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Drama part 1 ~High×Joker~[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Translator: nemuruoogarasu
(DRIVE A LIVE starts playing)
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png 315 Production presents to you this High×Joker special! Make it sparkling! Make it thrilling!

Hy…p… Meg… Max… uhh— / Hyper Mega Max, super hype-up—

Special Radio!

Shiki Iseya-icon.png
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png …All right, so we’ve begun the… Hyper Mega Max, super hype-up special radio…!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png We’re going with MAX excitement right at the beginning!
(DRIVE A LIVE fades out)
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png *sighs*… Please wait a moment, Hayato, Shiki-kun.
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Ahaha! No beating around the bush with Juncchi’s demonic retorts, I guess!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Did you say something just now, Shiki-kun?
Shiki Iseya-icon.png N-nothing, no sirree.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png What was with that title call just now? It’s completely different from what’s written on the script.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png The correct title should be… umm……315 Production presents to you…… this High×Joker special…… Make it sparkling… Make it thrilling… special radio……
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png U-uh, wait, Natsuki. Maybe read those lines with a little bit more excitement so we can fire it up?
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Um…… More… excitement…… Mm…… Hm… ……How do I do that, Haruna?
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Ah…… Uh— Well, whatever. You’re fine the way you are. Yep.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png I can’t believe you. We’re not going to put in the Hyper Mega Max and super hype-up parts.
Shiki Iseya-icon.png But it’s totally a lot cooler this way! Hayatocchi and I thought this up in secret a while ago, just for this.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Wow… *glares* Hayato, you’re a culprit in this too?
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Well~… umm… Ahahaha…
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png All right, settle down there. You too, Jun. We’re losing time if we keep going like this.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Oh, you’re right. Anyways, let’s get started!
(Haruna flips the paper)
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png ‘Kay… This program is for 315 Production’s… Eh… uh—… Hey, Natsuki, how do you read this…?
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ……Um…
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Lend it to me.
(Jun takes the paper)
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Whoops!
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Jun......
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png What part was that? …This program is for 315 Production’s unit, the up-and-coming idol unit currently in high school, High×Joker. We aim to show the listener our charm through this hype-up, vibin’ along, radio program, dude! Yay~
(Jun puts down the paper)
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png “Hype-up… Vibin’ along…” Shiki-kun… You even meddled with the script?
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Urk—… Cat’s outta the bag…
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Mmhahaha… If we keep going like this, we won’t be able to make any headway… Guys, Producer finally managed to secure a special radio program for us. We gotta do it more properly. Ahem. …Um…
(Hayato flips through the papers)
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png This one’s the original script. …This program is for 315 Production’s unit, the up-and-coming idol unit currently in high school, High×Joker. We aim to show the listener our charm through this special radio program. Though it will be a short time, please do accompany us! Now then, let’s introduce each member once more.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Ooh! / YAAAY~! Shiki Iseya-icon.png
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png I’ll go first! I’m the leader, Akiyama Hayato. I play guitar!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png I’m the youngest member, vocalist Iseya Shiki! YAY~
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png I’m the pianist, Fuyumi Jun.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ......I’m Sakaki Natsuki… Bassist.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png I’m the drummer, Wakazato Haruna. I’m a young’n fresh 18 year old~
HighxJoker.png The five of us together make up High×Joker!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png ...We nailed it!
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png ‘Cuz we can do it if we try.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png It’s thanks to Hayato.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png N-not really, hahaha… You’re making me blush.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png What, are you planning to digress right after that? Let’s keep up the pace and continue on.
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Gotchas.
(Hayato flips through the papers)
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Um… Okay, then. First things first. We want the listeners to know more about us! So with that…
Shiki Iseya-icon.png By the way! I don’t know how all you guys decided on the instruments that you were gonna be playing. Since we’ve got the chance right now, please tell us all about it!
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ……Ah, just now… He actually went along with the script…
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Why’d ya just expose me like that, Natsukicchi!? You’re gonna ruin our groove; it was going so well!
