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01 - Here I go![edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Translator: GQ
Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Good morning, Producer.
Producer-icon.png Good morning.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Today's the day we finally meet them... This still feels so weird to me.
Even if it's just for TV, I can't really imagine being in a unit with people that aren't Teru-san or Kaoru-san...

Producer-icon.png You can do it!
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Thank you!
Everything about this job is new to me, but...
I'll do my best to contribute!

Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

I'm Kashiwagi Tsubasa, from 315 Production! I've been appointed as the leader and center of our unit.
We'll only be together for a short period of time, but I'm looking forward to working with you!

Aloof idol ............Mmhmm.
Friendly idol Hey, you could at least try to introduce yourself!
...It's nice to meet you, Kashiwagi-san!

02 - First-time Leader[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Again, I look forward to working with you two.
This is my first time being a leader, but I'll do my best!

Friendly idol Me too! I'm excited to be in the same unit as you, Kashiwagi-san.
Aloof idol ...Mmhmm.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

(T-these two are like night and day... Will they be alright...?)

Well then, let's get started with practice.

Aloof idol It looks crazy to me, so I'm just tellin' it like it is... Can we be done with this?
Friendly idol No, we can't!
What you said isn't the problem, it's your attitude that is!
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Um... Calm down, you two...
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png I'm sorry, Producer... I couldn't settle them down.
Producer-icon.png Gives Tsubasa some words of encouragement
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

...Thank you.
As a leader, I need to be more assertive!

03 - Target of Anger[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png ...Okay... let's wrap up our second day of practice here.
Friendly idol Alright! I learned a ton today. I'll see you again tomorrow!
Aloof idol Hey... But we didn't get anywhere.
Our dance was all outta sync...
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Fufu. Every group is like that in the beginning. You shouldn't worry about...
Aloof idol ...What are you smiling for?
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png ...Huh?
Aloof idol It's like you're always in the clouds. I don't get it. You think this is fun or something?
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Of course it's fun. I love being on stage as an idol, and I love our lessons too...
Aloof idol Hm...
I guess DRAMATIC STARS must be a real happy-go-lucky unit.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png ...?! What do you mean by that...?
Aloof idol Nothin' really.
Just figured y'all must think you're here for fun and games or something.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

......There's not a single person in DRAMATIC STARS who thinks this is a game.
Not a single one of us.


I... I'm sorry about that...
I need to go cool down.

04 - Wrapped in Warmth[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Sigh...
Producer-icon.png Order whatever you like.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

...Thank you for taking me out for food, Producer.
I know it wasn't very mature of me to leave the studio out of anger...
But I was just so frustrated...
I hope you won't mind if take you up on this offer.

I want this, and this, and this...
And everything from this row to that row!

Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

...Mmm... That thick-cut steak was great. Thank you for the food.
And now, to top it all off with sushi...

...I forgot to ask for no wasabi... I can't eat wasabi at all...
Ahaha... I really am still a kid. Can't even handle wasabi.
...But the fact that I can let myself be a kid around other people now...
That makes me happy.
If something like this happened to me in the past...
I think I would've just wanted to be alone instead.

05 - An Airway for Dreams[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

By "the past," I mean when I gave up on my dreams of becoming a pilot.
...It's a little embarrassing to share this, but up until that point,
I'd never gone through a major failure before.
My parents and everyone else I knew—they all had the impression that I could do well at anything.
I didn't have any reason to doubt them, either.
But, during the first flight of my dreams...

...When that happened, there was just no way I could keep a smile on my face anymore.
So I tried to hide by retreating to the terminal. And that's where I moped, all by myself.
...Now that I'm an idol, I can't hide away like that anymore. Just look at us.

No matter what side of me comes out, I know that you... that Teru-san, and Kaoru-san...
You'll all tell me that it's okay, and help me forward...
So, you could say I'm pretty spoiled.
...If Kaoru-san were here, he might say that I've become "corrupted." Fufu.

06 - Proof of an Idol[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Producer. Thank you for listening to me yesterday.
I ate a lot, so I'm brimming with energy now.
I think I can express myself properly this time.

Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Good morning!
Before we start practice today, would you mind if I borrowed a little of your time?
I'd like to have you reevaluate what you said yesterday.

Aloof idol Reevaluate? ...What, are you gonna make those other guys come here?
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

I'm an idol. How I perform on stage is everything to me.
So this is the only way I can prove myself to you.

...Excuse me, would you play this on the equipment?

Please enjoy this song.

07 - Suspicions Cleared[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png ...Huff... huff...
Friendly idol W... wow.... This is what DRAMATIC STARS's Kashiwagi-san can do...!
Aloof idol ......
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

...Huff, puff...
Do you need more convincing?

Aloof idol No, I'm sorry for being so rude.
I totally thought DRAMATIC STARS was just some gimmicky idol unit.
I mean, a former pilot, former lawyer, and former doctor? Makes no sense to me.
So I assumed you were all just messing around, and I lashed out at you for it...
We're supposed to be working as a team... I'm sorry about all that.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

I'll always be a former pilot. That's never going to change.
But it's my teammates and my fans that make me into an idol today.

08 - Why I Smile[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

I'm always thinking about the people who'll smile when they hear me sing or watch me dance.
Thinking about them makes me happy, too. It gives me the motivation to meet their expectations...
So I guess that's why I'm always smiling.
Oh, yeah!
Why don't you two give it a try?
Close your eyes, and imagine an audience filled with beaming faces...

See, doesn't that bring a smile to your face?

Friendly idol ...Yes! Just the thought of it fills me with joy.
Aloof idol ...I wanna make it a reality.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Fufu, it looks like we're finally on the same page.
So, let me say this again—I look forward to working with you two!

09 - Kashiwagi Tsubasa[edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

It's finally the big day.
The three of us are going to make our dreams come true!

Friendly idol Yes! Let's go, leader.
Aloof idol The seats are packed... We're gonna put a smile on all of their faces.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Producer. You had to deal with a pretty embarrassing side of myself this time.
So to make up for it, I'll show you exactly how cool I can be up on stage.
I'll prove to you that Kashiwagi Tsubasa, the idol you debuted,
is the coolest idol out there.
So don't take your eyes off me. Not even for a second.

Producer-icon.png I can't wait.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Thank you...!
Well then, here I go!

Tsubasa heads onto the stage.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Hey there, everyone! Our name is...

10 - I'm back![edit | edit source | hide]

Character Commu
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

I'm finally back!
...Phew, there sure is no place like home...
Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity, Producer.
I know I've said this a million times, but...
I'm glad I can work with you!

Producer-icon.png Same here!
Teru Tendo-icon.png Welcome back, Tsubasa! Glad you made it back safe.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Teru-san! And Kaoru-san, too!
Yay...! I'm back!

Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Judging from your attitude, I take it that the concert went well?
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Very! ...I had to get a bunch of help from Producer, though.
Teru Tendo-icon.png A bunch...? If I knew you were struggling, I would've pitched in to help too.
Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png It's for the better that you didn't. You'd just make a pointless mess out of any situation.
Teru Tendo-icon.png What was that?!
Teru and Kaoru begin quibbling.
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png

Hahaha! Come on, you two, no fighting!

(Fufu. Let's keep doing the best we can—together!)