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Shiki Iseya-icon.png You have no idea how much I'm really super happy you're celebrating my birthday again this year, Producer-chan! This year, I'll show you how much I hyper-evolved from last year.

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png ...I am so mega moved right now! Having my birthday celebrated like this is the best thing ever, dudes! I just feel like diving out the window right now in joy!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png I had every intention to be very lenient on you for today only, too... In any case, please do anything but go diving out the window. It will be a gigantic bother to everyone if you do.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Happy birthday... Shiki. Be careful not to ruin your throat... by having too much fun. Would you like tea?
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Congrats, man! Let's eat some birthday donuts together! I bought a whole lot of different donuts today... Ah, these ones are mine, though.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Happy birthday! Once you get too excited, nothing can control you, Shiki~ You wouldn't be Shiki if you didn't act like that though!

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Woo, thank you! Your happy birthday has a super special ring to it, after all, Producer-chan! I'm gonna work mega hard so that we can celebrate again next year!

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Yaaay! Today I'm super duper hyper happy! Celebrating my birthday with you guys is the best thing ever! Man, I just can't keep still!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Shiki-kun... I understand you're happy and all, but be careful not to get too excited. We wouldn't want you getting hurt after all.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Today's your birthday... congrats, Shiki. Umm... should I ask to borrow a microphone? You... look like you want to sing.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Hey Shiki, happy birthday man! This year, I got you something real good: super rare donuts! I've already taken my share so feel free to eat it all!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Happy birthday, Shiki! Be careful not to hurt your throat by shouting too much, okay? You're our irreplaceable vocalist, after all!

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Shiki Iseya-icon.png Ahh... yeah! Thank you! My birthday can't really get started without you celebrating it, Producer-chan! Yay! Mega mega happy~!

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Thanks, guys! Woohoo! I'm super mega max hyped~! Wait, I got it! I'll sing how thankful I am in one heartfelt song!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Happy birthday, Shiki-kun. As for your present, I got you a well-reputed honey that's good for your throat... Hey! Stop that shouting!
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Shiki... Happy birthday! You're always so energetic... but don't push yourself, okay? Use this Kumacchi neck warmer... to take care of your throat.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Haha... I think this is the most energetic you've ever been! Congrats, Shiki! Why don't you calm down first and save the singing for after you've eaten this donut, okay?
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Happy birthday, Shiki! Here you go! This is the Kumacchi key chain you wanted, right? Heh, it always gets super lively every year on Shiki's birthday.

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Hehe~ This year I’ll continue being mega mega happy! Why, you may ask! Of course, it’s because of your wishes, Producer chan!

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Sing me the greatest hyper mega mega max happy Happy Birthday! For the whole world to hear!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png “Max” basically means the same thing as highest, doesn't it... Woah Hey! Don’t get so loud! Uh well, whatever makes you happy..
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Shiki, you look really happy... celebrating makes you very happy huh… Happy Birthday... here’s to another great year.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Today’s your day, so sing as much as you want! Then we can all eat donuts! More donuts than ever!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Happy Birthday, Shiki! You’re super hyper today! As Natsuki said, this sure makes you happy!

Character Commu
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Yay! I got a happy birthday from Producer-chan again this year! This is going to be another mega awesome birthday! Producer-chan, mega thank you!

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Shiki Iseya-icon.png All of you made a song for me to sing... I'm hyper max grateful! Ahh, I can't wait any longer! I reallly wanna sing on stage right now!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png I keep telling him every year to not get too excited and there he goes jumping around everywhere again... Well, I'll let it go.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png A Shiki that's not excited on his birthday... isn't Shiki. Being cheerful... is the best for him. Also... I really want to listen... to Shiki sing.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png I'm with Natsuki on this. We made this song because we wanted to hear Shiki sing after all. You're the star today, Shiki! We'll be playing so sing your heart out!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Shiki, we actually have one more birthday present for you. Tadah! A Kumacchi cake! Awesome, right? Let's go and eat it with everyone!

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