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Common[edit | edit source]

Login I know I bungle things up all the time, but... I’ve got more motivation than anyone! So, let me do my part too, I’m begging you!

Good mor—... AGH! I-I’m okay, my shoelaces just came untied! I’m gonna work with all I’ve got today too, so I’m counting on you!

Event Login Producer-san! Look! I got these supplies to you without a single bit of trouble! I just might be in top form today! I’m counting on you out there, Producer-san!

Producer-san! Look! I got these supplies to you without a single scratch today too! I just might be in top form all the way to the end! I’m counting on you out there, Producer-san!

Lesson Leave the rescue to me!

Live Formation I’ll absorb everyone’s bad luck! Using my bad luck as a charm... we’ll be a-okay!

Audition Battle Formation Who cares if I’ve got bad luck?! I’m gonna make the Goddess of Victory smile by my own hand!

Featured Unit

Me, featured...?! I DID IT!! Thank you so much! I’m so happy, you have no idea!

Leader N~R+ In order to become fire marshal, I have to start by being the leader of the idols! Just kidding. Thanks for choosing me! I’ll do my best!

N~R+ Trust MAX So a leader’s job is this hard, huh... But I’ll learn how to handle this part, and little by little, I’ll get closer to my dream!

Leader SR~SR+ I’ll stop the bad luck before it hits you! So, everyone, with all our strength, we’ll make the Goddess of Luck smile upon us! That’s my promise to you as a leader!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX You saved me again today, Producer-san. Thanks for everything, always! As long as you’re there to save me, I’ll never lose heart!

Leader (Other Producer) I can say anything to my Producer without any fear or hesitation at all. More than that, they watch over my bad luck and me with warmth and care. They’re the best pal ever!

My Desk (0% Trust) This morning, even though my shoelaces came untied, I didn’t fall down the stairs... That’s gotta be a good sign!

My Desk (5% Trust) Producer-san, quick! Rock, paper, scissors!... Wha, I lost again!!

My Desk (30% Trust) Smiles are important! Worrying will make you go bald, but smiling will give your hair fullness and volume!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Doesn’t matter how small your problems are. Just send me an SOS, and I’ll come running right away!

Business (0% Trust) Alright, finished without a hitch! Ten out of ten!

Business Whew, that went pretty well. I get scared silly when black cats come out of nowhere, you know.

Business (MAX Trust) Somehow, whenever I’m together with you, Producer-san, it’s like I’m escaping from all the bad stuff at full speed, you know?

Trust UP! Sorry, Producer-san. A stray cat wandered into the audition earlier. I think it was my fault. Hah...

Thanks to the charm you gave me, my black cat encounter rate has gone down! It’s amazing! Thanks so much!

You never laugh at my bad luck, Producer-san. And thinking up countermeasures together made me really happy, you know!

Trust MAX Next time, it’s my turn to help you, Producer-san. No matter what it is, don’t hesitate, send me an SOS! ...Ah, my shoelaces came untied.

Refreshments I brought some good luck refreshments from my Producer-san!

Cheer I’ll absorb your bad luck! Do your best!

Convo Chance! Producer-san, nice job out there!

Break Time Hey hey! Nothing unlucky happened today!

Producer-san, your phone’s beeping! An urgent response call, maybe? Do your best out there!

mini Shout ...Whoa, a black cat!

mini Thanks Producer-san!! Thanks for the gift!!

Audition Battle Preparation I’ve got this good luck charm from Seiji-san and Hideo-san, so I’m winning for sure!

Audition Battle Don’t sweat the small stuff! Let’s go!

With this heat in my heart, I’ll give it a shot!

Program Audition Preparation Even if I lose my wallet on payday, even if crows steal my lunch, I still won’t lose!!

Program Audition (Rival) With this heat in my heart, I’ll give it a shot!

Program Audition (Self) Luck isn’t on my side, but my pals sure are!

Audition Battle (Backup) I’ll absorb your bad luck! Do your best!

Audition Battle (Win) Luck is finally on my side!!

Audition Battle (Lose) Ah, as I thought... I didn’t have what it takes...

Live Preparation Whether it rains water or spears, nothing’s stopping me! Here I go!

Live Continuation I won’t lose to my back luck! Dispatching myself at top speed! Here I gooo!!

I won’t lose myself to this bad luck! I can still do this!

Live Success! Aaaah thank goodness... I didn’t trip over my shoelaces even once!

I guess the audience shared some of their good luck with me! Thanks, everyone~

That sure was a heart-stopping scene, but all’s well that ends well! ...I mean, it did, right?

Birthday Effect (2016) Is this a sign of something to come?! Ggh, bad luck out! Good luck in!

