Seaside Live/Event Scenes

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Translator: takanoko (Legenders)
【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png Making an escape, from the sun's relentless rays, into the kind sea… It looks like it’ll be another hot day~
【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Looks like Takajo and the others are all here. Koron’s supposed to be meeting up with us later, too… hm?
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron T.png Good morning, everyone! I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long!

There was a lovely yellowtail clownfish that stole my attention away, you see...

【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Where’d you just pop out from? The sea?
【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png You said you’ll join us later, but you were already here freediving, huh~
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron T.png Yes! When I heard our next job is at the beach, I just couldn’t sit still…!!
【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png Well, whatever. We still have some time before rehearsals.

We should relax and pass the time too. I’ve been wanting to take a walk.

【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png Then I guess I’ll take it easy and read a book~
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron T.png In that case, I’ll return to the sea once more! If you would also like to go freediving, then please, don’t hesitate to call out!

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【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png What’s up, Kitamura? Watching Takajo and the others?

Why don’t you go and join them if you’re interested?

【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png I’m not that interested~ Watching them is fun, but it’s not like I want to join in~

Beit is always together, just like a family…

Each of us are always off doing our own thing.. We’re completely different from that~

【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png You think so? We’re not all that different at the end of the day.

Respecting each other’s own world is a form of trust too.

Don’t you think so?

【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png Are those your own words~? But… maybe you’re right~

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【Seaside Live】Chris Koron+ T.png To think we'd be able to have a live on a stage with an ocean view…!

I feel so moved, as if there were a school of bigeye trevally inside of my heart!

【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura+ T.png His smile is shining even brighter than ever, and without acting. Chris-san looks like a fish back home in the water~
【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha+ T.png If the sea is water, then so is rain. Doesn't seem to make much difference to him.
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron+ T.png Being so close to the sea, perhaps you could even spot a Carcharhinus sorrah on the horizon!

With the power of the three of us together, let us have a splendid live!

【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura+ T.png Sorrah… Sora… Was that supposed to be a pun just now~?

...Respecting each other’s own world is a form of trust too, huh~

Fufu, then I’ll just do the things that only I can do~

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【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png A windy night breeze is a cool reminder of the warmth of your cheeks… That was a good live~
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron T.png Watching the sun set from the beginning to the end of the live… It’s still so fresh on my mind!
【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png It’s our last night here. How about a walk after this?
【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png That sounds fine~ Will you be telling us our horoscope again~?
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron T.png How do you think our future looks tonight?
【Summer Attracts】Amehiko Kuzunoha T.png I don’t need to see anything to know the stars look favorable.

The audience’s smiles were shining even brighter than the stars in the night sky.

Seeing that kind of shine...

【Seaside Live】Sora Kitamura T.png We have to work harder if we want to them shine even brighter~
【Seaside Live】Chris Koron T.png Indeed! That is our duty as idols after all!