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Full name: THE IDOLM@STER SideM ST@RTING LINE-09 神速一魂
Track number: 5
Release date: April 20th, 2016
Artists: Suzaku Akai (CV: Takeaki Masuyama)
Genbu Kurono (CV: Toshinari Fukamachi)
Yukihiro Kamiya (CV: Shou Karino)
Soichiro Shinonome (CV: Kouhei Amasaki)
Asselin BB II (CV: Makoto Furukawa)
Makio Uzuki (CV: Takuya Kodama)
Saki Mizushima (CV: Daiki Kobayashi)
Editor: Lantis Co., Ltd

THE IDOLM@STER SideM ST@RTING LINE-09 Shinsoku Ikkon is the 9th CD in the THE IDOLM@STER SideM ST@RTING LINE series released on April 20th, 2016. It features two new songs by Suzaku Akai and Genbu Kurono as the unit Shinsoku Ikkon along with two drama tracks with the 2nd part with another idol unit Café Parade.

Track List[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

01. バーニン・クールで輝いて
02. Drama part 1 〜神速一魂〜
03. オレたちの最強伝説 ~一世一代、破羅駄威棲!~
04. Drama part 2 〜神速一魂 & Café Parade〜
05. DRIVE A LIVE (神速一魂 ver.)

Romanized Track List[edit | edit source | hide]

01. Burnin' Cool de Kagayaite
02. Drama part 1 ~Shinsoku Ikkon~
03. Ore-tachi no Saikyou Densetsu ~Isseichidai, Paradise!~
04. Drama part 2 ~Shinsoku Ikkon & Café Parade~
05. DRIVE A LIVE (Shinsoku Ikkon ver.)

