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Login Producer-san, Producer-san! House-sitting every day is so dull~ I’d rather go out with you today♪

Pa-Pi-Pu-Pe-Producer-san, good morning~☆Let’s have a who~le lotta idol fun out there today! Let’s go~!

Event Login Saki’s papi-delivery☆ They say that using these will really raise your tension, Producer-san, you should try it! Now, let’s make this a wonderfully papi day♪

Saki’s papi-delivery☆ They say that using these will really raise your tension, Producer-san, you should try it! Now, let’s make this a wonderfully papi day, all the way ‘til the end♪

Lesson Okie dokie! Let’s do our best together☆

Live Formation There’s something I wanna do during the concert♪ I’m gonna go talk about it with everyone!

Audition Battle Formation Alrighty! I’ll show you Saki’s serious side! I’m def not losing~☆

Featured Unit

Wow! Thanks for featuring me! I’m gonna do my papi-est for you out there☆

Leader N~R+ So I’m the leader, huh? OK! Saki-chan's gonna bring every-papi together! You gotta follow along, y’know!

N~R+ Trust MAX Being a leader’s harder than I thought! But, looking forward, it’s only gonna get harder from here on out! Maybe you could call this... growth?

Leader SR~SR+ I want to make sure I can always be myself, that everyone can be themselves! I’m gonna give it my all to do what I can as a leader!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Producer, thanks for supporting me all this time! Because of you, Producer, I can be an idol with a 1000% smile!

Leader (Other Producer) I love my Producer! I can go to them for just about anything! Being with them is so much fun, we’re like the bestest best of friends!

My Desk (0% Trust) Good mooorning♪ Let’s do our papi-est out there today☆

My Desk (5% Trust) Oh no, are we going out already? Wait, waiiit, I have to finish setting my makeup~!

My Desk (30% Trust) Whew~ I think I’m in tired mode... Producer, let’s go out for something tasty!

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Producer, don’t you remember? You promised to go shopping with me! I’m looking forward to it☆

Business (0% Trust) Producer, doing what you told me to worked perfectly! You’re amazing♪

Business Wo~wie! I got a papi-good impression from that one♪ Ehehe. Thanks for the advice!

Business (MAX Trust) I can totally do it you’re here, Producer-san♪

Trust UP! I hear a lot of comments on my gender all the time, y’know. But, but, is whether I’m a boy or a girl really that important? Sigh~

It doesn’t matter what my gender is, I’m me! I’m gonna do my best, for all the people who tell me “I like you”~♪

I’m sooo glad you told me about that beauty store, Producer-san~! Thanks to you, I can be papi-happy every day☆

Trust MAX Whenever I’m tired, I try to think of you, Producer-san! Then, ta-da! I feel my energy rush back to me♪

Refreshments A present from my beloved Producer-san! Papi-delivery!

Cheer I’m cheering you all on~!

Convo Chance! Yoohoo! Producer~☆

Break Time I’m free until my next job~ This is the perfect time for... a Papi Talk!

Aw~ I wanted to talk to you more~ ...Hey! Let’s talk again sometime, Producer♪

mini Shout Papi☆

mini Thanks Thanks for the gift, Producer♪

Audition Battle Preparation Teeheehee~ I wonder, can you keep up with my performance~?

Audition Battle Okie dokie, let’s go~! Ready... Go~☆

Don’t be scared when I get serious, okay?

Program Audition Preparation Hmph~! Look, I want this job, okay? There’s nooo way I’m losing it to you!

Program Audition (Rival) Don’t be scared when I get serious, okay?

Program Audition (Self) Da-dun! Challenge received! Alrighty!

Audition Battle (Backup) I’m cheering you all on~!

Audition Battle (Win) Heehee! Thanks for letting me win!

Audition Battle (Lose) You’re sooo strong! I was so surprised~!

Live Preparation Mic check, mic check~ ...Alright! Ready... Go♪

Live Continuation But all we needed was just a liiitle bit more~ Yes, really! Really really!

Live Success! Yay~ We did it! Papi-success! Producer-san, take a photo to remember this by♪

I’m sooo so happy you had fun with my performance, Producer-san☆

Our customer’s cheers make me so happy~ Let’s do another concert! We gotta♪

Birthday Effect (2015) Huh?! My sixth sense is... Ding dong! Responding! I’ve got a good feeling about this♪

Birthday Effect (2016) I’m in papi-top form! They gave us their feelings, and now it’s time to give back! Just watch me!

