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Login My, my, keeping me home today, too? Well, if you’re so intent on leading me on, perhaps my next role should be Kiyohime, hm?

Well hel-LO, Producer-chan. How are you? Where shall we go today~? I’d be just delighted to go wherever you’d like♪

Event Login Producer-chan, be a dear and take this gift, would you? I’ll give you a taste of my serious side, something you’ll never forget.

Producer-chan, be a dear and take this gift, would you? Make sure I keep my serious face on until the very end, okay? I’ll razzle and dazzle in the middle of that giant stage in no time!

Lesson I can teach you my secrets, if you’d like.

Live Formation 1...2...3... Soon, I’ll be standing on that stage. This calls for some serious practice, don’t you think?

Audition Battle Formation Now then... Oh, where ''did'' my opponent run off to? I won’t lose a fight as easy as this.

Featured Unit

Featured? Me? Oh, I’m just tickled pink! Hmhm, I won’t waste this opportunity you’ve given me.

Leader N~R+ You’re leaving it to me? Oh, how fabulous. Then, shall we build that grandest of stages together, my darlings?

N~R+ Trust MAX Seeing all of you work so hard worries me sick, ironically enough! But that blood, sweat, and tears are what make performances! I must remain diligent!

Leader SR~SR+ Well, now that I’m leader, there’s no need for restraint or compromise or any of that silly stuff. Let us shine together with all our might!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Without you behind the scenes supporting us all, why, we wouldn’t have even a speck of spotlight to bathe in. I can’t possibly thank you enough!

Leader (Other Producer) What ''is'' my relationship with Producer-chan, I wonder? Mutualistic, perhaps? Ohh, I couldn’t even begin to imagine being without them!

My Desk (0% Trust) Hold it right there, Producer-chan! I am ''not'' going out there with this dreadful bedhead!

My Desk (5% Trust) Oh dear... Now where was I supposed to go today?

My Desk (30% Trust) I have to concentrate on my script, so could you be a dear and sit over there like a good little child for a spell?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) Aha, don’t worry your pretty little head, you. I have a policy of not being picky with jobs.

Business (0% Trust) I could get used to this kind of work. Now, you can go ahead and just leave this to me.

Business Oh, darling, I’m just fine on my own, I insist! Do me an eensy little favor and look after Kuro-chan and the others, though, would you?

Business (MAX Trust) Mhmhm, did you see that, darlings? ''That'' was my serious side.

Trust UP! I've never truly been a born performer... I’ve never even had any big roles to speak of. Mhmhm... This... is all I have.

Producer-chan, an idol’s true power is more than enough to take center stage, no? In that case, I simply love this work!

I think I’ve become rather fond of that face of yours, Producer-chan. Mm, you’re not really my type, but just seeing it seems to heal me...

Trust MAX Every since the two of us started working together, I haven’t had a single dull moment of free time! Not a single moment of free time at all, in fact! It’s actually rather pleasant... I’ll be counting on you from here on out.

Refreshments Oh dar~ling, my Producer-chan prepared just the ''loveliest'' present for you♪

Cheer Now, now, darling, keep a level head!

Convo Chance! Say, Producer-chan?

Break Time Keep me company for just a bit, would you please, darling? Now, now. Right this way.

Oh my, going so soon? Parting is such sweet sorrow, but... until next time.

mini Shout Shall I enchant you?

mini Thanks Producer-chan. Thank you for the present, darling.

Audition Battle Preparation
Audition Battle We're all fools here, dear, so why not dance?

What a fabulous game! Let’s see what you’re made of, shall we?

Program Audition Preparation Oh my, you’re a rather pretty face, but me and my fabulous Kabuki pose won’t be losing.

Program Audition (Rival) What a fabulous game! Let’s see what you’re made of, shall we?

Program Audition (Self) Now then, shall I enchant you with the true way of the arts?

Audition Battle (Backup) Now, now, darling, keep a level head!

Audition Battle (Win) Hmhm, thanks for the good time, darling.

Audition Battle (Lose) ... Bravo, you’ve done it. Remember this for next time, darling.
Live Preparation Hel-LO, everyone! Lights on me, if you would, dears!

Live Continuation Oh my, the audience isn’t into it at all! At this rate, I’ll have to bring out my serious side...

All I want right now is to add just one more flower. Chop-chop! Straighten yourselves out!

Live Success! Ha... Thank goodness! That concert was the highlight of our play, don’t you think?

Hmhm, silly me, I flew a little too high out there. I suppose a stage like this isn’t so bad once in awhile.

No, no, this just won’t do! I need more spotlight! More! Producer-chan, to the next concert! The next!

We simply had to brace ourselves until we prevailed. Press on!

Birthday Effect (2015) Mhmhm... My chance has arrived. Producer-chan, are you just going to let this pass you by?

Birthday Effect (2016) Even though it’s summer right now, “This is a good omen of Spring,” no?

Birthday Comments

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Side Melodious[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album The moment I touched it, I felt a spark. The design’s a favorite of mine, so I guess you could call this love at first sight… Fufu, it looks good on me? Oh, listen to you, saying things like that!
I’m truly blessed to be able to sing in a lovely place like this! I’ll sing with everything I have and put my feelings into it, so I’d like it if you enjoyed it until the very end.
Scout During this season, shawls are a valuable product! Just wearing them makes your impression change. Looks like I met with a good product here!
See, look. The illumination is lighting up soon. It’s sparkling and quite the pretty sight… Want to watch a little longer?
Change! The bells on our chests sure are stylish. I can feel a preference on each and every one of these designs. It makes me happy wearing this sort of outfit.
My Desk (0% Trust) It’s good once in a while doing a job with members that are different than usual. I can study the others, after all!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Working hard is good, but overworking is a big no-no. How about you take a little break?
Business (0% Trust) Doing the same thing over and over again will bore us. We’ll have to keep changing, isn’t that right?
Trust MAX I’m having so much fun right now, almost to the point I’m thinking it’d be nice if I could spend time during next year’s Christmas in the same way as this. This is also thanks to you.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Best Game[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Fufu. Both flowers are pretty. Their colors and shapes are both nice in their own ways, so I can’t judge either of them as being better or worse. So I guess I’ll have to decide it by gut feeling.
"A gamble is done equally. Neither strength nor gender nor age matter: the only one who wins is the one that fortune favors. Which one are you? Fufufu. Make sure to entertain me."
Scout It’s hard to choose just one out of something, but… Fufu. But it’s also really fun to find something that suits me best.
Producer, come here and choose one with me. You’re the one who looks at me the closest, after all.
Change! Even with one folding fan, the way I hold it matters too. The placement of my fingers, the angle… I want to try bringing out allure to the very tips of the fan.
My Desk (0% Trust) People gather up and quarrels happen, but if we’re with friends, we can overcome them.
My Desk (MAX Trust) It must be a lot of work to bring everyone all together, but I’m here. Rely on me, okay?
Business (0% Trust) I’m happy to be told that I’ve got force behind things. Looks like the research of my role paid off.
Trust MAX There are times when I want to bet on chancy trades, but if you’re here, I’d bet my future on you.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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