Shouta Mitarai/Birthday

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Commus[edit | edit source]

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png That's right! Today's my birthday♪ What are you going to give me, Producer-san? ...Is there anything I want? Anything is fine with me if it's from you, Producer-san♪

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Thanks for celebrating my birthday, guys! When it comes to birthdays, there's nothing better than being hailed and celebrated like royalty~☆ Oh, what's this tasty looking dish?
Touma Amagase-icon.png Hey, don't eat it all at once! That's premium limited time chicken delivered from one of my favorite restaurants! Let everyone get a chance to savor it.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Hahaha... Oh, we're forgetting something important. Touma and I have to sing happy birthday to you. 1, 2... Happy birthday to you...

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png You're going to celebrate my birthday? Yay! Thank you, Producer-san~! Having you celebrate my birthday is more than enough for me... but of course I'm always open for receiving presents~!

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Man, no matter how old I get, I always feel happy when I have my birthday celebrated! Thanks, you two~! I wonder what my presents are~?
Touma Amagase-icon.png Man... You really do get excited easily. Me and Hokuto picked out something we thought you'd like. You'd better take care of it!
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png It's your own personal office-use pillow. Touma said that this particular pillow would let you have good dreams. Just make sure you wipe your sweat before falling asleep. You might catch a cold if you don't.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png I've been waiting for you to say happy birthday to me~
No matter how many people in the world wish me a happy birthday, all of it doesn't feel like it's enough until I hear it from you.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png I really am glad I was born into this world. I bet the fans think the same, and you two do too, Touma-kun, Hokuto-kun✰
Touma Amagase-icon.png When you say it like that, it feels like you're trying to get me to say that... But I can't deny that what you said is true. Shouta, I'm really glad to have met you.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png You're honest today, Touma... If even one of us was missing, we wouldn't have become Jupiter. We need to be thankful that we could meet.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Producer-san, this is exactly what I was hoping for!

That's a proof you're always watching me. Thanks!!

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Woah, is it okay if I eat this whole cake by myself? I'm really happy.... but I'll share it with Touma-kun and Hokuto-kun too! It's a little awkward if I eat it all alone~
Touma Amagase-icon.png Is that really okay? Then I'll take it! I picked it out from the catalogue, but seeing it in person it looks so good I got a little jealous.
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Well, in the end that's how it goes. We got the extra-large size so even if we share in between all of it there should still be plenty for you, Shouta.

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Thanks for the gift!
Hehe, I'm happy you got me a present, but aren't feelings you put into it what's most important? Just kidding!

Character Commu
Shouta Mitarai-icon.png Hey hey, so what did you get me? I didn't bring much with me today, so I'll have no problem carrying any huge presents home!
Touma Amagase-icon.png Shouta have to wait until we bring it up! Even if you know you're getting a present, you don't ask for it yourself!
Hokuto Ijuin-icon.png Fufu, after discussing it with Touma, we decided to buy you a neck pillow. Since you nap a lot, we thought you should try it out.