san, if you’re up for it!

mini Shout GYAOOOON!

mini Thanks Thank you for the gift, Producer-san!

Audition Battle Preparation Heehee, nice to meet you♪...I-I mean, GYAOOOON! F-Force of habit!

Audition Battle I’m a boy, I’m a boy...... Alright!

Program Audition Preparation Uuu.... I’m nervous...

Program Audition (Rival) This is... the first step towards my dream!

Program Audition (Self) Is everybody ready?

Audition Battle (Backup) We’re gonna be alright!

Audition Battle (Win) One small step closer to being a cool idol, I hope?

Audition Battle (Lose) Ritsuko-chan’s gonna be so mad at me...

Live Preparation This song of ours... Everyone’s going to love it!

Live Continuation Hah, hah... Ah, boy concerts are tougher than I thought...

...There’s no time for weakness! I’ll do my best to become the cool idol I know I can be!
Live Success! Whew, success! Thank goodness...!

Just like I thought! Concerts are the best!

My song is a bridge that connects everyone together...!

Whew, success! Thank goodness...! Feels good once you’re done and through with it!

Birthday Effect (2015) Something’s happening... I can feel it... N-No! It’s not woman’s intuition! Jeez~

Birthday Effect (2016) Everyone is here for me, so there’s no way I’m losing today!

Birthday Comments

SR[edit | edit source]

Thinking of that Day[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Please look at this, Producer! It’s a lovely flower, isn’t it? Ehehe. Gardening might just be a lot of fun… Okay, I’m gonna get fired up and make this a lovely garden~!

This PV shouldn’t become something that’s simply good in itself. I want to make it a special PV… that’ll move people’s hearts as they watch it… I’ll challenge it with all my ability!
Scout A little bit of dirt got stuck on my face… Ah, Producer. You’re going to lend me your handkerchief? Thank you very much!
I read the novel that the drama was based on. It was so heartbreaking… My heart tightened up from it.
Change! Thanks to talking to the director and Kazuki-san and all of them, I’ve grasped the image of the PV. All that’s left now is to put it into a proper shape!
My Desk (0% Trust) I like miso soup with radish and fried bean curd, so I often make it.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Ah, I’ll be borrowing the office kitchen. Please let me make something that’s full of nutrients!
Business (0% Trust) It’s really a joyous thing that I don’t have to worry over changing clothes or which toilet to go to...
Trust MAX As long as you’re by my side, Producer, I’ll never ever stop in my path. After all, this was the dream that we carried out together!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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