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Common[edit | edit source]

Login Even if I sputter around at the office, I won’t make any money from it~. I wonder~ Should I go off on a journey in search of a new way of life?

Everyday as an idol feels like a journey. Seems like it’ll be a long one, too~. Let’s take another step forward today, shall we~?

Event Login Though the years may pass, the favor unforgotten, the tale of the crane. Fufu, this sort of repayment works too from time to time, right~? In return, keep supporting us~ *

Though the years may pass / The favor unforgotten / The tale of the crane. Fufu, from time to time, this sort of repayment works too, right~? Keep supporting us until the end~

Lesson If it’s word games you want, I can teach you~.

Live Formation A concert with everyone together, huh. Fufu, don’t worry. I’ve been blessed with a cooperative spirit~

Audition Battle Formation If it’s a game of chance, I want to win without having to read the atmosphere~. Please, be gentle with me~.

Featured Unit

If you’re choosing me, I’ll try to live up to your expectations as an idol. Kidding, I’ll be working hard in my own way~

Leader N~R+ Being the leader / Could it be a new freedom / Or a new shackle? But, you chose this for my sake, right~? In that case, I’ll give it a try~

N~R+ Trust MAX Being leader’s pretty tough~. But, this is another chance for my growth~ So I have no plans of stopping halfway~.

Leader SR~SR+ Our road tomorrow / Becomes the road of fools / Left undecided... But to avoid that sort of outcome, I’ll do my best as leader in my own way~.

SR~SR+ Trust MAX Being by your side all the time, I’m gradually starting to notice your weak points, Producer~. Fufu, I’ll do my best so I can make up for them~.

Leader (Other Producer) My Producer-san, huh~? Someone I can spill my heart to without hesitation, someone I can easily call out to. That’s the kind of relationship we have, I suppose~

My Desk (0% Trust) Even the white swan / Under the water’s surface / Keeps her legs busy. Idols are straightforward like that as well, surprisingly~

My Desk (5% Trust) This office has too many carefree people... Though, you probably don’t want to be hearing that from me~.

My Desk (30% Trust) It’s not good to be too stiff about things~. Fufu, I’m not talking about shoulders, you know~?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) I feel so motivated every day when I’m with you, Producer-san~ Never a dull moment~

Business (0% Trust) All settled. To fulfill our tasks / Let us go and continue / Unto our next path.

Business I’ve waited so long / For these fleeting few seconds / When our hearts can touch. Moments like this are precious~.

Business (MAX Trust) Piles upon heaps / In a business such as this / Secrets pile up. It’s interesting working with you~.

Trust UP! What’s the point of living without being able to say what you want to~? It’s strange~.

Producer-san, you’re really passionate about work huh~. It’s not a bad thing, but~...Fufu. Try not to get tunnel vision, okay~?

If I were to present me as I am as just a persona, would that be lying~? What do you think, Producer-san~?

Trust MAX You have a big heart, Producer-san~ Even when I have to play a part for work, I still feel comfortable~

Refreshments Here’s a refreshment from my Producer-san~ I’m merely an errand boy~.

Cheer Try not to depend too much on your friends~.

Convo Chance! Ah~, Producer-san~.

Break Time Living carefreely / The moments we can relax / Are the most precious. Won’t you take a break with me, Producer~?

I had a fun break, thanks to you. Fufu, see you later~.

mini Shout All in good order~

mini Thanks Oh, a treat~. Thank you, Producer-san~.

Audition Battle Preparation This fight is to partake in the provisions known as work. Approach me at your own risk~

Audition Battle I’ll be observing your skills~.

Program Audition Preparation You’ve decorated yourself so well, but your true nature is still showing through~. How fun~, fufu.

Program Audition (Rival) They say don’t judge a book by its cover~.

Program Audition (Self) I wonder if it’s okay if you come along~?

Audition Battle (Backup) Don’t rely on your friends too much~.

Audition Battle (Win) I don’t want to gain anyone’s resentment~.

Audition Battle (Lose) I think we’ll meet again someday~.

Live Preparation I’m at your service / With an eye-catching song and / A bewitching dance.

Live Continuation Unable to reach / They give up before they know / Painful just to see. I don’t want it to end here~.

It seems like it still wasn’t enough~. But, I saw it... a visage~.

