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Seiji Shingen-icon.png Having you celebrate my birthday really makes today feel like a special day! Thank you... I'll make sure to put in my all so I can stay by your side next year too.

Character Commu
Seiji Shingen-icon.png The two of you prepared this much for my birthday... I think I'm getting emotional now. Thank you, you two.
Hideo Akuno-icon.png Ryu and I did the cooking! It can't match up to your homemade cooking, but we tried hard to make it so eat up! Happy birthday!
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Happy birthday! The surprise party worked! I messed up a lot during prep, but I think the decorations came out great! Hehe!

Character Commu
Seiji Shingen-icon.png Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hehe, I always get surprised every so this year I thought I'd surprise you back... Ahh, that smile you're making is the best present I could get!

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Seiji Shingen-icon.png Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday this year too... I am so grateful that I have people beside me to celebrate my birthday with.
Hideo Akuno-icon.png It's your birthday, Shingen, so no need to be so serious. Ryu and I wanted to see your smile so we did our best to cook and decorate the place!
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Happy birthday! Oh, listen listen! I didn't burn the food this year! Next year I'm going to try baking a cake... No? It's too dangerous?!

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Seiji Shingen-icon.png I'm really thankful that you take time every year to celebrate my birthday, especially because it's busy this time of year. I promise to give my all this year so please continue supporting me with that ultimate smile of yours.

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Seiji Shingen-icon.png Every year you two keep improving your decorating skills and cooking... This is the result of all your hard work, Hideo, and Ryu. I'm very grateful to you two.
Hideo Akuno-icon.png Haha, I think it's less hard work and more that we give our 100% because we want to celebrate your birthday, Shingen! We're gonna celebrate hard this year too! Ryu, let's get the cake and food!
Ryu Kimura-icon.png Umm, I messed up on baking the cake on my own, but I got a store-bought one so... Huh? It tastes good as long as we scrape off the burnt parts? Ahhhh, Shingen-san...

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Seiji Shingen-icon.png Thank you for the birthday present. I thought I wouldn't need anything else if I could see Producer smiling... However, I'm still glad to receive something physical as well.

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Seiji Shingen-icon.png I'm happy with just a birthday party, but even got this huge present for me... I'm such a lucky person. This is... protein from a foreign brand!
Hideo Akuno-icon.png I got it because it had good reviews, I'm glad it came in time for your birthday! Well, don't train too hard, alright?
Ryu Kimura-icon.png As a matter of fact, we mixed a little bit of that protein in the cake we baked... Can you taste the cocoa flavor?

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