The Birdcage Rondo

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#076: The Birdcage Rondo
[Live] 04/08/2016 – 04/15/2016
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Ken-circle.png DRAMATIC STARS and S.E.M filmed a PV for their new song! After an incident during their stroll, certain feelings arose in one of the members...

DRAMATIC STARS and S.E.M will be putting out a new song collaboration!
Since the PV's theme is "caged birds", our members visit a bird park.
While playing with the birds, a certain incident shakes the heart of Sakuraba.
And without any time to sort his feelings, the filming begins...

A PV filming and a joint live!
To properly convey the unique world of the song, let's make this a wonderful production!

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Translator: mitsuba_to
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png Wow! There are so many birds! Amazing!
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png Haha. Of course there are. It’s a bird park.
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama T.png Yamashita-kun, are you not interested in birds?
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png No, not particularly...

When you mention birds... Sparrows, pigeons... And crows...

That’s about all I can think of. What about you, Hazama-san?

【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama T.png I have some knowledge of small birds. My grandparents used to keep Java sparrows.
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png Look, Mister Hazama, Mister Yamashita. They’re all very cute
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png Woah, Rui... What did you do to get so popular with those birds?
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png I don’t know! But they’re all so nice and friendly. You guys should come play too!
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama T.png Yes. Let’s observe the various birds to deepen our knowledge and apply it to today’s shoot.

【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png Wow...! There really are a lot of birds at a bird park.
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo T.png Is that a falcon over there?! Woah, it’s so big! So cool!

Hey, Sakuraba, let’s go over there-...


【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png ............
【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png It looks like he can’t take his eyes off the birds.
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo T.png It’s unusual for him to get so lost in something that he forgets we have a job to do.
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png ...Ah, sorry. Did you say something?
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo T.png Your expression just then was good. You have more charm when you’re like that.
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png What?

...No, that was... Hmph. Mind your own business.

【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png ...Huh?
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png Rui, what’s wrong?
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png This bird has been staring at the ground for a while. It’s not even trying to fly...
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png Yeah. Now that you mention it, it looks weak.
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama T.png Hm... It appears to be injured.
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png O-Oh no! We have to help it!
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png Uh, I don’t think a non-professional should give medical care to a bird...
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita T.png Wait, I know! I’ll get Mister Sakuraba to go look at it!
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita T.png Eh?! Wha-... Rui?!
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama T.png Sakuraba-san does has a medical license, but that doesn’t mean he’s a veterinarian...

【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo T.png Sakuraba! Is the injured bird that Rui brought earlier okay?
【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png It didn’t look so well, did it... I hope it’s okay.
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png The vet said that its wings are injured, but it’s not life-threatening.

It’s being transferred to a vet now. If given treatment, the bird will likely be able to fly again.

【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo T.png That's a relief. Rui and the others will be happy to hear that!
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png They should have contacted one of the caretakers from the beginning. I'm not a veterinarian.
【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi T.png But Kaoru-san, you made the effort to help the injured bird, didn’t you?
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba T.png (...Even if I save one bird, I can’t eradicate the disease that took away my sister)

(I haven’t reached my goal at all. And all this did was just remind me)

【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo T.png Sakuraba...?

【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png I’m back, Mister Hazama, Mister Yamashita.
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama+ T.png Maita-kun, how is the bird?
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png No problem! They said it will get better in a few days. That’s good!


【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama+ T.png Is there something you’re worried about?
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png Well, for some reason... I’m worried about Kaoru-san.
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png Sakuraba-sensei...? He looked normal when I passed him earlier.
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama+ T.png That’s right. There was nothing different about him in particular.

...The shoot is starting soon. We should start preparing as well.

【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png Sure!

...Perhaps, it was just my imagination?

【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Kaoru-san... Are you okay? You looked really out of it during filming…
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo+ T.png You may be able to fool others, but that doesn’t work on us. Why are you in such a rush?
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png ...It has nothing to do with you two.
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo+ T.png What happened to always being flawless on stage as an idol no matter what happens?

And of course we’d be worried if you’re making a face like that. We’re your friends.

【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Slow and steady. That’s what you’ve always been doing, right?

No matter how long it takes, take one step at a time and grow.

【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png ............

...I’m surprised to hear such sensible things coming from you two. I’m so surprised, that it made me come to my senses.

【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo+ T.png Geez, a little ‘thank you’ would be nice.
【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png If you feel better, then that’s good. Well then, let’s do our best with the rest of the shoot!

【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama+ T.png Hm... DRAMATIC STARS are picking up momentum as the shoot progresses.
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png Yeah! It looks like Mister Sakuraba has cheered up as well.

I wonder if it was thanks to Mister Tendo and Mister Kashiwagi? Amazing!

【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png You’re the amazing one. It was you who noticed that something was wrong with him, right?
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama+ T.png With this job, there are times when trivial feelings can impact one’s performance.

Maita-kun senses that and is always alert.

【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png Wow! When you analyze it like that, it’s like I did something amazing!
【Birdcage Rondo】Jiro Yamashita+ T.png You did do something amazing. Well then, shall we go for it as well?
【Birdcage Rondo】Michio Hazama+ T.png Yes. Maita-kun, I would like to take note of your excellent observant eye that you made good use of.
【Foreseeing Eyes】Rui Maita+ T.png So you want me lecture you? Sure, let’s do our best

【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo+ T.png Alright, we’ve finished filming the PV! Great work, guys!
【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Kaoru-san received high praise from the director. That’s amazing!
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo+ T.png DRAMATIC STARS’ reputation has risen once again. Good job, Sakuraba!
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png That was the result of all three of us, not just me.

I could not have received such praise by myself.

【Birdcage Rondo】Tsubasa Kashiwagi+ T.png Kaoru-san...
【Birdcage Rondo】Teru Tendo+ T.png You’re surprisingly frank, aren’t you. Honestly, it would be nice if you were always like that.
【A Moment's Aspiration】Kaoru Sakuraba+ T.png Hmph. Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s hurry up and change and go home.

(I don’t want to say “slow and steady” or anything carefree like that, but...)

(I’ll definitely handle the things I can do myself now and move forward... Big sister.)

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