That Melt-In-The-Mouth Feeling of Midsummer! ICE MEMORY!/Event Scenes

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Translator: Mackenzie
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png Blue sea! Blue sky! It just calls for the Aoi brothers! ...Just kidding♪ Haha!

Coach, Kyosuke, hurry!

【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Wait up, Yusuke! ...Geez. Yusuke, you’re going to tire yourself out.

But… it would be nice to just let loose and have fun.

I’ve never been to a resort abroad just for shooting a commercial.

...It’s really an up-front role. Does that mean we need to put in more effort for this product?

Because they specifically chose us, we gotta meet their expectations.

【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png *splash*
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Uwah!?
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png Haha, you let your guard down! We’re abroad, so let’s enjoy our free time!
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png I’m completely soaked...

Coach, let’s fight back! We can take on Yusuke from both sides!

【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png Eh, I’m being double-teamed! W-wait–


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【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png Under a parasol, tropical drink in hand… Ah~ So refreshing. This is absolutely the best...
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png Yamashita-kun, you do remember we came here for work.
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png I-I know, but I’m just sayin’.

We’re in a Southern, tropical country, ya know.

I’m on cloud nine here...

(Pause) But it doesn't seem like you’re enjoying it as much, like how you’re just reading.

【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png Oh no, I am enjoying it.
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png That’s how you’ve always been, hasn’t it...

Well, I think you should prioritize just letting go for now.

【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png Hey, Misters! There’s some great waves and a great breeze! Let’s go enjoy some marine sports
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png No thank you. The second I get out there I’ll melt.
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png That’s right. I would prefer to refrain from any strenuous physical activity before the shooting as much as possible.
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png ...Really?

That’s too bad☆

See you soon!

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【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Rui-sensei, Coach! Thank you for buying us fireworks!

As much as I like swimming and surfing, being at the beachside just calls for doing fireworks♪

【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png Kyosuke, let’s draw out letters using the sparklers. One, two…
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png W! 【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png Haha, perfect♪

Oh, that’s right. There was something I wanted to talk to you about.

【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png What’s up?
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png I was thinking about your performance when you toured in Kagawa. Everyone was great!

I was honestly enjoying myself, but, as I kept thinking about it…

As the older brother, it’s only natural I aim to put on an even better performance!

【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png Huh… Hehe, I’m telling you, it’s not going to be easy to one-up me!

I’ll be looking forward to Yusuke’s solo performance. Right, Coach?♪

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【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png Fabulous, they’re beautiful! How are fireworks so colorful?
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png Eh? Rui... you probably learned about it in one of your high school classes.
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png Let me see... I can’t remember. Mister Hazama, do you know?
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png Hmm... Let’s see. Wasn’t it some sort of flame reaction?
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png Correct. Hehe, that’s right. As expected, Hazama-san.

There was a way to remember it, using the different elements that cause the reaction. *

...It was something like that. It will be on the test, so remember it.

【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png OK, teacher!

By the way, “hanabi” in English is "fireworks!"

It can also mean "a spark of brilliance."

It may not be on the test, but remember it, yeah? ☆

* Jiro recites a Japanese mnemonic phrase to describe a flame reaction. It doesn’t translate well into English. It’s discussed here.

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【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png I realized something while touring alone.

The stage was still exciting, and the audience all really enjoyed themselves. Nothing wrong at all.

But... because I was separated from you, I saw one problem.

【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png A problem?
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png When we’re on stage, I always think about how to make an appeal with you.

That was fine until now. In the future... that may not be enough.

I feel like I have to start thinking properly about how I go about these things.

【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi T.png ...That’s right. I have to keep that in mind, too. Especially if I want to set a stage to beat yours.

Of course, we’re the strongest when it’s the two of us! No matter which of us is out there, we’re still cool as ever!

【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi T.png ...Well, let’s put our solo performances to the side for a bit. Let’s start thinking about the commercial!

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【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png The connection between fireworks and chemistry was quite interesting.

Like our live in Asakusa, I would like to incorporate such knowledge into an MC someday.

