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Shouta Mitarai

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"It's OK to depend on me for just about anything! Just saying♪"
Member of
Character Data
Age: 14
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Shoe Size: 24.5 cm
Birthday: April 20
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Sleeping, Filial Piety♪
Skills: Backflips
Writing Hand: Left
Horoscope: Taurus
Hometown: Tokyo
Ex-Job: 961 Production Idol
Attribute: Mental
Voice Actor: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

The little brother of Jupiter who's more beloved than anyone!

Shouta Mitarai is one of the Idols available to produce at 315 Productions. He is a member of the Idol Unit, Jupiter. He was a former 961 Production Idol before defecting with his fellow unit members, Touma Amagase and Hokuto Ijuin.

Profile[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Shouta is an idol formerly affiliated with 961 Production. He is the youngest member of Jupiter, an innocent young boy who loves to fool around. Though confident in his skills as an idol, he's rather cheeky and impertinent. Taking advantage of his outstanding reflexes, he brings the party to Jupiter's performances with his nimble body and dance forte¹.

Resume[edit | edit source | hide]

Reasons for Becoming an Idol
My second oldest sister sent in an audition application for me all on her own~
Personal Motto
Um... Filial... piety?
Comments for the Future
Well, if I’m going to be an idol, I should obviously try to aim for the top! I know I’ve got it in the bag! ...That is, if I can’t become the top idol, no one else can either!
Comments about Unit Members
Touma-kun and Hokuto-kun are a blast. Touma-kun’s so fun to tease. But, we still respect him! What would I say about Hokuto-kun, though...? Ah! He’s living a life of debauchery...? Right? Ahaha!

Story[edit | edit source | hide]

Translated Commus[edit | edit source | hide]

Birthday Comments[edit | edit source | hide]

See: Shouta Mitarai/Birthday
Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png That's right! Today's my birthday♪ What are you going to give me, Producer-san? ...Is there anything I want? Anything is fine with me if it's from you, Producer-san♪

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Thanks for celebrating my birthday, guys! When it comes to birthdays, there's nothing better than being hailed and celebrated like royalty~☆ Oh, what's this tasty looking dish?
Touma Amagase-icon.png Hey, don't eat it all at once! That's premium limited time chicken delivered from one of my favorite restaurants! Let everyone get a chance to savor it.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Hahaha... Oh, we're forgetting something important. Touma and I have to sing happy birthday to you. 1, 2... Happy birthday to you...

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png You're going to celebrate my birthday? Yay! Thank you, Producer-san~! Having you celebrate my birthday is more than enough for me... but of course I'm always open for receiving presents~!

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Man, no matter how old I get, I always feel happy when I have my birthday celebrated! Thanks, you two~! I wonder what my presents are~?
Touma Amagase-icon.png Man... You really do get excited easily. Me and Hokuto picked out something we thought you'd like. You'd better take care of it!
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png It's your own personal office-use pillow. Touma said that this particular pillow would let you have good dreams. Just make sure you wipe your sweat before falling asleep. You might catch a cold if you don't.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png I've been waiting for you to say happy birthday to me~
No matter how many people in the world wish me a happy birthday, all of it doesn't feel like it's enough until I hear it from you.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png I really am glad I was born into this world. I bet the fans think the same, and you two do too, Touma-kun, Hokuto-kun✰
Touma Amagase-icon.png When you say it like that, it feels like you're trying to get me to say that... But I can't deny that what you said is true. Shouta, I'm really glad to have met you.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png You're honest today, Touma... If even one of us was missing, we wouldn't have become Jupiter. We need to be thankful that we could meet.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Producer-san, this is exactly what I was hoping for!

That's a proof you're always watching me. Thanks!!

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Woah, is it okay if I eat this whole cake by myself? I'm really happy.... but I'll share it with Touma-kun and Hokuto-kun too! It's a little awkward if I eat it all alone~
Touma Amagase-icon.png Is that really okay? Then I'll take it! I picked it out from the catalogue, but seeing it in person it looks so good I got a little jealous.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Well, in the end that's how it goes. We got the extra-large size so even if we share in between all of it there should still be plenty for you, Shouta.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Thanks for the gift!
Hehe, I'm happy you got me a present, but aren't feelings you put into it what's most important? Just kidding!

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Hey hey, so what did you get me? I didn't bring much with me today, so I'll have no problem carrying any huge presents home!
Touma Amagase-icon.png Shouta have to wait until we bring it up! Even if you know you're getting a present, you don't ask for it yourself!
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Fufu, after discussing it with Touma, we decided to buy you a neck pillow. Since you nap a lot, we thought you should try it out.

Side Memories[edit | edit source | hide]

See: Shouta Mitarai/Side Memories

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Etymology[edit | edit source | hide]

  • The name Shouta means "soar, glide, fly" (翔) (shou) and "thick, big, great" (太) (ta).
  • Shouta's surname Mitarai means "your hand" (御手) (mit) and "wash/washing, inquire into, probe" (洗) (arai).

Trivia[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Shouta has three older sisters. His second oldest sister sent in an idol audition application to 961 Production because she is a fan of Hokuto.
  • Shouta is not a morning person and said to be difficult to awaken from sleep; other idols can be seen helping him prepare in the morning when needed.
  • Shouta can’t swim. Touma teases him for it, like in his Aquarium Live magazine chapter.

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Shouta Mitarai
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