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Translating DRAMATIC STARS stuff. Side Memories are done! I'll strive to keep up with Moba convos and magazines as they come out.

If you see me making mistakes in editing/formatting/spelling, please feel free to correct them. Contact me if you spot translation errors! I can be emailed through here, or directly at

Contributions[edit source]

- Teru (up to Myriad Stars 4/2022)
- Tsubasa (up to Myriad Stars 4/2022)
- Kaoru (up to Myriad Stars 4/2022)

Conversations (falling behind...)
- Teru (up to Naginata 6/2021)
- Tsubasa (up to Summer Goodbye 8/2021)
- Kaoru (up to Summer Goodbye 8/2021)

Side Memories
- Teru (completed)
- Tsubasa (completed)
- Kaoru (completed)