【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png Asakusa… Ah, 'Sorette Ii Mondai', was it? Sounds like a plan.
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png By the way... is it true that when various metals are mixed the color of the flame changes?
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png Oh, another good question, Hazama-san. That’s correct as well.
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png Huh... It appears you really enjoy being asked questions, 'Mr. Yamashita'.
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita T.png 'Mr'... It’s a little embarrassing after not hearing that after all this time, haha.


【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png Oh... It seems the science lessons have started. Producer-chan, come with me... (Sneaking away)
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png Maita-kun,
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png *jumps*
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama T.png It is necessary for one to remain a willing student and absorb the correct knowledge.
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita T.png Noooo~! Help me, Producer-chan~!

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【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Hey, wait up, Coach! Ta da, I changed!
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Do you think it looks fine? I mean, it’s only natural. These are the outfits the director chose.
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png After S.E.M, we’re up. Kyosuke, let’s do a final run-through.
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Okay. Staff, can we borrow the script?

Let’s see… First, we run down the beach and head towards the beach umbrella.

We grab the ice cream and take a scoop with the spoons.

We hand the spoons towards the camera and say the line.

【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png "I still have plenty of energy!" is what we’re gonna say. Haha, my expertise! Leave it to me!
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png It’s really warmed up since we got back from changing.
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png It really has. It’s so hot… I want to get to the ice cream as soon as possible! I can't wait to shoot this!

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【Ice Memory】Rui Maita+ T.png Shooting has been really interesting so far ☆
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama+ T.png Considering we are filming overseas, failure is no option.
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png You’re really trying to be cautious, aren’t you? This is a big responsibility, huh.
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama+ T.png We are being asked to demonstrate 'the allure of adults'. ... Can it be done?
【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png In terms of age, we got that down.

Well, let’s do the best we can.

Even if... we’re just eating ice cream, we have to understand the ‘pattern’ to it.

【Ice Memory】Rui Maita+ T.png We could try eating it in an elegant way, or a cool way, or even a cute way. There are a lot of options!

Mister Hazama, Mister Yamashita, let’s challenge each other and try eating it in a sexy way ☆

【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama+ T.png Hm, a challenging task.

Then, we will be looking at it from the perspective of each other...

【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Eh...

You’re a sly one... In the meantime, why don’t you just try looking something like that up online?

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【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png The best bite is one taken with me!
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png It’s with me!
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Come on, let’s dig in ♪ 【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png ...Thank you for your hard work! 【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Well now that’s all been said and done~ Why did it feel like we were out there for a lifetime!
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png It was a bit overwhelming, but it came out better than I thought. I’m glad it ended okay.
【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png Right. Oh yeah… Coach, do you still have ice cream for us?

There’s still that much left!? Yay! It was really good, so now I want even more♪

【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png You still have room for more? Hehe, I did a lot of takes at the shoot, so I can afford another.
【Ice Memory】Kyosuke Aoi+ T.png Thank you for the fo~od!


【Ice Memory】Yusuke Aoi+ T.png

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【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Good job with the shooting. Yaaah, that wasn’t so bad. It’s going to be a little hard returning to Japan.
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita+ T.png Then let’s play around until the morning! Let’s party
【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama+ T.png No, everyone must already be tired. We ought to rest.
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita+ T.png Come on~ We’re free until we leave tomorrow after work!

Let’s make some fun memories! Yeah, Mister Hazama?

【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama+ T.png ...You’re right. We will first head back to the cottage and discuss our plans.

However, this will only be until midnight. Once the date changes, you’ll head to bed and rest your bodies for tomorrow, yes?

【Midsummer Holiday】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Understood.

But... heh. Hazama-san, can you manage to stay awake until then?

【Logical Summer】Michio Hazama+ T.png Hmm... I will take the appropriate measures to do so.
【Ice Memory】Rui Maita+ T.png Yeah! We need to get ready for the party right away! Let’s go, Misters, Producer-chan!