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_(:3」∠)_ Hi, I'm just a Dugong that likes to do things sporadically. Feel free to edit stuff I did in the wiki (bcs my wording isn't that good). Currently I'm the one updating main page, discography, and miscellaneous stuff. you can found me here


WIP & Scratchboard > User:Drgng/WIP

note : not that active on sns and discord (And if there's anything you can leave a message on my talk page here)

stats[edit source]

  • Non-native EN speaker, so brace with my English and scattered typo I use grammarly now so its a bit better
  • N4 JP skills (use google translate to read harder stuff and then fix it with years of being a weebs knowledge or put it in DeepL)
  • Generally likes to edit in small portion, bits by bits, because I tend to change my mind a lot after saving the edit (lol)
  • Either make 315252671 edit in one night then one edit in a month

Working on/Plan to work on...[edit source]

April 2021 (´〜`*) zzz[edit source]

  1. Event and cards......
  2. Birthday lines
  3. Songs.... (at the very least NSE)

Long-term[edit source]

  1. Cosmetic edit (tiny icon)
  2. Song Pages...............