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Commus[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Today is the luckiest day of the year! Because Producer and everybody celebrate for me! I'll treasure these presents, thank you!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Uwaa, what an awesome cake! Today I really didn't think I would be able to make it here with all the misfortune coming after me, I'm glad I never gave up...!
Hideo Akuno-icon.png We're happy the star of today made it here! Here, take a seat. We'll have as much fun as how hard you work!
Seiji Shingen-icon.png Ryu always manages to make it here himself somehow, so I had faith in him. I imagine you're by now, You should eat as much as your heart desires today!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png I get birthday forgotten a lot by all my friends. That's why I'm always so happy just with you remembering it! Thank you for all the happiness you've given me this year!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Th-Thanks for waiting! I had so much trouble happen to me today... But I overcame them because I have faith that something good and happy will happen!
Hideo Akuno-icon.png Do you attract even more bad luck on your birthday? I'll guard you from all that trouble starting next year. It's your birthday after all, it needs to be the best day ever.
Seiji Shingen-icon.png We can still make it a birthday to remember right now! All the party preparations are complete! Let's celebrate Ryu's birthday with everyone!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png I thought I wouldn't be able to make it today since I've had nothing but a run of really bad luck happen since this morning, but I'm glad I made it through! Thank you, Producer-san! I'm the happiest guy in the world!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Phew... Hideo-san, Shingen-san, thank you for picking me up. I actually thought I wouldn't be able to make it to the office.
Hideo Akuno-icon.png You've had nothing but trouble happen all day after all. You're here safe and sound now though! Let's turn this bad day to the best birthday ever!
Seiji Shingen-icon.png All of us are happy that we can celebrate your birthday. All right, we've got plenty of food and cake at the party! Let's enjoy it with everyone!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Today is the day Producer-san and all’s wishes bring me good luck! So I love my Birthday! Thank you so much for yet another celebration!

Character Commu
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Thanks for such an awesome cake! I gotta blow out the candles now...But I shouldn’t blow my bad luck onto it...Are you sure it will be ok?
Hideo Akuno-icon.png It will be fine, we made sure to shut the windows tight, so no sudden gusts of wind should blow in. Leave the safety of the surroundings to me!
Seiji Shingen-icon.png Let's go over the safety precautions! Shoelaces tied, check! Window and doors shut, check! Alright, everything is in check, so you’re good to go. Now blow out the candles with all your might!

Blank temp[edit | edit source]

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