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Login I wanna sing once in awhile too, Producer-chan! Being an house-sitter all the time’s gonna make me hyper-depressed...
You’re late, Producer-chan! I’m getting sick of waiting for you all the time! ...Just kidding!~ Where should we start t’day? Anything’s good with me!
Event Login YAY! Here ya go, Producer-chan! My gift of love, just for you! Use this to raise everyone’s spirits, okay? Alright, let’s PUMP IT UP☆
YAY! Here ya go, Producer-chan! My gift of love, just for you! Use this to raise everyone's spirits, okay? Let's keep pumping it up to the MAX, 'til the very end☆
Lesson OKAY! Leave the voice lessons to me! I’ll show ya how it’s done!
Live Formation Doing concerts with everyone is mega cool~! I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sleep until we get up there!
Audition Battle Formation YAY! I’m feeling so motivated, my energy is mega off the CHARTS! I’m not gonna lose to anyone!
Featured Unit I’m so stoked you picked me, Producer-chan! I’m gonna do my mega best! For realz!
Leader N~R+ Hey, hey, office peeps! I want you to follow me! Let’s get pump it up, up, up and do our mega-mega best~!
N~R+ Trust MAX Since you made me leader, I’ve learned that just doing your best isn’t enough... See, see, I’m growing! Don’t overlook it, okay~?!
Leader SR~SR+ L...Leader?! M-Me?! No, I’m definitely pumped to the MAX! I’ll do my mega-best; then my bandmates’ll finally recognize me~~!
SR~SR+ Trust MAX Just thanking you for being there for me all the time isn’t enough, but I dunno how to express it... I’ll pay you back on the stage!
Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-chan is hyper-mega-MEGA-rad... Or, rather, we’re so tight I can’t even put it into words!
My Desk (0% Trust) ‘Sup, Producer-chan! So? Don’tcha think I look mega-cool today, too?
My Desk (5% Trust) I've gotta work harder... Then everyone'll finally recognize me.
My Desk (30% Trust) Cats are the uber-coolest... Hah... I want one sooooo badly.
My Desk (MAX% Trust) I can handle any song you throw at me now, Producer-chan! Lemme show ya!
Business (0% Trust) OKAY, feelin’ good! Let’s pump it up! Go, go, let’s go!
Business Long as I’m in the zone, anything ya throw at me’s gonna be an easy win♪ No matter what!
Business (MAX Trust) Producer-chan! How was I up there? Didn’t I look SUPER cool?!
Trust UP! Well... I’m definitely gaudy... maybe... But that doesn’t mean I’m singing half-heartedly! I wonder how I can convey that to everyone...
I tried thinking about a bunch of different things, but if I have time to worry, I have time to crack down on singing practice. Men speak with results, after all!
As long as you're watching me, Producer-chan, I can believe in myself. I'm gonna blow everyone outta the water, just you see!
Trust MAX Producer-chan is just like a cat to me... In other words, someday, I’m gonna be worth your time. I mean it.
Refreshments Heya! I got a cool gift for you from my Producer-chan!
Cheer TA-DA! Your reinforcement has arrived!
Convo Chance! Hey! That was Producer-chan just now!
Break Time Are you takin’ a breather, Producer-chan? Is it alright if I come too?
Thankies! Let me ask you for advice again sometime! It’d make me super happy! Bai bai~☆
mini Shout
mini Thanks
Audition Battle Preparation Hey, are you ready too? C’mon, get amped up! Let’s get in there!
Audition Battle Alright, let’s do it!
YAY! I’ll show you just how fierce I can be!
Mega-serious-mode, activate!
Program Audition Preparation Woo, I’m on a hyper-rush today! Yay! Too bad you’re up against me, hehe!
Program Audition (Rival) Mega-serious-mode, activate!
Program Audition (Self) YAY! I’ll show you just how fierce I can be!
Audition Battle (Backup) TA-DA! Your reinforcement has arrived!
Audition Battle (Win) TA-DA! Toldja I can get serious!
Audition Battle (Lose) No way, seriously?! Hyper-shock!
Live Preparation YAY! Get hype, get hype!!
Live Continuation We can keep going, can’t we? Come on, come on, stay happy! Get hype!
Umm... I guess it wasn't enough? ...But I'm already mega MAXed out!
Live Success! Producer-chan, didja see that?! That felt GREAT! I totally rocked it out there!
Everyone was AWESOME out there! What can I say? It’s a cinch once I walk in!
YAY! If they’re gettin’ THAT amped up over just this, then singing must be the funnest thing EVER!
Birthday Effect (2016) Dude, my Shiki-senses are tingling! They’re telling me there’s something totally hype going on today!
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Hyper Positive[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Whoa~! I can’t believe there were so many Kumacchi collab candies! I’m sure the person who gets my present will have their excitement surge up to the mega MAX!
I love songs with fast tempos, but I can also sing mellow love ballads well, too. Are you surprised? I’m not doing vocals just for show, y’know!
Scout A return gift for White Day is something I gotta wrack my brains over. So this has to be something you’d have to enjoy getting, right?
I’m happy that I got chosen to be a member for an event like this. It makes me think that I have to work hard in everyone else’s place too.
Change! This outfit’s got an asymmetrical design to it. Ain’t that cool and mega-hype! How is it, how is it? Does it make me look more mature than usual?
My Desk (0% Trust) The other guys from the other units are all so awesome, so I can’t let myself lose to ‘em…!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, are you getting tired? No working too hard, got it?
Business (0% Trust) …Ahh— Ah—, ahem. All right~, my throat’s working perfect today again!
Trust MAX I’ve got a lot of rivals in my way if I wanna become a top idol, but… if I’m with you, Producer, I can keep working hard from here on!
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
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Team's Control Tower[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album There you go, Hayatocchi, nice fight! I can’t let myself lose here! Here I go! Learned directly from Harunacchi, my mega MAX serious hyper serve!!
“You’ve finally put on a captain-like expression. You should be able to hit the ball now… Go, Hiyoshi! Lead everyone to victory!”
Scout It’s hard to do a cool role! I seriously respect Natsukicchi, since he can do something like that naturally!
A while back, I found this hyper-stylish wrist band! It had a design that I could use even off work, so I bought it right awaysies!
Change! It’s really reassuring that everyone in High×Joker is on the same team! We can keep getting through everything right till the end!
My Desk (0% Trust) I’m still uneasy being without my glasses, but this is for the sake of my role!
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’ll teach you my own-styled volleyball technique directly too, Producer ♪
Business (0% Trust) Me’n a bunch of the other guys who act as characters from different schools got super excited talking about volleyball!
Trust MAX I have faith that, even if the ball goes flying in a weird direction, you’ll definitely pick it back up for me!
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success
Event Effect
T/L Credit nemuruoogarasu