Birthday Comments

R[edit | edit source]

Detective Aaron[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Was this made specially for the photoshoot this time!? Wow, it’s amazing… Even if you told me that it wasn’t used with a ticket from the past, I think I’d still believe you.
"Let me see your ticket. Dear guest, is this your first time on this train? …Well then, I hope you’ll allow me to help you in experiencing a wonderful journey."
Scout Let me see your ticket~!" —Wait, this is way too energetic! I’ll get scolded again! Okay, let me calm down… do it maturely… all right!
When I read the script, I get infected by all the characters’ emotions, and I end up feeling like I want to cry… Haah, that was a good story…!
Change! "Welcome to the England-bound night train. I’m the new train conductor, Nario Honda. Even though I have this sort of name, I’m England-born, through and through."
My Desk (0% Trust) I made a mistake and ate Hideo-san’s pudding. I hope I don’t get noticed…!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, is that my phone!? Oh, thank goodness~, thank you so much for finding it for me!
Business (0% Trust) All right, I’m done contemplating! I’ll postpone getting sad; right now, I’ll run ahead with everything I’ve got!
Trust MAX If I weren’t a firefighter and were a conductor instead, I wouldn’t have met you… I’m sure this had to be a miracle!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Halloween 2019[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Heh, so this is the ghost candy that changes flavor? Let’s try it right now… MMGH~!? So sour!! It’s so sour, but… Ah, it’s got this refreshingly sweet flavor coming in little by little…
“Good morning, all you humans! You sure look gloomy, even though it’s such a fine night out. We went out of our ways to wake up, so why not show us some delicious-looking smiles!”
Scout Nice! I’m gonna be in the Halloween parade this year! I heard stories of it from Hideo-san, so I started really admiring it~!
I played a zombie game with my little brother so that I could study zombies’ movements, but I got all focused on beating them, and I totally forgot about the studying part…
Change! “Oh, here’s a delicious-looking human!” How’s that? Scary!? This special effects makeup sure is scary. It makes me seem a lot like the real thing that I get so excited~!
My Desk (0% Trust) Even though I know it’s bad to do, snacks eaten in the middle of the night are the most delicious thing ever…
My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, do you want to eat one too? This snack’s incredibly tasty, so I recommend it!
Business (0% Trust) The results of my brand new protective charm might be showing up! Seiji-san, Hideo-san, thank you so much~!
Trust MAX This is a candy for energizing you. I wished on it, so I’m sure it’ll work! It might just be for peace of mind, but eat it when you’re tired!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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FROZEN KINGDOM[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album When roasting marshmallows, there are people who like it burnt well through, and people who like it burned lightly. Which one are you? Both are delicious, so I can’t choose! Ah~ it smells so good!
The impact behind Hideo-san’s villainous expression was so amazing… Okay, I can’t lose either. In the way of an ice king, imagining myself to be looking down on you… How’s this!
Scout Camping in the ice village is, like, the best thing ever! Ah, I know it’s a trip meant for a photoshoot, so don’t worry. Let’s all consult with each other soon.
We’re in the northern provinces, so we have to really dress warmly~ Do you know how cold it’ll be, Producer?
Change! This outfit sure is cool—! I’d always wanted to wear it at least once! I have to make sure I speak and act like a king.
My Desk (0% Trust) Uhh… Where’s my memo for the things we’ll use for the hot pot… Oh, no! I dropped the memo somewhere!
My Desk (MAX Trust) When it comes to hot pot’s end meal, I’m definitely a rice gruel kind of guy! What do you like, Producer?
Business (0% Trust) I’m pretty sure it went well! Probably! …I didn’t screw anything up, did I? All right!
Trust MAX Sometimes, I remember the day I first met you. It fills me with incredibly warm feelings whenever I do!
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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SR[edit | edit source]

The One Who Hunts Demonic Beasts[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album (I didn’t know that Seiji-san was the werewolf—! Plus, no one’s doubting him at all! Hideo-san, you’re a former police officer, so please realize it~!)
“Will my silver bullet hit you first, or will your claws pierce my throat first… It’s a simple comparison of speed, isn’t it? Come on. Let’s hurry up and settle this. Return to your original form!”
Scout (I was eaten, so I can’t talk about stuff connected to the game. So who was the werewolf… HUH!?)
I got so worked up reading the scenario! Whoa, what should I do? The hunter guy I’m acting is a super cool character!
Change! “You’ve rampaged all you liked. But that’s easier for me to do my job. You better prepare yourself for what I’m gonna do.”
My Desk (0% Trust) The macarons Uzuki got for us were good. Huh? Hideo-san recommended it to him?
My Desk (MAX Trust) I was pretty level-headed too, wasn’t I? You can keep relying on me if you w… Ugh! There’s a hole in my pants!
Business (0% Trust) Haah~, I was super nervous! When you compliment me, though, I get reassured~!
Trust MAX Having an air between us where we can understand each other even if we stay quiet is a pretty good thing, right? It’s the sorta thing you’d call a trusting relationship or something?
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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