Live Success! Your penlights shined more than any stars in the sky. Thank you for your support~.

We went all out~. Did you savor it to your heart’s content~?

There’s things you need to stand on the stage to understand....This was a good experience~

Fulfilling an impossible request is what it means to be an idol… Looks like it went well~.

Birthday Effect (2016) There’s nothing we can do except take luck in our grasp and move forward~ I understand that~

Birthday Comments

* Reference to Japanese folktale Tsuru no Ongaeshi (The Crane’s Repayment).

SR[edit | edit source]

Stellar Novelist[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album The customs of 19th century London were pretty interesting~. Flipping the pages / Of a cloth-bound book brings you / to another place. It’s pretty easy to think of the entire world as existing in your hometown… I’ll jot that down~
“‘The red star seen on that night amongst the starry sky would shine forever more’ ...This is my true power! I’m going to protect London… no matter what!”
Scout A world in which words hold a great power… That’s the sort of world this story is set in, hm~? Truth, pierced through by / an arrowhead fashioned out / of words, spun tales.
I wonder what I should bring with me to London~? An ostentatious / person, travel bag crammed with / heaps and heaps of clothes… I’d like to travel light, personally~.
Change! I wonder what stories my character, Mitsumasa, wrote~ I’d like to read all of the characters’ stories, actually~
My Desk (0% Trust) The air overseas really is different~. Ah, I might have composed something~
My Desk (MAX Trust) Travelling to a / foreign country, holding on / to my true self. I’ll be sure to be myself over there too~
Business (0% Trust) Reading books from genres you don’t typically touch can be quite stimulating~
Trust MAX Whilst walking the streets of London, I feel free from a lot of stuff~. It’s nice to go overseas sometimes~
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The One Who Sees Through the State of Mind[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album Souls of both cultures, / Western and Chinese, are placed / into this dessert. It’s perfect for a body tired from filming~. Yukihiro-san taught me something good~. I think I’ll go buy more later.
"No matter who it is, no one can escape from my right eye. No matter what subtle bluff you try, none of it gets through me. Now, I’ll expose every part of you. Are you ready?"
Scout It was busy preparing for filming, but I feel like I’ve been more energized since reaching Macau. Looming in the back / Passionate feelings are / Asia’s energy~
With each role I have, / I engrave a brand new life / into my body. My role’s interesting again~. It’s not every day that you experience a day in the life of a mafia member~
Change! Eyepatches are cool, but it’s difficult to get a grip of distance~ I’m not like Asselin-sensei when it comes to this~ I have to get used to it soon.
My Desk (0% Trust) When there’s work alongside a member of Café Parade, our repertoire of snacks goes up~
My Desk (MAX Trust) I’ve usually gone on travels by myself, so it’s a rather mysterious feeling when I go on expeditions with everyone else~
Business (0% Trust) Maintaining trust sure is hard to do~ You can’t slack off on any jobs, no matter what they are~
Trust MAX Blazing, burning up / This is the Best Game on which / people’s lives are bet. I don’t have an interest in gambling, but I think I might want to play, if it’s you~?
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Science[edit | edit source]

Type Conversation
Album I tried making watercolor~. Actually, there’s one of these that’s a cup of juice. Do you know which one’s which~? Try and guess~.

“HAHAHA! This is amazing power! If this is given to humans, I wonder what kinds of superpowered people could be created… Kukuku!” ...Phew. Maintaining a sense of constant excitement is a lot of work~.

Scout If I make a pretty color, I think it’d be nice to put it in a stylish bottle~. Later, I think I’ll peek at the general shops through the bottle~.

Depending on what you mix in, the color changes and changes… It’s like acting, isn’t it~. I wonder what color I am right now~?

Change! Face me one-on-one / a natural enemy / lets me come closer. I didn’t think I’d be able to challenge my weakness through a role~.

My Desk (0% Trust) I think I’m striking up a good balance between work and university~. I’m pretty satisfied~.

My Desk (MAX Trust) Maybe I should try reading some science fiction novels~. Tell me if you have any recommendations~.

Business (0% Trust) ...Ah, sorry about that~. I can’t help but turn my gaze to any well-made points of purchase~.

Trust MAX You bring me these jobs, thinking that I can do it because it’s me, don’t you~? I want to respond to your expectations~.

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