Birthday Comments

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Frogs Live[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album This cushion’s all fluffy and papi-cute and the best! I came to like this one right from the get-go ♪ This sorta thing we call gut feeling is important when it comes to choosing accessories and cosmetics, too!
Today, I’m a princess! …The idol “Mizushima Saki” can become just about anything. Like a fairy tale that keeps getting passed down forever, I want to keep being an idol forever ♪
Scout Check this out, Producer! I bought this frog cushion! No matter what angle you look at it from, it’s so papi-cute~. Isn’t it nice? Ehehe ♪
The princess’ kiss turned the frog into a human… Maybe I should turn this little guy into a human with my kiss, then~? Just kidding ♪
Change! A dance with the four princes… It was difficult remembering the dance moves, but it sure was fun. I hope everyone is pleased with it!
My Desk (0% Trust) There’s a lot of memories I want to leave behind, so my photo album fills up in the blink of an eye!
My Desk (MAX Trust) I still don’t have enough pictures with Producer and everyone. I’m looking forward to the next job, too!
Business (0% Trust) Keeping up with trends is important, but it’s also important to find what’ll make your heart go papi! Things that suit you best are number one.
Trust MAX You’re so busy, Producer, but I love how you’re always by my side with a smile! When I’m with you, I feel incredibly reassured.
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Live Continuation
Live Success
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Werewolf Game[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album You’ll get super-thirsty as you’re talk-talking away during the discussion. Here, I brought over the tea that Kamiya brewed for us! Let’s drink this and papi-have fun with the Werewolf Game!
“Because of me, Nii-san’s getting suspicion cast on him too… Maybe this… all turned out the way it did because of me. I’m sorry, Nii-san. And Eiji-san, who covered for me…”
Scout I’ll papi-guide you to your seats, misters members of FRAME~! …Just joking. Roll’n I are gonna make your stay all nice’n warm, so sit here!
My role’s a regular villager with no occupation, but she’s got a real important job to play. Any role has meaning, right?
Change! “I’m telling the truth! I saw the shadow of a werewolf! I couldn’t have mistaken that hulking, fur-covered body and sharp glint in the eyes. Please… believe me!”
My Desk (0% Trust) This snack tastes like it could match with tea! I’ll brew some right now, so just wait a mo.
My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, could you help me practice brewing tea? I wanna surprise Kamiya!
Business (0% Trust) Producer, can we stop by Café Parade for a bit? Let’s go check out everyone’s faces!
Trust MAX Here’s a bolt from the blue, sudden Saki-chan CHECK~! Producer, you’re working way too hard! I’ve brewed some tea for you, so let’s take a little break together!
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Live Success
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Side Melodious[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I guess this is pretty much it. Thanks a ton for choosing this for me~! Actually, I was also thinking this ribbon was good too! I’ll treasure this precious present you got for me, Producer!
I like lively live venues, but it’s also wonderful to be singing in a cathedral like this. I’ll put my heart into this so that it’ll become a lovely memory for everyone. Merry Christmas ♪
Scout Check it out, Producer. There’s a bunch of Christmas-y accessories! I can’t choose which one to get ♪ Hey, which one do you think is good?
As thanks for choosing the ribbon for me, I’ll pick a super-fitting accessory for you too, Producer. Which one should I go with~♪
Change! Ta-dah~! I chose to let down my hair to match with the outfit! How’s it? Does it suit me?
My Desk (0% Trust) I papi-found some ornaments that would look perfect in Café Parade ♪
My Desk (MAX Trust) I bought a lovely Christmas card. I’ll write a message on it, so you better accept it later!
Business (0% Trust) Super-busy on Christmas again! But, but, that’s a happy-papi thing to happen to an idol, isn’t it ♪
Trust MAX The things you choose for me are always my faves! You really do get me for who I am, don’tcha!
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Live Continuation
Live Success
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White Day 2020[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Producer, sorry to keep you waiting! It surprised me how packed the register was! …Oh, this? This one’s for my return gift, and the other’s for myself. You interested in who this is for? Try and guess who it is. Ehehe ♪
I’m connected to my fans by an invisible thread. When my fans are happy, I’m happy too. For lots of papi-happy feelings, I’ll work hard with all my might ♪
Scout It’s okay if we spend the whole day together today, right? Yay~♪ Producer, let’s enjoy doing tons of shopping together ♪
Producer, could you accept this? It’s my White Day present to you. Since we’ll be matching with it, I hope you’ll take care of it ♪
Change! With butterflies and flowers, it’s an outfit that just pops out with spring-ness to it! Even though I feel like it was just New Year’s, a year just passes by papi-fast, doesn’t it?
My Desk (0% Trust) I love choosing presents! It’s a lotta fun wondering what the other person would like, right ♪
My Desk (MAX Trust) Which outfit should I wear on an outing with Producer? Hmm, I dunno!
Business (0% Trust) Today’s break time is a little longer than usual. Producer, could you let me arrange your hair?
Trust MAX When I’m with someone I hold dear, time passes by in the blink of an eye. Producer, let’s hang out together again. It’s a promise!
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