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Login Yo, Producer, my hairstyle’s totally on point! Can’t you take me along with you today?!

Yo! Well?! Where’s your fighting spirit?! C’mon, let’s go! Burn! Burned! BURN IT UP!!

Event Login Yo, I’ve got supplies for ya, Producer-san! I’m gonna stoke the flames of my heart and let it BURRRRRRN!!!

Yo, I’ve got supplies for ya, Producer-san! I’m gonna keep racing on ‘til the very end! BURN IT UP!!

Lesson Yo yo yo, let’s do our best together, aight?!

Live Formation Whoaaaa! We’re gonna go at this stage with everything our red-hot souls’ve got, yeah?! BURN IT UP!

Audition Battle Formation Aah? Hey, bastard, you aimin’ t’get burnt up by my flames or somethin’?

Featured Unit

ALRIIIGHT! I’m gonna burst out in flames out there, Producer-san, just you watch!

Leader N~R+ Hey, hey, hey! So you’re all leavin’ the leader crap t’me! I’m gonna go at it with all the justice I’ve got and BURN IT UUUP!!!

N~R+ Trust MAX The leadering crap sure takes a lotta brains... I feel burnt out 24/7... Hey, but still, I’m looking more like a leader every day, don’tcha think? Hehe!

Leader SR~SR+ A man’s man like Suzaku Akai ain’t got a word like “refusal” in his dictionary! If you’re dependin’ on me, Producer-san, I’ll be a leader, hell, I’ll be any damn thing you need!

SR~SR+ Trust MAX How to put this... all I ever do is sprint off ahead. Your words’re always savin’ my ass, y’know.

Leader (Other Producer) Together, my Producer-san and I are destroyers of evil; you won’t find a more enthusiastic partner in the world! They’re pretty much an honorary third member of Shinsoku Ikkon!!!

My Desk (0% Trust) Hehehe... My hairdo’s totally on point today, don’tcha think?!

My Desk (5% Trust) Once you see the wings of the Vermillion Bird, the courage will gush forth from you, every time!

My Desk (30% Trust) Hey, Nyako... I wonder what I should do to be useful to Producer-san... Any ideas?

My Desk (MAX% Trust) A man’s man like Suzaku Akai’s gonna follow you to the end of his days, Producer-san! And a man doesn’t go back on his word!

Business (0% Trust) Yo, Producer-san, you totally saw me kill it up there, right?!

Business Wheeew... We pulled it off. I managed to keep from running away, even when all those girls started closin’ in on me!!

Business (MAX Trust) If it’s for your sake, Producer-san, I’ll blaze it up as much as you need to! BURN IT UP!!

Trust UP! Yo, Producer-san! I’ve got some’in to say... Uh... See... Do ya have any particular expertise in how ta.... talk t’girls?

Whoaaaa! Producer-san, these cue cards you gave me are amazing, yo! Dude, I can finally talk to girls normally now!

I’m able to talk to tottering old grannies with ease now, but... Producer-san, ya gotta gimme another special lesson, yo!

Trust MAX
Refreshments Getting the privilege of eatin’ my Producer-san’s refreshments, you’re a pretty lucky bastard, ain’t ya? AIN’T YA?!

Cheer Hey, hey! If you lose, I’m punchin’ yer lights out!

Convo Chance! Yo, yo, Producer-san.

Break Time Yo, Producer-san, you’ve really been killin’ it out there everyday! Need a shoulder rub or anythin’?

Call me immediately next time somethin’s up, okay!! Watch yerself out there! BURN IT UP!!

mini Shout BURN IT UP!

mini Thanks Yo, Producer-san! I’m pretty stoked about this gift!

Audition Battle Preparation Aah? Hey, bastard, you aimin’ t’get burnt up by my flames or somethin’?

Audition Battle Wings, burst into flames! Let’s BURN IT UP!!

Program Audition Preparation UWOOOOO! COME AT ME, BRO! I’ll show ya the hidden strength of “Explosive Flame Suzaku!”

Program Audition (Rival) Come at me, I’ll burn ya to a crisp!

Program Audition (Self) I make my own path! Uwoooo...!!

Audition Battle (Backup) Hey, hey! If you lose, I’m punchin’ yer lights out!

Audition Battle (Win) Aight! Victory goes to the manliest man around, Suzaku Akai!

Audition Battle (Lose) You son of a... You’d better remember this!

Live Preparation My wings burn with fire!!

Live Continuation Hey, is this the all the fire you bastards got?! We gotta stoke their flames way more than this, yeah?!!