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Eh—…… Uh…… Umm…… I’m sorry.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Ah, there, there. No worries, no worries. Don’t fight, and let’s all get along, okay? Anyway, we were talking about how we decided on the instruments we were playing, right? I joined last, so… Even though I chose drums, I didn’t really have some profound meaning for it. It was just the open position, simple as that.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Even though you say that, when you’re with the drums, you’re rather… how do I put it? You’re serious about it, Haruna-san. Despite them being such exhausting instruments, stamina-wise, and requiring a lot of practice.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Oh!? O-oh…… thanks!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Yep, yep! Haruna, your drumming is really steady. And honestly, that’s surprising. That’s probably rude, isn’t it.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Yeah, yeah. If I did have a steady disposition, I wouldn’t have repeated those years, huh…? Oh, so what about you, Hayato? Why did you start playing guitar?
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png My reason? It’s because, no matter what, playing the guitar makes me popular!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png *sighs* ...
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Hayatocchi’s guitar playing is, like, how do you put it… Like, mega awesome! When we’ve got a hyped-up, vibing-along song, it’s so passionate! And when it’s a song that’s on the quieter side of things, it’s got this hyper tender feel to it~ I dunno if you could call it energy, but it’s got power behind it!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png I concur that he plays the guitar well. But that’s exactly why his impure reason of wanting to become popular is so…
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Huh? It’s not impure. I just purely want to be popular!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png …Hayatocchi’s eyes are sparkling and pure as can be…
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png And what about it.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Mmhahaha… So why did you play keyboard, Jun?
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Uh— I was…… originally a piano player. So that’s all there is to it.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ......Jun’s piano playing is… amazing......! Ah… it’s not like the sound itself is just echoing. It’s as if you can see the scenery from the sound…… When I hear it, it gets across to my heart so strongly......
Shiki Iseya-icon.png I-I see…!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png N-nothing less of you…
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png Natsuki, that was embarrassing…
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Ahh, so why’d you start bass, Natsuki?
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ......Ah...... um......
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Hey…! Natsuki…! Y-you can do this!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Natsukicchi, say something, anything! If you keep quiet like this, then the program’s gonna be thrown haywire!
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Ah…… uh…… umm…… um. …Nothing, really.
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png By “nothing, really,” you mean… You didn’t have a specific reason for picking it?
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ...Yeah.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png But I like your bass playing. It gets easier to play the drums for me, I guess. We got a good groove between us as the rhythm squad, don’t we!
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png Ah…… fufu. Yes.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png …Wha— We’re nearing the time limit, so we have to wrap it up? We don’t have that much time left!? Are you serious…?
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png *sighs* It’s because we wasted time ever since the very beginning! Come on, let’s start finishing up.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png All right, then. To finish this off, let’s have each member talk about his thoughts on our future activities!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png As long as we’re going to be idols, imperfect as we are, I’ll do my actions without fail. That’s all I have to say.
Natsuki Sakaki-icon.png ……Um… Ah…… I’ll try my best… at least.
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Uhh— Then I’ll try my own best to graduate safely!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png WHAT!? Graduate!? Harunacchi, you can’t graduate from the band! You can’t do that, no matter what! High×Joker is eternal~!
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png No, man! Calm down, Shiki! I’m referring to graduating high school safely…!
Jun Fuyumi-icon.png *sighs*…… Come on, leader. Please end things before everything falls out of order.
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Haha, yeah, I guess I have to. Mmh! I originally started this band because I wanted to be popular. But now, as a member of High×Joker, I want to stand on an even larger stage with everyone. That’s the major feeling I have about this, I guess. Oh, of course— for that to happen, we’ll need the fans’ support! So please do continue to take care of High×Joker from now on! So with that, we’ll be ending things here!
Haruna Wakazato-icon.png Ooh, you wrapped it up nicely. Nice job, leader!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png ‘Kay then, all of us are gonna ask too!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png Once more, ready, set…
HighxJoker.png Please take care of High×Joker!
Hayato Akiyama-icon.png And with that, your hosts have been High×Joker!
Shiki Iseya-icon.png Bye-byesies~☆

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