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Character Commu
padding Oi, Genbu, it’s win or lose from here on out! How d'ya feel?
padding Readily prepared in complete harmony. No matter who the opponent is, I won't go soft.
padding Eheheh, that's just like you to say that! Anyway, the intro’s the key! Don’t let ‘em look down on us and lose our grip!
(Door opens)
padding Oiiihey! I’m bargin’ in! We're Shinsoku Ikkon, they call me the ‘exploding flame Suzaku’!
padding Uh... and I'm also Shinsoku Ikkon's Genbu Kurono. After that—
padding —Today! We're here to take care of this childcare! Nice to meet you!
padding ...Sorry for scarin' everyone. As soon as this guy’s nervous, his voice'll be loud.
padding That's my momentum, ain’t nothin' I can do ‘bout it!
padding This guy's been clamouring ever since yesterday to come to this childcare to help the teachers and the kids. Ain't that right, Suzaku?
padding Eh? O-Oh! Um, this time's plans are, the idols and the kids... fightin'...
padding The plan is for the idols and the kids to play together for a magazine publication.
padding YEAH, yeah...! It's Shinsoku Ikkon and kids play plan! This time the two of us as Shinsoku Ikkon have GOTTA work hard!
padding We’ll try not to give the teachers any additional troubles. We look forward to working with you for today.
padding So then, thanks very much!
(Door closes)
padding Haaah...! I was a wreck...!
padding Did you see the childcare's teachers? 'Cos of your intense glarin', their fright froze up their faces.
padding Ehehe, sorry sorry! I brought back my old habits without thinkin', can't act like this in front of lil kids!
padding That's right, don't make them cry.
padding If they cry, Nyako'll work hard too!
padding Nya!
padding You don't need to show me. Oi, even if I've agreed to letting Nyako come along, don't just let it run out casually.
padding It'll be fine! Nyako's smart! So, what're we doin' next?
padding Didn't we both look over it yesterday? Lookie here, confirm the plan we’ve printed.
padding Oh right, thank you!
(Suzaku picks up the plan)
padding First we gotta meet the childcare's kids...
padding Alright! First I gotta say a hello with great spirit!
padding Then, we have to introduce ourselves to the kid's parents.
padding Got it!
padding The parents all leave their beloved children here, so they're placin’ their trust in us.
padding Annnd then, after that... In noon before lunch, talkin' with those brats!
padding They’re not brats, they’re kids.
padding O-Oh, that's right! Kids... kids...!
padding The weather’s fine today, so let's just go play on the rooftop as according to the plan.
padding Eheheh, when you're talkin' bout playin' outside, it's gotta be wrestlin'! If anyone quarrels, we still gotta stop them, though.
padding Wait up. Are you planning to wrestle with the girls as well?
padding AH!? That's right... there's girls as well... What do girls usually play? Tag!?
padding Idiot, they're both small and girls, so it won’t be fun to play against a man’s strength.
padding Gahhhhh, I didn't think 'bout that part!
padding Nya!
padding Uhurureaugh! What can we do, Nyako!?
padding How about reading a picture book. We can just ask the teachers for the books that the girls like.
padding Picture books that girls like... Do I hafta be surrounded by girls... I gotta mentally prepare myself!
padding So that's how the morning'll go, then it's nearly lunchtime.
padding Ohohoh! I was waiting for this!
padding You're full of life. Suddenly you've got the spirit.
padding The part of school I look forward to the most is eatin'! Today's menu is braised udon noodles with plenty of veggies, kinpira burdock, and fruit yogurt salad!
padding It’s nutritiously balanced. Heh, it reminds me of the meals I had back in the old days.
padding Ehhh? You’ve always been eating this sort of dish? I don’t get it exactly, but from the sounds of it it seems pretty tasty!
padding But kids still probably have foods that they like and dislike, more picky eaters.
padding AHHH!? They’ll even let go of such a delicious meal!?
padding Yeah. Though, you have to be careful to not tell ‘em off, else they’ll want to eat it even less.
padding I see… Then why don’t us older guys try pretending it tastes real nice!?
padding Sounds good. There should be a lot of kids who just eat what others eat.
padding Then that’s that! After lunch… it’ll be time for a nap.
padding Ah. And then after the nap, it’s time.
padding Showing off a special live performance to those brats! That’s the plan!
padding I already told you not to call them brats.
padding Oh, that’s right, perform a live to the... kids, and then it’s over.
padding That’s today’s plan.
padding Alright! Then let’s go ahead to the room that we’re takin’ care of!!
(Footsteps, door opens)
padding Uwooah…! This is the childcare…! I feel like it’s decorated with a ton of cute things!
padding And there ain’t too few picture books. This is a fine environment.
padding Oh! You can see the kids comin’ in from this window!
padding It’s still pretty early, but I’m startin’ to get lost.
padding Hey, Nyako, look, look!
padding Nya!
padding Incredible~ there’s a ton of kids!
padding Not only are there mothers, a couple of dads are sendin’ off their kids too.
padding Everyone’s holdin’ hands with their parents~! Ahh, they’re so small!
padding Did you do that when you were young too?
padding My family? My parents are both pro wrestlers. Even though they both work, I didn’t go to a childcare.
padding If it was like that, there should’ve been someone to take care of you, right?
padding Yeah, there was always an adult with me. Thanks to that, I was never scared of strangers.
padding Heh, it’s funny to imagine a Suzaku that’d be scared of strangers.
padding Ehahah, I couldn’t imagine it! How about you, Genbu? Oh, uh...
padding Hm?
padding Ah, nevermind. Sorry, it’s nothing...
padding ...A place like this where kids can be seen smiling happily, ain’t that nice.
padding Ah? O-Oh...
padding Somehow, just seeing them makes me feel happy.
padding .........Hey, Genbu. Is the work this time alright?
padding Ahh? What’s up? You worried I’m gonna remember my past at the orphanage?
padding Oh… I’m bringing it up again. Sorry.
padding Idiot. If I couldn’t handle it, I would’ve refused from the start. Besides, my life wasn’t as hard as you thought.
padding ‘s that right?
padding Maybe I don’t even remember my own parents’ faces, but it was still fun to be with the kids in the orphanage.
padding Huh~
padding 'Cause grade schoolers can't use much power when they fight. Once a brawl started, I’d just knock into them with my full strength.
padding Was livin’ there like havin’ lots of siblings?
padding Yeah. The memories of the days I spent with them are still irreplaceable.
padding I kinda get it. Sometimes I think about when I was a kid too.
padding It’s become my roots, I guess. Of course, bad things have happened, but everyone's the same. If you understand that, then don’t worry ‘bout it no more.
padding Oh! Thanks, Genbu!
padding It’s all good.
padding Ehehe, but I wish I’d met you when I was as young as these kids as well!
padding ? What’re you sayin’?
padding I’m sayin’ that I wanted to become friends with ya sooner! But if you were that smart as a kid, you probably wouldn’t play with a snotty-nosed brat like me.
padding No way. No matter when we met, we’re sure to become buddies.
padding Right! You’re my only partner!
padding Hey, looks like it’s almost time for the kids and parents to see us.
padding Eheheh, let’s wave our hands.
padding Don’t call them brats in front of their parents.
padding I know! ...Alright! It’s finally the real deal! Let’s go all out!
padding In the name of Shinsoku Ikkon, let’s give the kids unforgettable memories today.
(Knocking on door)
padding Oh! The kids are here!
padding Let’s go, Suzaku! One, two...
padding GOOD MORNING! padding