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Common[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Login If you start producing me, I’m sure you’ll realize how great I am right away, yanno? Just saying~

Being an idol is actually pretty fun! Let’s do our best today too, Producer-san♪

Event Login Producer-san☆Let us help you today too, will ya? Just a little reward from me to such a great Producer! Just make sure to pay me back~

Producer-san☆Let us help you ‘til the very end, will ya? Just a little reward from me to such a great Producer! Just make sure to pay me back~

Lesson So, looks like I’m teaching you today, huh~?

Live Formation A concert with us? That sounds pretty good. I’ve been getting antsy here!

Audition Battle Formation won’t lose a dance battle to anyone, you can count on that! ‘Course, I don’t plan on losing any battles~

You’ve got good taste, Producer-san~. Just leave it to me♪

Leader N~R+ Leader? Mm, I dunno about that... Well, if you say I have to no matter what, I guess I can do it~

N~R+ Trust MAX Thanks to me, this team’s really pulled itself together, huh? I guess I can try being the Leader a little while longer~

Leader SR~SR+ Leader? No problemo, just follow me~ Looking forward to seeing everyone get serious♪

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Hm, feels pretty good to get special treatment from you, Producer-san♪ I guess I don’t mind playing leader some more!

Leader (Other Producer) If it’s for you, Producer, I guess I don’t mind cracking down and putting myself out there a tiny bit. You’re the first person I can say that to, y’know.

My Desk (0% Trust) Ah, there’s cakes on the refreshments table! You wanna eat it together, Producer-san?

My Desk (5% Trust) Touma-kun takes things pretty seriously, huh? Ah, I’m pretty serious too, though♪

My Desk (30% Trust) ...Huh? I’ve got a cute hairpin? ...Ha, must’ve been my older sis again~

My Desk (MAX% Trust) I’ll listen to whatever you have to say, Producer-san. ‘Cus, well... you’re special!

Business (0% Trust) I've already memorized this song! We can move on whenever!

Business I’m not sucking up to the staff or anything. I’m just talking to you normally♪

Business (MAX Trust) ...Hey, Producer-san, I know you’re always doing your best for us. Thanks.

Trust UP! When I’m alone, I forget to eat, sleep past my train stops... Makes me feel all sorts of useless~. As a human, that is♪

You’re always looking after us, Producer-san. It makes me feel like I can do my idol duties without a care in the world. So, um... Thanks for everything!

If I do well, it means I helped, right? ...Okay, okay. I know you’re watching us with confidence♪

Trust MAX Producer-san, you were born to meet me! Riiight?! That’s gotta be it! Hehe... Just saying♪

Refreshments Hey, I’ve got refreshments from my Producer! Thanks for your help all the time!

Cheer That’s it~! You’re doing great~! Let’s both do our best!

Convo Chance! Hey, hey, Producer-san!

Break Time Let’s chat a bit☆I’ve got some time before my next job.

Ah, I have to go soon... Thanks, Producer-san! See ya later!

mini Shout Heheh♪

mini Thanks Producer-san, thanks for the gift☆

Audition Battle Preparation It’s fine to battle and all, but I’m preeetty sure I’m gonna win~

Audition Battle Hope we have a good, fun match!

Hm? This? This is just a warm-up for me.

Program Audition Preparation Oh, you’re my opponent? Don’t go too hard on me♪

Program Audition (Rival) Hm? This? This is just a warm for me.

Program Audition (Self) Okay, everyone, go easy on me~♪

Audition Battle (Backup) That’s it~! You’re doing great~! Let’s both do our best~!

Audition Battle (Win) Well, that’s how the cookie crumbles♪ Yay☆

Audition Battle (Lose) ...Ha... I just got bored all of a sudden, is all.

Live Preparation Hmm, why don’t we liven this place up a bit?

Live Continuation Wasn’t that good enough? Ha... Let’s go back and sleep...

Huh? It kinda feels like that wasn’t enough... Wanna try again?

Live Success! Feels pretty nice when the crowd cheers for us, doesn’t it♪

Did you see my super play just now, Producer-san?

With a huge show like that, I’m bound to have gotten some more fans again, huh?

Birthday Effect (2016) Uh oh, if I screw around I’m gonna lose my chance!!

R[edit | edit source | hide]

White Day 2016[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I think hairpins and stuff are cute enough to be a White Day return gift. But what do you think? I like this color.
To all the big bros and big sis’s who are always cheering me on! Will you let me get return gifts for you next year? It’s a promise, see!
Scout I hang out with my big sisters when they buy stuff, so I’m good at choosing return gifts.
I’m ''always'' tagging along with Touma-kun when he goes to pick out return presents~. I’m such a good boy, aren’t I?
Change! I chose this present while I was thinking about you, Producer. Choosing presents is pretty fun.
My Desk (0% Trust) Taking a shower right after a dance lesson feels super good! Wanna try it out?
My Desk (MAX Trust) I want to go check out some new dance shoes. Of course you’re gonna accompany me when I go, right?
Business (0% Trust) I’ve been listening to the new song when I’m on the move. I can’t help but hum along to it.
Trust MAX You can’t look away. Look only at me! …Oh, just kidding. How was that? It seemed like Hokuto-kun, right?
Live Prep N/A
Live Continuation N/A
Live Success
Event Effect
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Crimson Live[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album I borrowed Suzaku-san’s gakuran ♪ It looks cute how it’s all floppy on me, but if I had Nyako ride on my shoulders… I might just get even more cuter unnecessarily, huh?
It’s said that boys have bravery and girls have charm, but since I have both bravery and charm, I think I’m the strongest… Maybe I should aim for becoming the boss of the idol world while I’m at it?
Scout There’s so many delinquent-ish people… They look scary at first glance, but once I got talking to them, it turns out they’re pretty good people. They’re like Suzaku-san and Genbu-san.
Change! I first thought the outfit’s design was a badge, but it turns out this is embroidery~. It’s really detailed… I gotta work hard so that I won’t lose to my outfit.
My Desk (0% Trust) The manga I borrowed from Touma-kun is pretty interesting. Do you want to read it too?
My Desk (MAX Trust) Which sorta guy do you like more, Producer? A delinquent type of guy or honor student type?
Business (0% Trust) Wanna have a one-on-one match with me? I don’t think I’d lose, though~
Trust MAX I think I realized what the bravery of guys is all about? If a bad guy ever picked a fight with us, I’d protect you, Producer.
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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Detective Aaron[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album You’re the culprit!! Oh, just kidding. I want to do a role that does the solving next time~. I’ll be looking forward to a spinoff where the detective’s assistant, Shooty Dan, makes great waves~!
"I found this thing at the scene of the crime, but… I don’t believe it can be unrelated to the incident this time. Sir, this message… What could it possibly be?"
Scout Mystery movies look hard, but I’ll definitely be able to act it out well. I’m a genius, after all~♪
Do I have to read this entire book? It’s so heavy. Looks like a ton of work~… Ah, I got it. Get Touma-kun to read it in my place!
Change! "Sir, sir! Take a look at this! I think I might’ve found something big… I’m serious this time!"
My Desk (0% Trust) My outfit’s hat is pretty cute. Maybe I’ll look for something that’s pretty similar and buy it~
My Desk (MAX Trust) I wanna do a puzzle-solving game with you, Producer. I think I’ll be able to help you out ☆
Business (0% Trust) I notice things pretty well, so I think I’d be able to help out if you had me at your side~
Trust MAX I think I’d have fun if I played a culprit, too. See, I can do just about anything. Don’t you think so too, Producer?
Live Prep
Live Continuation
Live Success
Event Effect
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