Live Success! Now that’s what I call power! How were we!? Awesome, right, Producer-san?!!


Ooh, that felt... Sniff... F-Fuck off! I ain’t cryin’, that’s just sweat!

Birthday Effect (2016) My senses are tinglin’... Somethin’ huge as hell is about t’happen!!

Birthday Comments

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Aside Famille[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Awright! Leave the heavy duty jobs to me! If you’re bad with heavy stuff, don’t hold back on tellin’ me. I’m gonna carry ‘em all for you! BUUURNING!!
It’s been a while since our last PV filmin’, so I’m real nervous… Hey, Nyako, ain’t my face all stiff or anythin’? Genbu and Producer haven’t told me nothin’, so I’m fine? Right!?
Scout Express an at-mo-sphere that brings out the aes-the-tic cents… I can’t do it! My head feels like implodin’ on itself. I can at least just frown for the time bein’, right!?
Gardenin’s seriously a ton of fun. I totally forgot what the heck we came here to do! UOOOOOHHH I’m gonna put my all into the photoshoot!!
Change! This outfit’s really seriously cool, huh!? If I wrapped thorns ‘round my gakuran or somethin’, I feel like it’d get cooler!
My Desk (0% Trust) Nyako, bath’s ready~... Hey, wait! Ah! You little— Don’t run away!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Producer, uh… Is it somethin’ for guys to get embarrassed over that they like sweet stuff?
Business (0% Trust) UOOOOOOHHH! I ain’t gettin’ spooked at a place like this! UOOOOOOOOOOHHH, BUUUUURNING!!
Trust MAX I got an awesome partner and Producer with me. No matter who’s my enemy, I don’t feel like I’m gonna lose!
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Live Success
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Crimson Live[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album Oh man, it sure suits you two! Shouta and Hokuto-san, both of you lookin’ like that makes you look like active duty delinquents! Awright, let’s take a photoshoot to commemorate things! …3, 2, 1… BURNING!
Today’s a generation’s big moment on stage!! Don’t worry ‘bout what others say when they look at you! Scream for us with all ya got!! We’ll take in all your passionate hearts, each and every one! BUUUURNIN’!!
Scout We’re gonna be singin’ the theme song of that delinquent manga’s drama!? KUUUUH! I’m already burnin’ up about things right now!!
I’m sure Touma-san’n the others could totally get along with Ouken’s delinquents!! It’s ‘cuz they’re braver than our delinquents!
Change! Gakuran styles are good, but embroidered varsities are cool, too! If we hit bad guys with direct glares in these clothes, they’d start shakin’ on the spot!!
My Desk (0% Trust) Genbu’s got a good expression in this picture! I’ll send it to you, Producer!
My Desk (MAX Trust) Delinquents also puff their chests out with pride and live with dignity! Ain’t that right, Producer, yo!
Business (0% Trust) Ouken’s first year, also known as the Explosive Flame Suzaku! This is my reserve strength! I’ll hit ya real hard with all I got!
Trust MAX Even when I’m on the stage, your feelings come across to me. That’s how I can burn up as much as I want!
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Courageous Fist[edit | edit source | hide]

Type Conversation
Album When I wear this haori, I remember the time I acted as Kondo Isami! It’s the pride of the Shinsengumi that I held close to me, as I pursued every day with the soldiers by my side! KUH~! This sure takes me back…!

Genbu, Nyako! Up until today, all of us together have made up Shinsoku Ikkon. Let’s promise to be together and forever from now on, too! This is our song! BURNIN’!!

Scout It’s real awesome how it’s been four years since I met you, Producer! I guess I gotta show you the best’n biggest live outta Shinsoku Ikkon that you’ve ever seen!

Lives are fun too, but I’d like to have a role like Kondou Isami again! That role made me interested too. It was lots of fun!

Change! These are special outfits for the anniversary live, Nyako! You got dressed up all cool-like too, so let’s go wild with all we want!

My Desk (0% Trust) Dammit, I can’t win! What do I do to make my legs move faster than Ren-san!?

My Desk (MAX Trust) Nyako’n I both adore ya, Producer! —Huh? “After such a long time,” y’say?

Business (0% Trust) The wings of flame burn in my heart! I’ll illuminate the world with the intensely red light of justice that scatters away evil!

Trust MAX Now that four years have passed, I’m sure I’ve improved too, right? Have I become a powerful, passionate dude who can support you, Producer!?

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Live Success
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